Monday, January 06, 2014

Todays music;=)

Today I´m listening to wonderful, wonderful Barbra Streisand from the old days!



Hep-Hep Steff said...

good choice! even if i must admit its not my fav streisand album (it's guilty and guilty too, and i just love her duet with donna summer, enough is enough)... she really have a wonderful voice. <3

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

This is Off topic again, but I told you yesterday that I´d like to share my review of "Falling" to you. It is already published in german amazon, so I´ll try to translate it in english now as good as I can :). I hope you will like it :).

Rating: 5/5

Very Beautiful! We can expect a great album

When Anette Olzon left Nightwish, that was like a stab to me, because I became fan because of her. I saw the group live with Anette and well, hard to describe, it was more than just music. Which was mostly because of her. I read interviews, began to follow her blog and soon had the impression that she not only has a great singing voice, but is also a lovely person.

This impression is still the same. I still follow the blog and comment there from time to time and when she announced her solo album, that was just an incredible moment. Soon after that, the first song "Falling" was published.

It is a very beautiful song with a dark atmosphere. Not so easy to categorize musically, it´s not pure metal but neither a soft song. The guitars are quite rocky which I think is great. Anette said that her solo music won´t sound like Nightwish and on this song you feel that. But it sounds good, it doesn´t sound like "Nightwish - Anette" anymore but like "Anette - Anette". You recognize that she does the music as she wants to do it and because of that, the dark atmosphere of the song is authentic. And it is underlined with quite negative lyrics, I think a kind of anger is to listen out, probably regarding the events of last year. When you are informed about Anette you know that she has all reason for this. But that´s another thing which probably doesn´t fit here.

But what fits here is that "Falling" is a really good peace of music that is suitable for fans of different styles and has a very catchy refrain. I´m really looking forward to the album in february and I´m glad that Anette Olzon now is back also in a musical way.

Yes, that was my review from amazon, Anette. I hope you like it :). Have a nice day now and please take always good care of yourself Anette.


Unknown said...

Great Choice indeed :)

Unknown said...

Nettie, good night! First, does it "SHINE" not coming to South America? We wanted so much!
Well, I am a manager of a facebook page directed to Brazilian fans about Nightwish (including advertise your solo work), and has a channel called "TRIVIA NEW ERA" where we count things funny or interesting about the band and the members. Our followers, asked that we contassemos facts about their time in front of the Nightwish (something funny, a different situation). Could you tell us something about? Since already thank you!
This link is our work of dissemination of his solo career:

Kyss! =)

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Well, not really my taste I think but taste especially in music is always varied :).

Pascal said...

Also something else Anette...

Your wisdom from yesterday about crazy/fanatic people... it made me thinking. I never saw it that way before, but when I think about some of my comments I might seem fanatic too... but I never wanted to seem so. It´s understandable if you got this impression with so many compliments and so on. I didn´t think about that they can become annoying too maybe, I admit that. And when I think about it now, I guess yes, they can be and I´m sorry if that was ever the case. But what I hope is that you´ll read on my comments and I´ll write them more normal from now on, not so overacted :). Sorry again if I seemed like being fanatic. I also don´t like fanaticism and so it´s not what I am or want to be.

Unknown said...

Pascal: No, it was not about you so continue writing me comments,=) Lots of hugs!

Pascal said...

But of course I will continue :).

I was just afraid that my comments might sometimes be annoying. Great that we clarified that :). Thank you for your answer and lots of hugs back :). Sleep well!

Veronika Rosenberg said...

Hej Anette,

Lyssnade precis på falling, din nya låt. Den är helt underbar! Din röst är precis i sitt rätta element och du låter helt fantastisk. Jag ser verkligen fram emot 26:e Februari när din skiva kommer ut. Måste säga att det här verkligen är din stil och att du kommer att blomma ut mycket mer från och med nu än under Nightwish tiden. Jag ser fram emot många fler skivor och låtar från dig! GO ANETTE GO!!!

Många varma hälsningar!