Monday, January 27, 2014

New release dates for SHINE

Hi all,

My solo album SHINE will be one month delayed due to some problems with the mastering and also that we need more time for the video and so on. Totally normal when it comes to releasing albums that dates are pushed. 

So the new release dates are as follow:

Germany        28.03.2014

France        31.03.2014

Italy                01.04.2014

Benelux        31.03.2014

Poland        31.03.2014

Czech                31.03.2014

Sweden        26.03.2014

Finland        28.03.2014

Norway        31.03.2014

Denmark        31.03.2014

Russia        28.03.2014

Spain                28.03.2014

UK                31.03.2014

USA                08.04.2014


Hep-Hep Steff said...

hej anette, i was wondering when you would say this officially... at least it's only one month late. one of my friend had to push the release of her new album for something like 6 monthes after the planned release, but she also had to change the name of it (atmosphère is copyrighted , she had to call it atmosphères!)... it will be out in 8 days, at least! one more month is really not that long. it's quite a long way to have a album out for everyone to enjoy... :)<3

Carol Misokane said...

Oh, so sad about that =(..but I know it is necessary for the quality of the album and I'm sure it will worth when it gets done =D.
So let's hope that February passes so fast and them March haha..can't wait to shine with you, dear.

Love, Carol

Anonymous said...

I live in Finland and that release date is my birthday! Wee!!

Unknown said...

Brazil Anette ? :-( love you

Pascal said...

Hey Anette :).

That´s a pity, I really looked forward to end of february. But I can understand of course that there is still work to do. And luckily it´s only one month and for this album I am sure it´s worth waiting :).

I hope you have a nice day so far and wish you a nice afternoon and evening :). Hugs from me.

Sophia said...

The day before my birthday :)

Greetings from Poland.

Sophia said...

Hi Anette,

How are you?

The album will be release the day before my birthday :)

Greetings from Poland :)

Sophia said...

Hi Anette,

How are you?

The album will be release the day before my birthday :)

Greetings from Poland :)

Unknown said...

Hello Nettie, how are you going to? From this came the initiative to create a Brazilian page on facebook to publicize their work and everyday facts. We make today a group of 205 Nettans (nickname we use), and our idea was to have a recognized page for you with an official fan club, as well as big bands and artists have. It would be a great dream. How we need to proceed to have this recognition your Nettie? We would like to have an official fan club your in Brazil
If you want to talk to us in a more reserved our email is:
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Thank you await your return!Kisses! :)

Pascal said...

Good morning Anette!

I soon leave for school, but I have to write you this before.

Your words on instagram were very true, but you said you needed them... that makes me worry and I hope you feel better soon.

I don´t know the matter, so I can´t say anything on that, of course. But I feel I want at least say that your fans, like me, always are here if you need us and we always stand behind you. Remember that please, when you feel sad.

And also this: Even if it feels like you are FALLING, maybe because of mean LIES you will always stand up again, Anette. Because you are INVINCIBLE, so hold your head high and... SHINE :).

With that, I wish you a beautiful day and lots of positive thoughts :). Take good care and hugs!


Hep-Hep Steff said...

i could only follow pascal on what he said. you helped me a lot of times some years ago, so if i could do anything for you, you have my mail (or i'm avaiable on fb, as well). i know it's not a lot, but if i could help even a little bit then i'll do! please know that i'm here anytime you need.
a big hug to you, and love & kisses from steph <3

Pascal said...


it´s me again... I just read on instagram about your friend and that she will move away. Maybe that was the reason why you posted this yesterday evening.

Anette, I´m really sad for you now. I´m happy for her that she has found a love, but of course it hurts for you too. Hopefully you can meet each other as often as possible. I don´t know, but this now makes me sad in a way... so sorry for you, really. But it is surely a true friendship, as you said you know her from childhood so it will stay, even with this distance, I´m sure about this :).

I wish for you that you will feel better soon again Anette. I mean this honest and try to give you cheering up words, at least a bit, and so do many others. You are so important to us and will always be. Have a good night now and feel hugged :). I think of you and send you lots of positive thoughts.


Pascal said...

Hep - Hep Steff is right, and the same for me. I also want to be there as you are for us Anette and even when it´s only little I can do, like writing nice comments here then it´s more than nothing I think :). I hope you feel better today.

@ Hep - Hep - Steff: If you don´t mind, what´s your Facebook - name? Would be nice to talk some time maybe :).

Dalma said...

Och Ungern?

Anette, låter det här bekant? :D :D
„En ansiktolja som verkligen gör skillnad, huden blir mjuk och ger ett härligt lyster. Lätt att applicera inga konstigheter.”

Hep-Hep Steff said...

@pascal: here is my fb account: :) it's in french, since i'm french myself, but you're welcome if you want to!

@anette: i hope you feel a bit better. it's hard to have our best friends away (i know what i talk about, mine is about 1000km away), but they're still close to us in our heart and soul.
please take care of you, love & hugs + kisses from the bottom of my heart <3

Laetitianne said...


How are you? And your little family?

Do you have a date for the releasing of your video clip please?

Swedish army is pretty cool! ^^

Have a nice day!


Unknown said...

That's ok - I know stuff like this happen all the time. One month isn't that long. Only one thing worries me now - the album will be released AFTER a book fair I plan to visit, what if I'll spent all my money there? I need to be extra careful there!

Unknown said...

So we have to wait a whole month :( but nevermind, the result in the end is what matters. And I just have to say, that I love your promo photos.
Your hair looks somehow longer is this made with an special effect, or is it that long or do you wear extensions :D?
And I'm happy that I live in Germany, so I can get it on the first date of its release right behind Sweden :)

Pascal said...

@ Hep Hep - Steff:

I know you are french, but that your account is in french is no problem :). I speak french a bit, alors on peut écrire en francais, si tu aimes :).

I will send you a friend request. So long - thank you for the link :).

Unknown said...

Brazil Anette =( Love you