Sunday, September 20, 2015

Music and health

So, I am studying a little net course at my university called MUSIC AND HEALTH and we just had our first 2-day seminar this weekend and we were a bunch of people with different backgrounds and ages and it was a great seminar!

We study the relationship between music and health and in that we talk about that music is a democratic right for EVERYONE to do. Which means that NOONE shall be excluded from doing music. For instance people with need of special support and so on. Cause, as we all know, music can help us feel better!

We also discuss what MUSICALITY is and that´s a really interesting thing to discuss cause who can really answer this question?

We also had a Skype session with Resonaari in Helsinki where they have music school for people with special support needs and it was really interesting to listen to!

We also had lots of fun singing, playing rhythm instruments, dancing and so on these days and so much fun!

I´m having some nice studies to do and will go out to make an observation within this field and also a field study before the course is coming to an end and also another seminar so more stories about this class will follow=)

ENJOY this day!


Karin said...

I have a friend who's son has Down's syndrome. They went this year to a concert that Resonaari organized. He mailed me that I also could see it, on the internet, so I watched it.
I was impressed! And it was so enjoyable to see these children and youngsters with special needs do their music. To see and feel that joy!
And the beauty in it.
Especially one young boy with Down's : he made a drum solo. And he drummed , and drummed and drummed.... It was the longest drum-solo ever :) but it was so fun to listen and watch. The enthusiasm in it :)
The love of music, doing music together, and the pride to perform it ; beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Six years ago I particitpated in a stoned philosphical discussion concerning where our emotion comes from whilst listening to music :-) What actually causes this emotion? Where does it actually come from? What is it about a combination of notes in a melody that has the power to make us feel happy or sad? So, as the rain poured down outside we sat there pondering over this huge question, searching the universe for answers, whilst simultaniously arguing with each others reasons. And in the end the conclusion that was drawn was that none of us actually had a clue about what actually causes these emotions when we hear music. Is it something in the music itself? If so, what? Is it something from the depths of our conscience? If so, what? Not even the joint that was been passed around could free our minds enough to offer some kind of satisfactory possible answers. Much harder to answer than you might think. And to anyone reading this who thinks they might have the answer then let me know :-)

Anyway, over here in England we have a famous political singer called Billy Bragg. I don't know if you've heard of him Anette but about seven years ago he started a project called Jail Guitar Doors ( JGD ) which was named from the b-side of an old single by The Clash. The aim of this project was to deliver musical instruments and recording equipment as a form of therapy and rehabilitation to inmates in prisons across the UK. The inmates could have music classes run by volunteer musicians. Some prisons rejected the use of guitars as the fear was that steel strings could be used by prisoners to hang themselves. Though as music has the power to be life changing, as opposed to life ending, the idea of JGD was to introduce the inmates to playing an instrument in the hope that it would act as a form of rehabilitation, so when they're released they persue music instead of crime. I don't know the figures exactly but I think JGD had a success rate of 30% ( possibly higher ).

Though I did read a story, and this is a true story, about the impact of JGD. It concerns a guy who'd spent 25 years of his life commiting crime and was in and out of prison non-stop. Whilst he was banged-up ( yet again ) the prison service got him to embark on JGD and he attended music classes and started to learn how to play an instrument. And last I heard he never went back to crime and instead has actually forged himself a job or career around music ( though I don't exactly know what he does ).

I bid you good evening Anette! :-)

Pascal said...

Hej Anette!

Ah, music! Good topic. I´m happy that you enjoy the course and what it is about sounds very interesting. Also a bit surprising, because I must honestly say that I didn´t know that there are people who are excluded from doing music. But I believe you for sure, otherwise you wouldn´t deal with this issue in your course. And well, that´s a sad thing, because as you say, music should be everyone´s right.

And yes, music can really help us when we feel down. It can have some healing effect for the soul, definitely. I´ve been there, experienced it a lot of times. As weird as it may sound, but I can help myself often with sad and depressive songs. Let me explain: I had much situations where I lay in my bed in the night and was so sad and all felt dark, and I wanted to let it all out, I wanted to cry, but I just couldn´t. Then I listened to some very emotional, sad music that fitted to exactly how I feel in this moment and it worked, I could let out everything I wanted to and felt better then. And then, on the next day some happy, joyful and lifting up songs (for example, I don´t know if you ever heard of it, Anette, but there is one song called „Shine“, from an album with the same name and by an amazing singer and wonderful person ;) ) and life seemed easier, happier and brighter again :).

Musicality... really an interesting word and for sure not so easy to define. In some definition they say it´s „the talent for making music“, but I don´t know if that is really everything. It would mean that someone who has difficulties in playing instruments and singing, but listens a lot to music and loves it, has no musicality, because it´s all about talent. According to this definition it may be so, but I´m not sure. Maybe musicality is also that you can „feel“ into the music, that you dive into it while listening and it becomes a part of you in this moments, influencing your feelings, your experience, your mood. That´s just a thought of mine on that question what musicality is. Really an interesting thing to think about.

Thank you for talking to us about those really interesting things Anette, and I wish you lots of fun and success in the rest of the course and your studies :).

Lots of hugs and light to you!