Sunday, February 02, 2014

Building the last snow men;=)

Snow is finally melting here and today the sun came out to help melt it away so Johan, me and the boys went down to build the last snow men. Johan built a cute little one and then Nemo built his version too;=)

Here you can see them and the progress:

 And then I want to share today´s music which is from a commercial with Volvo and our pride Zlatan;=) I must say that this version of Sweden´s anthem is perfect!  

I want to LIVE, I want to die in SWEDEN just as he says;=)

Oh, and I saw my video for my first single LIES the first time yesterday and wow! Patric Ulleus has really captured exactly what I wanted;=) I am so excited for you to watch it!

Now ENJOY your sunday!


Vinga said...

So sweets snow mans ;)
I hope so winter is ending because I hate her ;)
I can't wait to see your video and I hope so I meet you on the gig in Poland ;)
I buy a ticket vip if only moments to talk with you face to face ;) ;) :*
Take care and have a good day dear :*

The One Who Should Die said...

Såå söta snögubbar! Jag tycker också att Zlatans version av nationalsången är perfekt men det är sjukt att han fick 12miljoner för att sjunga den... Hoppas att du också får en underbar dag! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hei Anette !
You live a very sweet morning !!
I'm impatiente to see "LIES" have a wonderfull afternoon now :)

Pascal said...

Happy sunday, Anette!

That´s a really, really nice post and it warms me, thank you for it :). So cute pictures! Building snowmen is something I think I haven´t done since last year´s winter, where I was at an internship at the kindergarten :). A sometimes stressful but nice time which I miss sometimes.

Great that you like the video and I hope we can see it soon too. I guess I´ll also listen to the music you posted, I don´t know the sweden anthem. And you North Europeans are always so proud about your countries, I think that´s a good thing :).
Well, I guess my today music will be some Slipknot songs I haven´t heard for longer time. I think I have read sometimes that you like Slipknot :). I can´t hear them always but their music in general is cool I think. If you have time to answer, what are your favourite songs of them, Anette?

I hope you have a nice day. Feel hugged and take good care :).


Marekos said...

Hi Anette,
I can't wait to see your new music video for "Lies". Do you know the official release date? Will you sing some Nightwish stuff during your solo concerts? I would like to hear "Meadows of Heaven" or "Scaretale" with your vocals again :D


Pascal said...

And of course, only if you want to answer :) (I mean because of the Slipknot question).

I just stepped in again because I listened to the song you posted and I must say - that´s really, really awesome! I like how the verses are first read and then sung. Great and I read the german translation along to get an idea of it :). But I think it´s a pity that they only made the first two parts of four. Would be really nice to hear a version from you Anette of that national anthem :).

Wall said...

such a beautiful little snow man (: I can't wait to see the video *-* and PLEEASE may this winter wave come to Brazil, TOO MUCH hot in here!

Anonymous said...

I can't remember the last time I built a snowman Anette. We're probably talking years here. Anyway Johan's & Nemo's snowmen are fine efforts and they made me chuckle :-)

And as I curiously await the premier of your debut video for Lies I'm left wondering did that snowman turn into a prince after you kissed it my favourite lady Viking? :-D

Have a nice day! :-)

Anonymous said...

These are so cute! Johan seemed to be very focused on making that snowman stick together. Lol. When it first snowed here, my sister had the urge to go make a snowman in our front yard. She dressed in half of her clothes and wore our dad's sweatpants to keep her legs warm. The snowman had a sunglasses, an afgan scarf, and a baby carrot nose. It literally took two weeks before anybody went out and got the stuff out of the yard after the snow melted. The most hilarious part was that when he was just starting to melt away though, we were heading out and my sister said he looked like Beetlejuice at the end where his head was shrinking. It was the best thing we heard that day!

Hep-Hep Steff said...

hej anette, it's always lovely to read your posts! these snowmen looks really cute... :)
it seems you have a real winter, lucky you! here in saint malo, there's non, the weather is quiet warm... there is time when we had 11° at 10pm, and right now it's still more than 10°!and there's a lot of humidity around, so not a nice weather, especially for people with asthma. if only it means that we will have no summer at well, i'd be happy, i couldn't stand the heat (and it couldn't stand me as well, lol)...
and it's great for the vid, i hope we'll see it soon!
i wish you a nice evening and a lovely week, kisses & love for you and your family <3

Laser Rocket Arm said...

I'm sure you've heard about the recent storm in the southern United States, and I would guess that most Swedes were laughing at us! I'm from the north and even though I live in a part of the south that does get snow every winter you would swear that it never does by the way people act. I'm sure that's not a problem in Sweden. ;)

Have a happy Sunday!