Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Looking through our wedding/baptising of Nemo and Mio photos I found some nice ones I never posted here and well, here you go;=) (photos taken by Annicka Photography)

LOVE this one! So cute;=) Nemo and the priest where the priest "welcomes" Nemo to the church and showing him the altar, organ and so on;=) It was fun to baptise a bigger child, instead of as with Mio and Seth, a 3 month old. It´s not the same since a bigger child walks and talks but Nemo was very concentrated and the day before we had practised with the priest how things should be done so Nemo was prepared but still, our Nemo is full of energy and play so we didn´t know how he would behave;=) 

But he was really so good and did everything perfect!

My shoes were just awesome and there is a fun story behind them too. I was up in Stockholm and walking with Mio in the pram, passing by a boutique where I saw them. And I LOVE everything with stars on so I wanted to go in and buy them but this day Mio was just screaming so I felt I had to skip it.
Back home in Helsingborg I couldn´t stop thinking of the shoes and asked everyone I know who works here in the stores if they knew the brand but no luck.

Finally I called the boutique Mathilde and asked about them and she says: I have one pair left in size 39. And 39 is MY size! So we both said they were probably waiting for me and meant to be on my feet during my wedding as they ended up being;=)

And here´s from the tables which I decorated myself. I used stones with love messages on and also signs with love messages on, pink real rose petals and then as you can see little hard candy´s with "Just married" on them;=)

Some memories from a wonderful, wonderful day!;=)

Now time to lean back in the couch before bed so sleep well everyone!!


Karin said...

Ooooh, such nice stories, and such a beautiful pic of little Nemo, and the BIG priest :)
Thank you so much for sharing , dear Anette !

FAQing Amazing said...

Cute stories! Thanks dear Anette

littlemimo said...

Thank you for sharing with us your memories, it's really nice.
Have a nice day, Hugs

Carol Misokane said...

Hey Nettan.
Uau, this story about your shoes just proves that when something is meant to be, it will be, no matter how time it takes =).
And oh, Nemo is so, so cute. I really think you miss this day, but the great memories warms you I'm sure.
Now have a great day.

Love, Carol

The One Who Should Die said...

Those shoes is perfection! I love them too:)

Unknown said...

Aaaaw, Nemo is so blonde :)

Unknown said...

The photo of Nemo is so cute :-) I love how Annicka has edited the photos. You normally see wedding photos all light and airy but these seem somewhat slightly darker which is what I really like about them.
Also, I love those boots. I especially love the star. It's very suttle and I bet they looked lovely paired with your dress.

Have a nice day/evening! X

Unknown said...

Hello Anette!
Thats are great memories. I love your dress and the shoes are also great. I love stars also. Stars are perfect for this time,the christmas time ;-) I have got a nice ring from my love and we want marry in two years. That will be a specialy moment.