Saturday, January 11, 2014

Video shoot next week;=)

Hi all and Happy Saturday!

I hope you´ve had some wonderful first days of 2014 as I have. My year has started of as I imagined, filled with nice things! As me doing my first video next week with Patric Ulleus from REVOLVER.
If you haven´t heard of Patric he´s done videos for many bands and artists, such as the new video from Within Temptation - Dangerous; In Flames, Europe and many more! Go to his site and check him out;

The first single´s name is "LIES" and it´s a song with a "Nordic" feeling to it and the video will be in the same feeling;=) Me and my stylist Samira have some nice new fresh looks for me for both the video and the promo shoot Patric´s doing and it will be a new style and a totally fresh start that I hope you all will like;=)

I´ll blog and Instagram and post in my Facebook from the shoots next week. I´m leaving monday evening and we´re shooting at tuesday so FUN days ahead!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend filled with nice lovely moments!


Unknown said...

I am super excited for you Anette. I am also very happy and proud to see that you have pulled through all of that mess from Nightwish. You are going to do n amazing job with your solo career and I bet it will be so much better for you to be around your family more and be in control of your own career <3 Hugs to you my dear!

Karin said...

Exciting days to look forward to ! Both for you and for us :)

Philippa said...

Hi Anette, the video shoot sounds so exciting! Wishing the best of luck with that and most importantly: enjoy it!

I was just wondering, the website have reported that the release date for your album has been pushed back a month to 28 March. Is this true? Here's the link to the article

Enjoy your weekend :) xxx

Hep-Hep Steff said...

hej anette, looks like you will have a beautiful vid, for what i saw on patric ulleus's page. :)
i couldn't wait for the first single to be released!!! will it be on download only, or will it have a real cd?
i wish you good luck for your vid, and break a leg!!!!
i wish you a happy weekend to you and your family, kisses & love + hugs <3

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Yes, so far my year is good I think. Today evening I´ll go out with some friends and I´m sure it will be fun :).

"Lies" - you mentioned that song once on instagram, I can remember. Nordic feeling sounds interesting, surely it will be great.

I´m curious about the photos and the video and wish you a nice day :).

Unknown said...

Exciting news! Song with a "Nordic" feeling - it sounds intriguingly! Can't wait to see promo photos and video :)
Have a nice day :)

Logan said...

looking forward to hear it :)

Anonymous said...

A song and video with a Nordic feel to sounds interesting Anette :-) I'm now fascinated and very intrigued :-)

Hehe...well Anette, my favourite lady Viking, I'm now wondering if you are actually going to dress up as a Viking in this video :-D

Chris said...

Hey Anette :)

These are wonderful news :)
Great! Im really really ecxited :) :)
Cant wait to hear and see "lies"

Have a wonderful week, hope wednesday was great and the video shoot went fine so far :)

All the best!
Hugs and lots of Love

My little sister fell in love with your fingernail style ;)