Friday, November 15, 2013

Fridays playlist;=)

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Time for a nice playlist and today my playlist celebrates the female power in all of us woman/girls;=)

Go ladies! 


littlemimo said...

Good morning,

Yesterday I discovered a swedish singer tand I fall in love (but don't worry I always love your voice ;-))
It's Moa Lignell. What do you think about her voice ?
Is she famous in Sweden ?
I don't remember to see something about her on your blog but maybe I missed a post.

Thank you for the play list, I'll listen it during my day !

Emma said...

Cool! Thanks for that. I love all the songs you put on the list.

eskoplja said...

Lovely playlist. Janis is best on it (for me ;) )....but there's someone should be on Female Power list :)
Wishing you a nice day


Ena :*

Anonymous said...

Happy Friday Anette! :-)

I hope you are beginning to feel better from your sinus problems :-)

I also have my own health problems but in a different area. I've been on sick leave for the last 3 days due to my inguinal hernia pains on both sides of my lower abdomen. The pain and soreness kept me awake all night on Tuesday. And I'm sore and in pain now as I type.

It's now official that after 13 years I can no longer work on these heavy hospital wards / nursing home floors as I'm continuously physically damaging myself. I worked my final shift on Sunday night.

So with the help of my present ward manager we are searching for somewhere lighter for me to be transferred to. I've been ringing around and something came up this afternoon that I'm pinning my hopes on. I have to phone back next Friday.

So next Friday will definitely be a happy Friday if I land this job in this particular department :-) It's not certain that I'll know next Friday but I'll let you know in a few weeks what it is if I get it :-)

I wish you Anette and your family a nice evening! :-)

The One Who Should Die said...

You have such good taste in music!:)

Laetitianne said...

Hello Sweetie!

How are you?

I'm jealous! You will be able to watch this wonderfull TV show called Bitten and issued from the great saga Women of the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong.

Have fun!

Have a nice week-end!


Unknown said...

Cool, very different "female power" artists on this one ;). The only girl I don't like on this list is Miley Cyrus, I think, she's just annoying, in my opinion absolutely without talent and build up by some people that only want to make money out of her.
AND I guess she has some serious drug problems... but nevermind :). I'm just ranting and babbling :D. I think I'll leave this topic here, haha.
Furthermore I wanted to wish you a super good day and lots of fun. And I want to have you on that list... maybe with your new solo project :)?

Amanda Lopes said...

Dear Anette,

You are such an inpiration for me. Listening to your beautiful voice has been helping me through a difficult time, keeping me out of my own mind. Thank you for that.

Wish you all the best and hope to hear new stuff from you soon!

TheDeadUnicorn said...

I love it when you get your feminism on ;; That's one of the reasons why I love you.On 8tracks there are some amazing cool playlist for feminism/female empowerment,check them out!I found a shitton of new artists through those.I actually even made my own,heh.
Have a nice day,

Unknown said...

Anette, seeing this playlist just made me love and admire you more! You listen to Reba McEntire! I know it is a cover from on another artist but just knowing you listen to something of Reba McEntire makes me smile! I grew up listening to country but as I got older I fell in love with Heavy Metal and symphonic metal but I will always go back and listen to Reba whenever I want to get my country boots on <3 You are awesome and just made my day! Do you listen to anything else by Reba or watched her show (when it was on?) She has some really good Christmas albums and since it is the season and all! Have an amazing Christmas!