Sunday, January 12, 2014

Todays music;=)

Hi all - what a lovely Sunday!!!

Let´s listen to multi-talented Robert Downey Jr singing together with Sting - Driven to tears:


Hep-Hep Steff said...

hej anette, nice musical choice! :) but with sting, you couldn't have wrong...
this is what i listen now: (the singer is one of my beloved friends) <3 be warned, the vid is quite crazy! either people love or hate it, i hope you will love.. ;)
i wish you and your family a nice sunday, kisses & love <3

Vinga said...

wow awesome!!!!

Pascal said...

Hey Anette!

Yes, here it´s also good, the sunday with beautiful weather. Even if I think it will become dark soon, so maybe I´ll take a walk before that :).

I´ll listen to this song and have also some music for you, if you like :).

I bought the album yesterday together with "Infectded" by Hammerfall and it was a good choice (both of them, even if I have only heard the first two songs of the Hammerfall one so far :) ). It´s a german heavy/Power Metal Band called "Majesty". They sound a bit like Manowar but I think more melodic and less heavy and all in all, I think I like the majesty style better. The album is good, even if I had to listen to most songs twice to like them :). I give you a link to the title track "Thunder Rider", maybe you like it :).

Ok, now off for a walk I think and enjoying the good weather or what´s left of it :).

Enjoy your day Anette! Hugs!