Monday, January 30, 2017

Writing and writing

Hey all and happy Monday!

Hope all is well with all of you=) I am doing school work mostly at home this semester since I am writing my bachelor exam and I´ve chosen a subject I love, namely music. Actually music therapy.

I took a course last year about Music therapy and it was such an interesting and inspiring thing to get to know more about how music, that I love, can be used when working with people with for example dementia. So I didn´t hesitate when choosing my exam subject but am writing about just that.

I have chosen to write alone since I love to write and I dont like to be bonded to someone else and their schedules and since I have a family it works better for me to write alone. This way I can plan and execute my days and evenings as I choose.

The first thing we do is to do a project plan for the essay and this is during 5 weeks and I am now in the third week so I have written quie a lot already. Then we go into 10 weeks of writing the main essay and it will be lots of work but since I really am interested in the subject it doesnt feel as a burden.

When it comes to my album with Jani he has been on tour for some weeks but are home now so I am awaiting some more demos to record hopefully this weekend=)

This year I feel will be a very positive year for me, in so many ways. You know when you just feel that in the body? Last year was not so fun so I do believe in cycles and this year will for sure be better, I hope=)

Lots of love


Amélie said...

Hello Anette !
I'm from France and just wanted you to know that even though (sorry my english is not quite very good!)you may have hard times with Nightwish band , I'm pretty happy that you came into the light of the international music and shine just like your solo album deserved it !
Your voice is a gift and I'm really into what you've done with it, you sing like an angel, I also love reading your blog with your outfits and news from your life !
Really enjoying that you have new project that will came out soon !
You made a really great job in everything you did and I'm just hoping you the best for the futur 'cause I'm pretty sure it's gonna be Anett-straordinaire !
Wishing you the best and hope to hear you soon !
Just know that in every unsuspected places of the world, there's someone listening to your songs and enjoying it as much as I do !

Hep-Hep Steff said...

looks like a fascinating thing to write about. as an asperger, music is doing a lot of good things on me. actually, i survived because i had some beautiful voices who helped me through dark times, and they still help me a lot... i've been able to express my emotions with the help of some songs, something i have troubles to do. it could do a lot of wonderful things..... i wish i could read your essay.
i'm sending you lots of positive vibes, hugs & love <3