Friday, November 08, 2013

Sand, ocean and sunshine - TGIF

Took a long and wonderful morning walk today in the LOVELY sunshine! These days are not many during winter time so every glimpse of sun is needed;=)

ENJOY and Thank God It´s Friday!!


MAN70 said...

Hello Anette, happy to see that you takes advantage well of the sun in your attractive country.
You make very beautiful photos.
Thank you again for all that you make for us and well on deeply the exit of your album.


Emmanuel (France)

Anonymous said...

Happy Friday Anette! :-)

It looks nice where you are today in those photos :-)

I've had to go back to the doctors this morning as the hospital recently rejected the referral my doctor made for my lower abdominal ultrasound regarding my inguinal hernia pains.

Nobody knows why that happened.

So a fresh one has been wrote :-)

Enjoy the rest of your day Anette! :-)

Carol Misokane said...

Hi Nettie, how are you doing?
Some days ago I watched about a city in Norway where the sun just can't shine because it's hidden by the mountais, so a citzen decided to create a thing to make the sun shine in the winter time and all the people just went to the streets to celebrate the light of the sun.
As I live in a country where sun loves to shine, I do not like it so much but it's very important to go and take some sun, not only for the vitamin D but for the emotional health too. When we are at the darkness, some light is very welcomed.
And these photos just reminded me a song from a very lovely band from your wonderful country: Therion. Their song called Lemuria says "in the ocean deep down, under raging waves rapped in memories" and the swedish ocean in so, so beautiful. I hope one day I can visit this country just to sit on the shore and wait for the sun to rise and then to set off =).

Now have a beautiful day and enjoy what God's nature gave you.

Love, Carol

linnea-maria said...

Åh solen! Den var längesedan jag såg här uppe i Dalarna :)

Karin said...

Beautiful photos. I really enjoyed them ! I am so happy we don't have that snow yet either. Last year , here in southern Finland , we had a lot of snow this time of year, but now we still enjoy " warm" , about 7 degrees celsius :) and sunny days . I am happy for everyday we can see the sun ! We need the light :)

Betty Blue said...

"Thank god it´s Friday", would be nice ^^ But even though it´s friday, I´m not having off tomorrow. Patient care needs to be done on the weekends, too :D But I love it so no big deal working weekend shifts ^^
Have a great weekend!

Melrose Triviani said...

Wow, you're so lucky ! And you make beautiful photos. Have a nice week-end !

Katy Marie said...

Your town looks beautiful, and reminds me of a place I used to live (Bellingham, Washington, USA). It was a port city, and I loved walking along the boardwalk by the shore. I would see boats in the water, too. It was not swimming water, it was very cold. Your photos make me remember fondly.

FAQing Amazing said...

Thanks for all the pictures!

Serafim said...

Thank you so much Nettie for such beautiful photos =)

Enjoy Saturday:)