Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ocean life

Oh how I love the ocean in the autumn and today late afternoon we took the boys and drove to Råå and walked by the ocean in the wind and the kids threw stones into the ocean. 

A lovely sunday and then we went home, the boys took a bath and then we ate home made gluten free Chicken nuggets. Much healthier than fabric made and so much yummier=)

Jeans from LINDEX, shoes from TOPSHOP, knit from BY MALENE BIRGER and bag from RIKA STUDIOS 


Anonymous said...

As large as the ocean is, most of us will only catch a glimpse of it very occassionaly from a car or aeroplane. Unless you are resident in Helsingborg :-) And when we do see it we think of it merely as a distance to be overcome. Ladies & gentlemen, there is so much more to the ocean than meets the eye...

The ocean contributes about 50-80% of the oxygen in Earth's atmosphere. That's right, the oxygen you and I are breathing now! :-) This comes coutesy of tiny ocean plants called phytoplankton that live near the waters surface and drift with the currents.

Plus, the ocean is like a huge living creature itself, an all-engulfing organism through which all the world exists, even if most of us see so little of it as we get on with our lives. A huge living creature covering two thirds of the planet which determines our borders and movements more than any government :-)

So there you have it! :-) It's not only trees that provide the oxygen we breath! :-)

I bid you goodnight my favourite lady Viking! :-)

Pascal said...

And wow, those are amazing pictures with beautiful nature and landscape. Sweden is just so beautiful, I can´t say it often enough! And home made chicken nuggets... mmmmhhhhh... please send over some of those :D.

I´m so happy for you that you had a nice afternoon together with your family and I wish you a very nice, bright and enjoyable new week :).

Karin said...

I so envy you dear! That ocean is just beautiful. I am not a " sea-person" : I mean I don't sail, I don't have a boat... But I love being by the sea. To feel it, to smell it, to watch it.

You know what, this weekend I will go to Denmark: to a place called Mön: an island. There I will so enjoy the landscape. And those white cliffs! Aaaah I am looking forward to it!!