Thursday, January 19, 2017

Latest outfits=)

Hey all!

Hope you have a blessed day! I love that the sunlight has returned and it make me wanna wear spring clothes so I have started doing so by using lighter colored jeans and bought myself some new spring blouses from H&M. 

It´s a bit of the 80s in the fashion now and well I LOVE the 80s so I go all in and puff my hair up in a side hair do with some spray, put on some crazy glasses and wear high waisted jeans, voluminous tops and color! Go all in=)

1. Jeans and blouse from H&M (in stores now)
2. shoes ZARA
3. socks and scarf from
4. glasses are old from H&M

1. Blouse and knit from GINA TRICOT (in stores now)
2. jeans from TWO WOMEN IN THE WORLD
3. shoes ZARA

 1. jeans from ASOS
2. blouse and leo heels from H&M
3. top from RAGDOLL
4. socks from studio stilista
5. glasses from MIU MIU

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