Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Something new on me=)

Well, hello all my dear ones=)

Time is going fast here and my studies at the university are going well so far=) I love to study if I haven't told you that already=) I love to sit at the library with my nose down in the books and my computer and this week I´ve already written almost two essays that are due this week. The funny thing is that I had a horrible week last week where I just couldn't start writing my essay and had a writer´s block and it just made me SO stressed! But then I sat down in the weekend and just started writing and then all of a sudden I went in to a flow. But we learned in the camp we had last week with our school, that this is very common when learning something new. First you get the feeling: I can't make it! I can´t do it! and then all of a sudden it starts to flow and you learn and it goes easy. Weird=)

In 2 weeks a new course is starting and we´ll finally start to have some practical learning, like taking blood pressure, blood samples and so on and I am so longing!! Fun times ahead!

In my music I´m awaiting to start rehearsing for our shows in November with Johan, Rickard and then two new guys - new drummer is Johnny Benson and new guitar player is Axl Ayez=) I am sure we´ll have fun!

So to celebrate my lovely life and this new start I have in my middle life, I decided to have a new tattoo and today I went to a cool studio here in Helsingborg called CROCKED MOON TATTOO where Daniel made a lovely feather behind my ear, down my neck. Its just SO lovely and a feather is perfect! 

Freedom is what the symbol means and yeah, I feel FREE and SO happy=)

So, a little update from me=) I hope you all are doing really well and you know you can follow me more closely in my INSTAGRAM and my FACEBOOK page!

Hugs and love!


TheDeadUnicorn said...

Hi Anette!!
This is by far one of my favourite entries of yours,this year.You seem so genuinely happy and excited to be doing everything you're doing,and that's all I want to read!I am super glad you're fine,and I hope you keep it up.It's great that you love to study,because it shows how passionate you truly are (: By the way,my mum is following the same course as you!Just here in Italy,hah.She's started approx when you did,so maybe you'll both become nurses at the same time?!(Which begs the questions:what's your study method?She has to repeat things over and over out loud..). I hope the shows will be fun,I can't wait to see pics and videos!
The tattoo is very cute,reminds me of Lana Parrilla,and it's very you!I'm always so excited when you show us your little changes.
I'm super grateful you're having such good times.
Sending love and good vibes your way,
Love you,


Ally B. said...

Hi Anette,

I am so happy to read this. I agree with you on the process of learning new things. I just recently got a job about two weeks ago and I am still in the stage of "I can't do this." I am hoping and praying that it will get easier and, like you said, I get my flow.

Good luck in school! I am so happy to here life is treating you good! Also, I really love the tattoos. :)

Hep-Hep Steff said...

wow, this tattoo looks great! i wish i could have one, but i simply couldn't stand a needle, i would run away in fear!!! i just have a regular look on the big book i've bought in brussels ages ago, in an exhibition about tattoos all over the world...
and it seems you have a good time wwith your studies, i'm really happy for you!
kisses & love for you and your family <3

ps: i'll be really happy to have your necklace on sunday... i'm going to paris for a little party near the tour eiffel, in the trocadero's garden, and i feel quite stressed... your necklace will be one of my anti-stress thing, it really helped to have it around my neck and to think someone i love and trust got it before me....

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

When you say you started writing your two essays during the weekend I'm not properly clear if what you mean is that you've done all your research, gathered up all your references, and have just started writing it all up. Or, that you've literally only just started writing it from scratch during the weekend :-)

If it's the latter then all I can say is that it's impressive that you only started writing two essays last weekend, which you've now nearly finished, that are due to be submitted this week :-O

Should that be the case then that is bloody good going my favourite lady Viking! :-) Even if they are only small essays. I bet there was smoke coming off the paper caused by the friction from your pen while you scribbled :-)

When you do the practical side of nursing in a couple of weeks I imagine the university will have you practicing taking each others blood-pressures, etc. Which is always good fun! :-) They'll get out the plastic dummies for CPR though as they won't allow you to practice that on each other. Crazy thought if they did though! :-)

And your new tattoo has turned out a lot nicer than I imagined it might be. It looks good! :-)

I'm glad your enjoying your life as a student nurse so far Anette :-) I don't comment in your Instagram but I see you dress up in quite a studious fashion in some of your pictures before you head off to the library.

Have a nice day Anette! :-)

lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Hi Anette,
ohhh, it's so good to hear that your studies are going well and that you are having so much fun at university. I think education is something very important so for me your decision to study is one more reason to admire you. :*
At the moment I can totally understand you because I'm already longing to start university again in October. After I changed the subject I'm a highly motivated student again myself. I'm just hoping to be able to manage the studies and the rest of life as well as you do...

Haha, writer's blocks, who doesn't know them? As an author and student I had many of them. Let's hope that they will fade away that easy for all students like it did for you. ;)

You look really great with your new tattoo, Nettie. Gorgeous as always. ;) Black feathers are the best in my opinion. I always like to put them in my hair inspired by the way Lauri Ylönen and a friend of mine do. It looks so great on them both so I started to copy the look. So for me feathers are a way to express freedom too. :)

Wishing you a great time with your studies, rehearsals, wod-team and of course your sweet family, kisses and hugs,
Steffi <3

linnea-maria said...

Så fantastiskt fin den är!!

MAN70 said...

Hello Anette,
I'm very satisfied for you and you wished a big success for you studies and of course for your musical career.
You have one attractive tattoo !!
It was not too painful in this just place behind the ear?
Good day to you and your family.
Hugs and love!

Emmanuel (France).

Unknown said...

Anette ... many women of my family and some nurses are caring for pregnant and rescem born, they all say they love this beautiful profession. I'm very curious to see the new lineup of his band. I see your pictures and think this beautiful and full of life, vibrant astral congratulations ... that seems best for your entire family, kisses!

Unknown said...

Anette ... your new tattoo was delicate, great! kisses

matotu said...

I'm glad that you are doing well.
The tattoo is really cool. Is one of the photos in ta mirror or do you have a feather on each side?

The One Who Should Die said...

I looove your tattoo!