Monday, January 13, 2014

Almost ready;=)

Hi all and a very HAPPY Monday!

A new week is here and since I´m leaving for the video and promo shoot later this afternoon I´ve had a busy weekend with fixing my nails a the nail spa (I am nail biter so it´s just necessary to look ok;=) and fixing some stuff to bring to the stylist tonight, and coloring my hair a bit darker brown. I´ll take a photo later today and post for you;=)

Enjoy this day and lots of LOVE!


Hep-Hep Steff said...

hej anette, it's lovely to read you, your messages are always sweet & lovely (like you) :)
i wonder how you could found time to come online and keep in touch with us, between your family and everyting related to work...
and nail biter, you too? i tend to be like this, and it's partly why i cut my nails very short (the other reason is beause i could scratch my skin deeply xhile i sleep, my nights are everything but peaceful - even if a teddy bear a dear friend gave me 3 months ago helps a bit...)
i have to say your nails looks lovely on the pics!!!! it's simply gorgeous... and may i add that i'm in love with your jacket? where did you found it?
i wish you a lovely week, and i send you tons of good vibes, as well as many kisses :) <3

Vinga said...

Happy monday Nettie :) I waiting for post ;) so enjoy your day :):*

Carol Misokane said...

Hi Nettie. Happy week to you =)
I'm sure this will be a busy week but also wonderful. I can't wait to see the video and the photos, time goes by and my anxiety just grows. Yesterday I saw people talking about the track list but that's okay, I will wait for the official news =).

Love, Carol

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Oh, I´m a bit sad that I couldn´t have written you in here before you left. But maybe you have internet and check the blog later on or at least before you return at home.

I wish you a very, very nice time and all the best for both the video and the photo shoot :). Please take good care of yourself and tell us how everything went :).

A nice time and lots, lots of hugs until we can read from you again :).




Gary said...

Hi Anette,
Just a drop by to wish you the
bestest of luck on your forthcoming
solo release *Shine. Truly.

Hope all is well w/you and family in the New Year!
lots of love,

Unknown said...

Hello Anette and a very happy Tuesday to you good afternoon's dear. I also like to exercise my singing with a bit of music i really enjoy it . How are you ?I wish you have a good luck with your music video and the shooting . Yes , I like your voice in a soundtracks calling song of myself, and ever dream. lots of love and have a happy afternoon's. enjoy dear.:)My Tuesday was with a happy sun.

Juhlly said...

I hope this jacket is synthetic :\

Nalon said...

Hello dear Anette,
yes your Instagram become one Year old an my 30 B-Day;) (10th January)

It´s nice to see you has fun at the work. I can not wait to see you 1st Video:D..

Anette i was a Nails-biter to, but i found a way to eat my Nails. All was i need is a ... nailfile *lol*
ALways if i want bite my nials i have take the nailfile the filed my nails. And now i´m not a biter anymore;).

Sleep well enjoy your Week too:)


Anonymous said...

Hi Anette,

I know this is totally random but I just came across this picture and I think it's so true and so important to be reminded of it every now and again and since I don't have an instagram account I would be a happy girl if you could post it on your instagram. ;=)

Thanks a lot my dear!
Have a beautiful day!

Unknown said...

Juliana: Yes it´s from H&M