Friday, September 18, 2015


I´ve felt extremely tired and exhausted the last weeks and no wonder since I am studying two courses, doing my internship at the hospital and working extra within my elderly care. And yesterday I got to know I just got in to a net based university course called "Music and health" and tonight and tomorrow we´re having a seminar so will have to sleep at a hotel since it´s to far to go back and forth to my home.

But an exciting course this will be and it talks about how music impacts or feelings and I will learn things that I can use in my future work and as a musician its always interesting;=)

BUT doing all of this also make me soooo tired hehe!

So yesterday I passed out at 18.30 and slept ALL night until 07 so 12 hours of well deserved sleep haha!

Now some studying and then driving to school for a great day!

Love and light,


Anonymous said...

I know the feeling! When I was working and training to change my job I worked twelve days in a row with no break. It's always a good kind of exhausted though, right? ;) knowing that we're working towards something positive and beneficial, it's totally worth it. xx

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Well, with so much to do it´s no wonder that you feel tired and fall asleep early. But I´m happy for you that those are things you like to do :). This new course sounds interesting, I hope you enjoy it so far and I wish you much fun at the rest of it!

By the way, my replacement card arrived already. That was a surprise, they told me it would last about two weeks, but that´s a good thing of course. Now I just have to "load" it with money and within the next days I should be able to donate to your fund finally :). Sorry that it had to wait, but now it will be possible to me.

I wish you a very nice time and love and light back to you!

Hep-Hep Steff said...

it must be hard, even if you love what you are doing.... but i have to say, this "music and health" course seems great.