Saturday, November 22, 2014

Old demo song=)

And hey my dear BFF Niclas Olsson posted an old song we recorded in 2004 or something that I don't even remember and this is a little poppy and schlager (abba sound=) sounding but fun easy demo to fill the saturday=) ENJOY! And thanks Niclas Olsson for posting it sharing an old memory=) 


Anonymous said...

It's very good Anette! :-)

I presume this might have been intended for Alyson Avenue. If it was then it challenges All This Time as best Alyson song. Only in my personal opinion of course :-)

Cheers for sharing! :-)

Pascal said...

That´s also a really great song, it´s difficult to explain but I think it has some kind of „sweet“ vibe in it :). Really lovely to listen to, thank you a lot also for sharing this one!

I hope your rehearals and photo sessions today were or are great. And as I know you like „The Hunger Games“, I just wanted to add that yesterday I saw the third part in cinema. I must say I don´t know exactly where so many negative critics as you can find them on the internet come from, this part is in some ways different than first two ones, but that´s due to the story and for me, it was again a really great film :). I hope that you can enjoy it when you watch it.

Have a great afternoon and I wish you a great start into a new week tomorrow. Lots of hugs!