Friday, September 19, 2014

This weeks a cappella songs can now be found in my offcial Facebook page=)

This week I focus on singing 2 of my favorite musical songs=)

ENJOY and have a wonderful weekend!!!"


Hep-Hep Steff said...

your voice is so beautiful..... the first one of the two moved me to tears. you sounded almost like a classical singer, you gave me goosebumps. i know you have a great voice, but i didn't know you could sing like this - like a bird. thank you for giving us a few minutes of pure beauty.
kisses & love <3

Anonymous said...

Happy Friday ( for yesterday )Anette! :-)

Nice singing too my favourite lady Viking! :-) You really do put the sing into Helsingborg! :-)

On the subject of musicals I've only ever attended one ( yes, only one ) musical in my entire life when I went to the Hammersmith Apollo with my London side of the family to watch Summer Holiday starring Darren Day one rainy evening back in July 1997.

I remember just before it started there was a sound sample of a massive thunder clap which made me jump as it was sudden, unexpected, and very loud. Also, as part of the show, they used an old red route-master London double-decker bus which Darren Day himself drove onto the stage which must have been a thrill for him. At various points during the show the performers were treated to the sort of friendly, jolly heckling courtesy of the audience that you get at these events. And towards the end people were out of their seats merrily singing along to the title-track and some younger members of the audience were even dancing in the aisles. So yeah, it was good! :-)

While riding home on the tube ( London underground ) I remember looking through the programme pamphlet souvenir which has small career biographies of the stars of the musical along with photos from the show itself which I still have in my possession today.

I'm proud of my London roots! :-)

Anette, if you want to star in a musical but you don't know when or how, then a possible solution could be for you to write your own musical and have it staged exclusively in Helsingborg! :-)

As I said earlier Anette it is you who put's the sing into Helsingborg! :-)

Have a nice weekend my favourite lady Viking! :-)

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

Sorry for my long time not writting in our Blog;)
But i have a job:)

Thank to record two song out my favorit Musicals
The song´s sound good, but i must say it look funny if you move your Arms to this dramatic song.

Have you seen The Lion King in Hamburg 2012?

All the Best Nalon

Pascal said...

They are surely great as always, but I can`t listen right now because my PC must be repaired and my phone doesn`t play them. But as soon aa I can, I`ll watch them. I wish you a great time and good luck for your new tattoo tomorrow! :-).

Take good care!