Monday, September 07, 2015

What IF….

What IF… people in this world could start and try to support each other, HELP others and think of others TOO and not only about THEMSELVES first? 

What IF... the most important thing in the world was to LOVE others as we want to be LOVED back?

What IF …. people didn´t ONLY think about how much MONEY and THINGS they need to have and instead GAVE so that everyone in the world could have a DESCENT life?

What IF… KINDNESS wasn't seen as a WEAKNESS?

What IF… all religions or no religions didn't matter so much so people could RESPECT each other and LIVE together?

What IF…. us humans could ACT like humans?

What IF…. ?


Unknown said...

Anette ... this is a dream to me, I would love to live in a world where people give more importance to good feelings and attitudes responsible ... we all'd be happier. Congratulations on your initiative ... I think we can all help in some way, just want to, Kisses

Anonymous said...

...then the world would be a better place my favourite lady Viking :-)

Sadly though, most of what you mention will never, ever, happen. You're talking about ideals that are so divine but there are simply not enough divine people in the world to make these ideals a reality. I don't profess to be perfect and if anyone else does then they're a liar.

It's all about ethics; a human's sense of morality. Most of what you mention here Anette concerns benevolence. Something which some of us have more than others...

I don't believe the world could ever be ideal but there is always room for improvement. With that in mind I'd abolish all religion as it's causing nothing but trouble. So burn your bibles, demolish the churches, mosques, etc. When an Islamist extremist blows himself up ( or commits any other horrific atrocity ) in the name of Allah he thinks he's going to be rewarded with virgins & rivers of honey in an afterlife. So he's assumning that when he detonates and his willy get's blown to several smithereens, that each of these smithereens are each separately going to end up in several virgins?! :-D It's ridiculous!!! And it causes nothing but pain and heartache!!!

If you're religious then I do respect your right to believe in whatever form of religion you wish to believe in. It's just I personally think we'd be better off without it. I don't believe in any God. I only believe in thing's I can actually see. And I find it absurd that if there is a God who has the power to stop suffering on earth, and if God loves us all so much, then why does'nt God do something about it? So no, I don't believe in God. When we die then that's it. You're history.

So let's make nice with each other while we're here! :-)

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Very well said and once again you speak out exactly what I feel.

And what I have to add:

What IF... people in this world did STOP to prejudice and mock others because of their origin, believs and color of skin and would care more about how a human is from INSIDE, not OUTSIDE?

If all those things happened, this world would be a much better place. And luckily there are humans who think that way and who try their best to make it better and easier here for others, just like you. Keep it up and thank you for being like you are :).

Karin said...

Here in Finland the discussion has been very intense lately. As everywhere in Europe, of course.
There are a lot of people, who really say, write and do bad and evil things against and about the refugees. I find it SO hard to understand.
The typical comment is that "they are coming to our country to steal our jobs" or " we should help ourselves first! We have a lot of poor and unemployed people her" and so on and so on...
I am so tired of all that vining! We have it so good here, if we really compare against some people's distress. We shouldn't complane at all!
Why are some so hateful? How does it disturbe their lives if someone tries to help, or be kind to a fellow man?

I don't have much money to give. But, I have more than the most of the refugees. I have a home. I have my family near me. I have a job that I love.
So, I can give a little of my money this week. I will not die, or starve.

As probably many of us; I "woke up" when I saw the photo..... It disturbes me. It makes me cry, even just thinking of it.
This world is a twisted place. Is it weird to say that from every bad thing, comes something good?
Is it weird to say that this little boy's awful death had a meaning? Little Alan's death made thousands and thousands of people react. And really DO something. Not just sighing about it when reading the news and look at photos that "are so far away from our own lives" .

Here in Finland the good side is winning. People are really trying to help. They show support. It is relieving to see that there are so many who wants to do something. And stand up for it. The "evil side" is being pushed down. There will always be negativity towards everything. Can't be helped. Let's see what the future brings.
Hope it will be a better world!

Thanks again for this site, Anette. It is a good place to open up about different issues :)

Vilma Jaakkola said...

Lovely ideas, what IF...World could be better place.