Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lyrics for LIES

Hi all and THANKS for all of the support and wonderful response I´ve gotten everywhere for my single LIES;=) It truly makes me so HAPPY and EXCITED!

I´ve gotten some requests for the lyrics for LIES so here it is:

(Anette Olzon, Stefan Örn, Johan Glössner)

Thousand lights passing by
Stories floating around
Silence is long gone by now
All the wishes we had
Dreams that we shared

I remember the time
Closing down open doors
Making fences grow strong
Burning the plants that had grown
Deep inside from the time when love was our life
Now it´s goodbye

All of the LIES just passing us by
I´m holding to keep it inside
Why no wrong can´t be right
All the wonders are gone
No more flowers will fall tonight
All of the LIES just passing us by

Threads of life going by
Precious moments run by
Tossing and turning our minds
All the magic is gone
No more feelings of hope

Will we ever forgive
Will the wounds start to heal
I´m tired of pushing the day
Putting down all behind- moving away

All of the LIES just passing us by
I´m holding to keep it in sight
Why no wrong can´t be right
All the wonders are gone
No more flowers will fall tonight
All that is gone just passing us by

LIES just passing us by
I´m holding to keep it in sight
Why no wrong can´t be right
All the wonders are gone
No more flowers will fall tonight
All that is gone just passing us by


Pascal said...

Hi and let me tell you, you really deserve all our nice words and support, Anette :).

Thanks for the lyrics, I understood almost everything without them, but in some words and so I wasn´t sure. But now we can read it all :). I think the lyrics are great as the song is, written very well. Good work, Anette :).

Enjoy your sunday now! Lots of hugs :).

Hep-Hep Steff said...

hej anette, thanks so much for the lyrics! you have a clear and easy-to-understand voice, but it's always nice to have them... (btw, i hope the cd will come with a proper booklet with the lyrics)
i have to say again that i'm in love with your song. you really have an amazing voice!
i wish you and your family a happy sunday, kisses & love <3

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for posting the lyrics! Now I can sing along everything that I didn't understand while listening to it ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing the lyrics with us. Have a nice Sunday!

litaford said...

Hi nettie! I really love your song, I've listened to it like 20 times hehe. It would be great to see you alive in mexico city.
Hugs :)

Carol Misokane said...

Good morning, Nettie.
I loved the lyrics as much as I loved the song and the video. Too deep and hurting and still healing, congratulations, you're a very great songwriter =D..can't wait for more, more, much more haha.
Have a beautiful day =).

Love, Carol

Pascal said...

I just wanted to say, I hope everything goes well in the studio and I wish you a nice evening :).

I´m glad that you are here, Anette... for me, you are the very best and always will be :). Lots of hugs and take good care!

Unknown said...

Beautiful lyrics, Anette!!
I love your voice, is so sweet, yet powerful

Unleashed Storm said...

I love that song and thanks for sharing the lyrics! Keep on making good music and smile! :)

Rebel said...

Hello from sunny Poland.
I just saw your music video for Lies. It's amazing. U show us how beautiful is landscape of Sweden (i hope so it is Sweden) and how beautiful u are. pure, natural look :) it suits very well to this music video. I'm proud of you. Keep going, do what you love :)
kisses and hugs :)

Unknown said...

Hello Anette,

This might be a stupid question but have you thought about doing so called "signed pre-sale" for your album? It's very popular in UK and US. For example Kelly Clarkson, Matt Cardle, Melanie C and Backstreet Boys have done it. Melanie C even personalized all the autographs. If people pre-order your album from your merchandise shop, you will sign the album cover and people get it signed by you.

And another question: Do you have any plans to do signing sessions in Finland if signed pre-sale isn't something you want to do?

I love your single Lies and the music video looks very good. You seem to be happier than ever and I'm so super proud of you. Good to have you back!

Best regards,

Antero from Finland

Unknown said...

Annette ... we are very happy with the results of their work, it was wonderful. Kisses and God be with you!

Unknown said...

Its just amazing! Thnks you godess!!! Keep going on! I cant wait for SHINE!!

Anonymous said...

Hi anette, thanks for sharing the lyrics. The song is beautiful I love your voice, it's powerful I like how you can sing low and then raise your voice really beautiful *.* I wish you a lot of success in your solo album I'm so proud of you. Hugs from colombia.

AlessandraWilderness said...

Besides the content about the song that you've explained in your interview we've read, I think these words could be also a message to the whole world, because they express universal feelings and, in modern times expecially, everday life is often based on lies, abuse, people evade their responsibilities and the pure feelings seem to be lost or forgotten. Human beings are more and more alone, too many open wounds, too many regrets and mournings, pride and negativity spreading in any relationship. I hope Shine will be a message of hope, a recall of what we were meant to be, a look in the mirror of truth. Great great Anette!!!!!!!! (I'm listening again and again to your songs :D they are too beautiful ;) )

Unknown said...

I've just shared it in my facebook profile. Love it, and as a matter of fact, I think I'm falling in love with you Netie ... Hehe
You're so gracious, please, don't let us here without your music, yur beauty and your lovely and enchanting siluete.