Tuesday, November 26, 2013

X-mas is approaching

Hi all:=)

It´s that nice time of the year when 1st of Advent is approaching and the whole city is preparing for X-mas with putting up different lights everywhere. And also the big X-mas tree was placed in its position in our big square by the walking street Kullagatan yesterday morning;=)

Lovely times ahead!

Enjoy this day;=)


Unknown said...

Anette ... Christmas is gifting people with the best we have in ourselves time to overcome our efforts to practice the love that God gives us and often we do not realize. How good it is to prepare the house, stroll through the decorated streets, looking at the beautiful window displays, enter the Christmas atmosphere and thank God for being privileged in this condition, since many do not have that chance. Kisses and hugs!

Anonymous said...

Good morning Anette! :-)

Yeah, where I live here in the UK the decorations are being put up around town :-) And only down the road from my house one of the shop windows has been decorated xmasy since early November! :-)

Because that's my favourite thing about xmas is the decorations and the lights! :-) And this is made more enchanting if it snows! :-) So I enjoy that visual aspect of it even if I'm in work :-)

Have a nice day Anette! :-)

Serafim said...

Nice decoration of the street and the x-mas tree is so big =)
In Ukraine we have Christmas on 7th of January, we first celebrate New Year, so the x-mas tree is usually placed only in the middle of December.

Happy that you are fine and that soon we will be able to listen to your album. I'm very excited about it =)

Have a good day, dear Anette!
With love,

Vinga said...

Lovely decorations, I love this time too and I cant wait for this.

Jazmine M said...

Hi Anette! Yes! christmas arrives. I don't need to buy any Christmas tree, I have a huge pine tree in my yard haha, I'm lucky. -Love-

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette !!
I'm so impatiente for Christmas !! here the decorations has arrived since now 1 week
Have a wonderfull evening dear :*