Wednesday, August 26, 2015

From the depth of my heart...

I wanna sa THANK YOU to ALL of you for comments in here, in my instagram and even private e-mails regarding my last blog post.

Its always so SAD when someone looses the LOVE for something they have loved doing all their life. If its music, painting or whatever. And the worst and hardest part is always to be able to acknowledge these feelings and accept them.

For me, its not something I cry over anymore. I have cried enough the last years. I have been really depressed, people around me have said I CANT stop singing, to keep fighting and so on but I have felt that even before the last straw happened with everything, my heart was broken, my musical spirit hurt and of course I can still sing now and then but its not the same. 

So many people have hurt me, so many have taken advantage of me, so many stepped over me over and over again and so many are just God damn evil and I can't take it anymore. 

Maybe I´ll find a new love for music one day, maybe I´ll work with better people, maybe the spark come back but for now, school takes my time, work takes my time, my family need me and my children need a HAPPY mum and I need to move on.

I will be here for YOU all, I will be here taking outfit photos, telling about my school, cherish the music memories and of course I´ll sing in Tel aviv in December and if something else FUN that I want to do comes up and I have time for it these studying years you know I´ll sing again=) 

'What I am learning now is new things about myself. It takes courage, it takes pain to see who we truly are and it takes lots of LOVE from others to come through hard days and I have the best of family around me, new working colleges, YOU all and I want to say God bless you all for being who you are and sending me so much love.

I hope I can share more stories from the "BAD" sides of the business with you cause I KNOW I would like to be warned about them all before entering the music business. So be sure I´ll tell more about it=)

ENJOY this day!


Unknown said...

Dear Anette. Be sure you will always have our love, appreciation and respect. Enjoy your moment, your school and your family. That is the most special thing in life.
But will you still be in RichardRocks in october??
I love your voice and your happiness. You shine for this world!! ;-)

Mirna_333 said...

Awww Anette, it's heartbreaking reading your past two blogs, one cannot imagine how terrible and bad it was. The music industry is so corrupted, even here in Australia. I attended a concert for a male singer, he won one of those music competitions that you see on TV, this one was called 'The X Factor', you might have heard of it, it's similar to American Idol and all those sort of competitions. He revealed how the "Prize Money" actually turned out to be a bank loan, not prize money that he can keep. His manager also stole from him and he is now financially broke, trying to do small concerts in local venues to raise money to do what is in his heart, his music. He suffered much, this is an international problem, if it was this bad for the guys, I can't imagine how terrible & traumatic it was for a young and pretty girl like you. They don't care about the talent, all they care about is sex and money at the end of the day. That guy is releasing his music independently from what I know, at least he has control over his music. It is very difficult, as the giants are the ones in power, in the music industry. If later on, you feel the joy of singing coming back, I greatly advise to do it independently, with you being in full control. There are some good independent music labels, or you can even start your own label, and sign up some new artists who want to do their own music and not be butchered and traumatised by the terrible Giants in the music industry. In the meantime, I'm sure you want to enjoy your family and Nursing job :) Your children are young only once and you don't want to miss those valuable and special moments watching them growing up and bonding closer with them, and I'm sure the most important use of your voice is to sing to your little angels, that is the most special and endearing use of a mother's voice, because it comes from the heart & soul xxxx

Unknown said...

Hello Anette! Thanks for your nice post. It's great that you are happy. That is so important in live. You have to be happy and you must love what you do and no one else. And that is great that you love it and you are happy. I hope I can also get more happier in my live. I have a great man and that means all for me,but I want to get more happier. I want to study and go back to school,but its not so easy,but I hope I get my chance. you give me courage and strength to do that. you inspire me. Thank you for that. And it is very great to hear that you are always ther for us. I am also ther for you. Take care and hugs to you.

Karin said...

Hey, you can never know what happens in the future :)
You enjoy the life you are having now. That is so good!

- Will keep my fingers crossed for every exam you take, and when the the day comes: the day when you really become that nurse, we will celebrate! :)

Ha det bra,Anette! Njut av livet och allt vad du sysslar med: det är ju ganska mycket:) Familjen,studier,jobb,träning... Det räcker nog för stunden.
Kanske det är bra och "hälsosamt" att strunta i musiken/ sången ett tag. Den finns nog kvar där, om du hittar gnistan.
Allt har sin mening... Är det inte så? :)

César said...

Good afternoon Anette!

You, especially, deserve all good and kind comments and all the love we can possibly send you :D
I'm happy if all the comments from the previous post helped you feel incredible, it's the truth and we are here for each other always! ^^
I'll read you very soon, Nettie!!

Much love and hugs from Spain,

Unknown said...

Anette ... wish with all my heart, all the peace, affection, value, friendship, love, achievements and all believe that worth living. Be happy ... we, true fans, we'll be here supporting you and wanting the best for you. * feel embraced by someone who only wishes you good and happy things ... thank you *

Raquel Alves said...

Take care dear , I know like to be disappointed. The important thing is that you remain one of the best singers I had the pleasure of hearing

Anonymous said...

I know how it feels to have the heart ripped from your passion, BUT I also know that it came it can indeed come back. I'm really happy to see that you're in a great place right now and enjoying the normal life, but singing will always be a part of you even if it's buried for a while :)

Paula Mocca said...

I admire yiu! Take your time and be happy around your family :) wish you the BEST!!!!
but hey i still wants to see your outfits and of course to read about how is your life going on or even recipes :)

Unknown said...

You are one of the most illuminated people of this planet. "Shine and lift your head high / Hope - you'll never be lonely ..."

RetiredArmy said...

Dear Anette,
You're taking things too personally as the "Music Industry" is fairly ruthless. Take a look at pop music in the USA, we have acts at the top of the charts in multiple genres who can't play instruments, read sheet music, or even sing on key(auto-tune is the norm). Artists are considered to be something to be used. Music is very personal, but its just one thing in life, not everything. You've got a wonderful family, enjoy them every day as they are much more important.

Unknown said...

Dear Anette:

I read your post the other day but didn't had time to comment it. I just want to say that it really hurts to know that you lost your singing passion, specially when I am you fan since Nightwish. But I understand you. We fans "know" that the industry is hard on everyone, but people are the ones who can be the most horrible. And I don't think is "coward" if you step up, on the contrary, I think is very brave to quit something you love just because you don't feel happy anymore. Happiness is the ultimate goal in this life, and I am happy that you are happy with whatever you want to do. And I hope you return one day. I love you Nightwish's albums and you solo album.

Lots of love!!

Océane said...

Hi dearest Anette,

So you will sing in Tel Aviv but what about the opera rock?

Would like to know if I have to book flights and everything.. Thanks a lot

Love and Hugs

Arianna said...

Your look it's so nice.

Arianna said...

Hi Anette, i've send you a private mail. I hope you got it. :)


Lily of the valley said...

Hi Annette ! I truly understand you. My parents are both musicians, my husband and I are both musicians too (classical music) it's very hard and I feel free and surrounded with love when I'm NOT with in the competition world, musicians world. But this art is feeding my soul and my being, so it's really hard to think about something else. I have a child also and hit the wall past year, crying all the day because I can't live with or without music in full-time musician. I love people and help others. I though like you to study in nursing care, but I needed music so much that I had a flash one and a half year ago. I wanted to be music-therapist. Here I am, for now I study in psychology and then I finish I'm going to follow the music-therapy programm and I'm very excited to share my soul and my passion for this art while I'm helping other people and while I stay away from bad personn, selfish, and competitive person.
I wish you the best ! Of course family is wonderful xxx

Keep going.

Cécile (from montréal)

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

As I already said, I find it totally understandable and ok that you don´t feel like singing and making music after all those negative experiences. It´s YOU who needs to feel happy and content and when music is more a burden than a joy for you at the moment, It´s indeed better to focus on other things.

I wish you once again lots of success in your studying and working and I´m always curious about new infos also on this :). As I said I appreciate you so much as a warm - hearted, kind person that writes funny, wise and lovely things and I will always be there following!

You are an amazing inspiration, so thank YOU for being here for us and spreading so much warmth and joy! May god bless also you and your family :).

Lots of hugs and light!