Sunday, September 06, 2015

Anette Olzon Foundation

Anette Olzon foundation 

Its time for the whole world to gather now to help the people who are trying to leave Syria and other countries where they aren't safe anymore and help them to safety without having to risk their lives in small boats or walking extreme distances to get there. To help parents take their children to safety WITHOUT putting them in a small not safe rubber boat and try to cross the Mediterranean sea and see their children die in the horrible water! It could be YOU, your children or your loved ones in the same situation so let's start this fundraising project and give what we can, any single cent you can give can 
help💜 thanks💜

Click the photo below to go to the fundraise and give YOUR support. THANKS!


Anonymous said...

I've made a donation :-)

TheDeadUnicorn said...

I am speechless once again.
I am endlessly prod of you,but also so thankful..This past year I've been more in touch with International news and the world's daily story and I've been struggling so much with what to do.I'm not talking about creating posts on FB and rage-filled or angst-soaked convos with people who can't see my point of view (which I clearly fail to explain decently,otherwise I think I'd be understood).I'm talking about handing out bags of groceries to shelters and things like that.I'm lucky enough to have a shelter in my very small town,so it's easy to just drop by.But with bigger pictures,such as the Syrian situation and many,many others,I find it harder to help because I've always found it hard to actually trust big fund-raising companies (that is,because I'm used to handing money to folks to my town that will later on send me emails with pics of how things are going and how my help is being sued).But again,in the past months I've been researching a bit and reading and I'm slowly swifting my balance a bit.
Either way,I'm really finding it hard to explain how powerful and important this is to be.I am so happy you're being a spokeperson for this issue,and I hope that many others will follow you in this.I do not have much atm but I guess every cent is needed,so I'm giving what I can.
Thank you.
I'm keeping this short because I'm truly overwhelmed.Thank you.This is so important.People are people.People deserve to live and be safe.At all costs.

Pascal said...

Hej Anette!

It´s me again :). And I feel, after all the sick comments you received in your instagram yesterday, that I also have to say something about this nasty issue called racism. It might become a longer post, sorry, but there´s just a lot to say on this. I will send it in two comments, because it´s too long for one.

Racism IS a real problem and I guess you saw that quite distinctly yesterday in your instagram. When I read some of this comments it made me feel sick and I was happy that you banned them and spoke against it and against racist statements. I just sometimes can´t believe that there are really people who kick on those who lie on the ground already and that is what this racists do. The people from, say, Syria, who come here do this because they have no real other choice. They flee from war and murder, they lost their home, often their families... and then, they are treated like sh*t by some narrow-minded people who just soak up everything that doubtful media tell. Like refugees are all criminal, all they want is taking away our money and of course, their religion is the evil, evil Islam and of course they want to exterminate Christianity. That people so often claim the latter is a funny thing by the way. I mean, I´m a Christian, I believe in God and I KNOW that the Islam itself is a respectful and peaceful religion that tolerates other believs too... JUST as Christianity should. And according to surveys and stuff like that, most people in Eastern Germany, where the racist problems are biggest as it seems, are atheistic, so they don´t believe in any religion. But when it comes to refugees from Syria for example, then they claim that we must protect our „Christian Occident“... that´s so phoney and embarassing. I don´t want to show off now, but a true believer in Christianity, as I consider myself, will never mock other religions and will never consider other religions being less worth or being evil and dangerous. And Christianity and Islam can work perfectly together. I once saw an image of two groups who met, one were Christians and the other were Muslims. And when one group prayed, the other one gathered around them, which should symbolize some kind of „protection“. It was so touching to see this and things like this should be done more and spread, so that those people who still consider the Islam aggressive and intolerant, maybe could change their minds.

Pascal said...

Ok, that for my two cents on the religion debate, but racism goes more far than only on religion. As I said, there are so much prejudices refugees have to face, just like them all together being criminal and so on. And every time I read or hear that someone claims this, I would like to ask the person „So, did you EVER even meet a refugee yourself? Has any of them EVER hurt you or did harm to you? And even IF so, WHY would it be the fault of ALL of them then?“ I would be really interested in the answer and I bet a lot of people just jump on the current train of mocking refugees and blaiming them for everything that goes wrong in Europe. If a country runs out of money – it´s the refugee´s fault. If there is a lot of crime in an area – it´s the refugees fault. That´s so sick and I must say I live in an area where we have quite a number of refugees, yes, and I passed some of them already many times... and guess what: I NEVER got attacked by one of them, I NEVER felt that they want to provoke me and NONE of them ever robbed me. This must come surprisingly for a lot of people, but it´s true. And even if some of those things happened some times to me, I wouldn´t blame all the refugees for it, that´s just nonsense.

I think it´s no secret that I´m against racism, also from my former comments. I just felt I want this things to come out, because you, Anette, are someone I can talk to about it, because you are against racism too. But the thing is, at the moment I feel like I´m surrounded by racists. I hear so many people who think racist and sometimes I manage to just laugh about it and just say to myself „well, if they want to live on stupidly it´s their problem, I know it better“, but in the last days I feel how this all puts me down. I get so disappointed also by people I knew since I was a child and sometimes this days I feel depressive, I feel like being in the wrong place and it f*ckin´ annoys me. I just hope it will become else and I will feel better again.

And for this, there are luckily warm-hearted people like you who see things the way I do and who help. As I said already yesterday I will donate money to your foundation and support it, because I think it´s a great thing you do and you have my deepest respect for it :). You have a good heart Anette and you can be proud of it, because nowadays this is not taken for granted.

Sorry for this long and not so happy comment, but I just felt like getting off my chest and I feel that you are someone I can talk to about this things and it feels good and better now to have told you :). So, thanks a lot for reading and now let´s SHINE and start a new week :).

Lots of hugs and light to you!

Unknown said...

You're an angel.