Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tomorrow you can find this in my web store=)

A cool cap!! You want one, you NEED one…haha=)


The One Who Should Die said...

Anette, can you please get a YouTube channel where you can post your videos? I can't ser them on Facebook. I need some program and I don't understand. Please? I really want to see your videos.

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Let me tell you, you are so right! I want one and I need one, absolutely! So beautiful and I will also HAVE one, for sure :).

About what I told you last time and the E - Mail I wanted to send you, I could imagine you already receive a lot of E - Mails anyway and I don´t want to seem bothersome :). Will write the comment later on, so until then I wish you a very beautiful afternoon and it´s great you also have beautiful weather as it is here at the moment :).

Lots of hugs!

and @ The One Who Should Die:

Hi! I hope it´s ok with you that I step in, but I read your comment and I just thought, maybe you try another web browser? That sometimes solves problems like yours :).