Friday, August 29, 2014

Recipe on easy done cabbage pudding

Hi all,

Got requests in my Instagram to put out the recipe for the cabbage pudding I made yesterday and of course I can do that=)

This is a simple and a little less unhealthy version where I´ve taken away the syrup they normally used, exchanged the more fatty minced meat to 10% meat, exchanged real butter to oil and exchanged real fat cream to 12% cream.

If you want it more full and fatty just use real butter, cream and minced pork meat for instance.



1/4 of a cabbage head
1 yellow onion
500 g 10-12 % minced meat
appr. 2 dl of oil
2-3 dl of 12% cream
salt and pepper

Do like this:
Chop the cabbage in to thin slices and fry in a pan in the oil together with chopped onion. Its great to do this until the cabbage is almost "melted". At the same time fry the minced meat in another pan, also in oil.Then mix minced meat and the cabbage/onion together, add salt and pepper and place in a oven safe form. At last add the 12% cream all over it and place into a 225 degree hot oven until the cream has set and the dish has gotten a nice color, appr. 25 minutes. Serve with potatoes, a nice salad and lingonberries=)


Linn said...

Jag har aldrig provat kålpudding med grädde i, det låter väldigt gott. Får bli nästa gång!

Jag tror dock att du har skrivit fel på måttenheten för 1 cup = ca 2,4 dl och då blir det väldiga mängder olja och grädde till bara 500 g köttfärs! :)

Pascal said...

And that sounds good! I guess I have to try it :).

And Anette... I read on your instagram about what happened, about the celeb in Sweden who lost her son and now people are even blaming and mocking her. That was shocking to read! I can understand how it must have upset you, I´m so sorry you had to cry. About those people, I think they are really cruel persons who just feel deep hate towards someone, for whatever reason and then, they use every occation to be mean and to hurt the person, for them it´s even right if it happens on the background of a child who died. It´s so awful, bad and without any respect. Shame on them!

The world sometimes can really be a cruel place. But you made the right decision with not letting the evil win as you said. It´s not worth it, those people are not worth it. Lots of people are truely mean and that can make us fearing the world we live in. But I personally believe that the world in itself is a beautiful place and those who are cruel and mean can never break that.

I send you lots of comforting hugs and positiveness for your day!

Unknown said...

Anette ... I love beef, but never tried with cabbage, I will try to see if mine is good. Kisses

Anonymous said...

Cooking is an art form :-) To be able to create an attractive looking plate of food that makes people ravenous and for it to taste as good as it looks is a very refined pursuit :-)

As for not using certain ingredients I've found that just by having no sugar in my tea has does wonders for my diet. For the sake of staying trim and healthy, cutting out certain ingredients really does work and I'd recommend anyone to do this. I've never been obese but in case you didn't know already my doctor wants me to lose just a bit of weight for the sake of my fatty liver ( which he says he's not worried about ). I've lost about 1 and a half stone during the past few months or so which I find amazing considering I've not been really physically active for quite a while now. In case you're wondering I presently weigh 13 and a half stone :-)

Bon appetit my favourite lady Viking! :-) x

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I just wanted to wish you a great start into a neew week tomorrow and all the best for the start in university :).

Lots of hugs and please take care!