Friday, February 07, 2014

Friday´s music=)

Hi all!

It´s a rainy day here in Helsingborg and Nemo´s ill so we´re at home taking it easy before I have some more interviews before the weekend;=)

Todays music is one of my favourites from my time with Nightwish. The cover of Michael Nyman - The heart asks pleasure first.  



Vinga said...

I like this one too :) Good job Nettie ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Friday Anette! :-)

Over here the weather is nice. Sun is out, sky is blue :-) Perfect as I set off to London to visit my best friend for a few days :-) One of the perks about having a friend who lives elsewhere is that you never have to pay for accommodation :-D

My personal favourite from your time in Nightwish is obviously Storytime :-) That's not a problem for me to decide.

Well, I hope Nemo gets better soon and I'll be back next Tuesday.

I wish you a nice weekend! :-) See you next week Storytime girl! :-) x

Pascal said...

Hey Anette :).

We have beautiful weather here in Bavaria with the sun shining. I like that :).

I wish you and your family a very nice weekend and that Nemo gets well very soon. And here is also some friday music for you: Rammstein, which I really like and by the way, I wear a shirt of them at the moment :). I also read that you would work together with them, if they asked you. That would be awesome, Anette, a song of you and Rammstein together.

Ok, two of my favourite Rammstein - songs:

They are a bit more unknown, but if you don´t know them so far I hope you will like :).

Lots of hugs and please take good care!


Unknown said...

In my opinion this is the best song you made with Nightwish. It suits your voice perfectly. Hope you will sing this beautiful song live one day :)

Unknown said...

Anette ... this music, we have the opportunity to hear and know how is great singer. I admire the way he delivers it to the sound, singing with soul, a beautiful gift. Kisses and hopefully Nemo recovers soon

eskoplja said...

One of my absolutely favourite songs ♥ Thanks for sharing!
And the cover of Shine looks very nice :)
Wishing you a nice day

Ena :*

linnea-maria said...

Det är första gången jag hör den. fattar inte hur jag har missat den, finns den på någon ep eller singel? Den är helt underbar och din röst passar så bra med den här melodin! Jag älskar musiken till the Piano <3 den är så känslofylld.

Logan said...

love it <3

Unknown said...

Here is in my city is snowing. So cold :(
Get well soon, Nemo!
I love this song very much! Your voice is amazing!
Love and hugs :)

Paula Costi said...

Hope Nemo get better soon.

Karin said...

My favourite ! Thank you, haven' t listen to it for a long time . Absolutely beautiful !

Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...

Hi Nettie.
I Love this song... You should cover this one at concerts, since its first a NYman song at the first place.. And also because its beautiful in your voice...

Unknown said...

Yes it's wonderful song but also The Poet and the pendulum is and Meadows of heaven in your time being in band;)

Océane said...

Its even the music for my alarm clock :)
I love that one so much!!

Is what Pascal said true?

Love and Hugs

Nalon said...

Hello Anteet,
I hope your little Nemo goes better now.
And it´s nice to see you remeber on the good site of your NW-time:)

I send your Family and you some hugs:)


Unknown said...

That's such a beautiful song, orchestral waorks in Nightwish are always magical!
I love yout interpretation of this song! These were good times...but I think your happier now doing your own stuff, isn't it?

Unknown said...

Hi!I've never listen to this beautiful song before...where it comes from?which of the Nightwish records?Thanks...!