Tuesday, August 20, 2013


When everyone else has started their jobs again and kids has started school, Johan has his vacation. So we´re enjoying the lovely late summer days together and tomorrow we´re heading out for a road trip for some days in Sweden. We´re gonna visit my sisters summer house and also stay two days in Kolmården. Haven´t been there for years so I´m so longing to see all the new things they have and watch their famous dolphin show!!

Here you can read more about Kolmården:

I really enjoy the late summer and are looking forward to the autumn and most of all I look forward to the nice walks in the forest, buying autumn clothes and light candles every day again;=) I do not long for winter but autumn is my thing!

ENJOY this day now!


Marcio Evair said...

Hi Anette, that's a beautiful and great place to visit, hope you enjoy! ;)
Next year como to Brazil *-*
Here there are great places to visit... Xo ;*

Anonymous said...

Hii Anette!

My brother has exams now and my father, mother and sister left for holidays yesterday early in the morning. They're staying there until next Monday. Within 2 days I'm leaving for America. My first trip outside Europe and I'm really excited! We're flying on Las Vegas. We're staying there for 2 days and then our journey begins. We're touring around. Visting cities, national parks, Natives and so many other things. We're going to see Winger in a casino in a Native park and perhaps Rick Springfield. We're not sure yet.

Because I have school on the 13th September I can enjoy a almost 3 week holiday in America. Late summer holidays are aweomse!! :D

Kiss & hugs!

Harrawrson said...

Kolmården looks pretty cool!

My boyfriend and I are trying to enjoy the most of the last of summer as well.

We're going on our own little road trip in the morning. Las Vegas to see my sister, San Diego for a couple days, then Disneyland when we get back.

Hope you have fun! Take some photos for us! :)

Océane said...

What about Greece? Or Crete? I dont remember ! ^^

Love & Hugs

AlessandraWilderness said...

Hi Nettie, I'm enjoing my last two weeks of vacation, anyway I must study for my exams at university...
Every season has its fascination, even if here in southern Italy autumn is too wet, I prefer winter. My boyfriend and I were planning to go to Milan to see Children of Bodom live in November (do you like them? =) ) and then take the plan to Amsterdam from Milan, if not, we'll postpone our travel to the Netherlands in December or January (but it will be "just a little bit colder" then xD xD )Have a nice day and anjoy the last weeks of summer!!kisses to the children!!!

Rebel said...

Have fun! greetings from Poland ;)

Unknown said...

Anette ... this summer should be one of the best of your life! How many joys! Here in Brazil we are experiencing a winter dry pos and many outbreaks of fires. Their accounts of a great summer and rainy days makes me want summer knocking on my door right now. Summer is the time of renewal of the nature, timing, many births in different species and my backyard becomes a feast of colors, flights, sounds, smells, ... Hugs! (Dolphins are beings lovely ... love the underwater world!)

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette !
Have a wonderfull time with Johan !
Finally you don't go in Greece ?
Where the kids go during you're trip with Johan ?
Have a wonderfull evening

Anonymous said...

Jenny Berggren from Ace of Base posted a picture from the dolphin show in Kolmården back in May. Looks like it would be fun to see.