Saturday, August 24, 2013


...I am heading to the studio to record lead vocals and harmonies for a song that might be a first single.

I have missed the studio so I am longing to go! Vacation mode is over and time to get busy again!

Today I am going to Zara to get some lovely stuff I´ve seen a few days ago. Black mainly cause black is my favourite color;=)

And yesterday I dyed my hair ends a bit more and this time I mixed violet together with Flamingo Pink and it turned out perfect!

Love to you all and have a wonderful saturday!!


Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, this colour is awesome :D You look great! :)

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, this colour is awesome! You look great! :-)
Good luck in the studio, I'm also recording my first album with my band and I love beeing in studio!
Many kisses

Anonymous said...

Love your new hair color! Can't wait to hear your new song!! Take care Anette!!

Anonymous said...

Love your new hair color! Can't wait to hear your new song! Take care Anette!! :)

Micha said...

I got a great leather jacket at Zara few weeks ago. It was expensive but my friend aksed me: "Would you buy it without the price?"
And so I took it.

Hope you´ll find your black stuff :)

eskoplja said...

I really love your hair color :)
Enjoy your shopping and I hope to hear that song very soon, I am very impatient. Can you give us a hint what will it sound like? :)
Big hugs

Ena :*

lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Your hair looks great, love it! :-)
I had to laugh reading this post because black is definitely my favourite colour too when it comes to clothes. ;-)
Have fun shopping at Zara. :-)

Steffi <3

rainy said...

It looks really beautiful :)
(I felt inspired by your look and added some red color on my hair :D Wanted purple but couldn't find matching color, so another time :) )
Great to know you'll be in the studio again, can't wait to hear all the songs !

Carol Misokane said...

Hi Nettie, happy weekend to you =).
Oh Gosh, I can't wait to listen to your songs, I'm looking forward to hear you again, see you again. You have no idea how I've waited for this moment, but when we love we have patience and so the time has come finally.
About your hair, I loved it, it combined so well with your skin color and your eyes, you are gorgeous anyway but now you are more than ever!
Oh yeah, I love Tarja's songs! Her voice is my inspiration. I remember when I was a little bit younger I was trying to sing like her and I tried and tried and tried and of course is not LIKE her, but I think I found my own way and I feel very happy when I put one of her songs and sing, it seems like I'm a rock star singing in a big festival haha..dreaming is necessary!

So, have a great weekend and record a beautiful songs for us all.

Love, Carol

Svanhildr said...

I'm looking forward to hearing your solo works, also because the little previews you posted were awesome. Even if I loved your vocals on Imaginaerum and in some Dark Passion Play songs, I think your voice sounds really better and really on its full potential in your own demos :)
And awesome hair colour choice too!

Enjoy this Saturday and your shopping!

xxxTerrafiedxxx said...

Hi Anette! Awesome news about your solo!

I was watching your old videos on youtube again where you recorded yourself doing your vocal warm ups and wanted to thank you for doing them. I am currently studying vocals from a classical background though have wanted to stretch my boundaries and explore other vocal techniques such as belting. Unfortunately, given the differences between the techniques I had a really hard time understanding the technique behind belting, especially voice placement-wise and would, as a result, often end up straining myself. Often when my instructors and such would try to explain it they'd be very elaborate and technical, making it hard for me to really get what I was supposed to do. With your tutorials though I was able to understand the concept of belting better. Now, a couple months after watching your video, I'm now able to practice belting without any strain! And I have you and your videos to thank for that =)

I was wondering- a lot of artists do vocal lessons on the side, either in person or via Skype. Would that be maybe something you would be interested in or like doing? Because I think you would be very good at it =)

Thanks again, Anette!

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hi dear
this is definitely your best hair =)
I miss you
but I'm studying for college and can not get in here.
hugs, see you soon
and hey, good luck with the new songs
Love you, Mathews <3

Misi said...

You look amazing! Nice and fresh and ready to rock out! Good luck tomorrow!! <3

MM said...

Hi, dear! Your new hair color is awesome! And... I hope we will hear the new song soon. :)

Yanna said...

Your hair looks so beautiful ! And original ! I wish I could do something like that with my hair, but with other colors :)
I must find a good hair dresser.

Purple and black look great on you :) I'm sure you bought many clothes who fits perfectly with this :)


Taaja said...

Yay.. finally new info about recordings.. those ones always make me happy. Can't wait for new releases.. and I hope that "Falling" will soon be available somehow.. I really liked the demo on your myspace that you've shared.

Keep on rocking!

Vinga said...

Wow now it's the best version of your hair :) beauty !!!
Have a good evening :*

Jazmine M said...

Hi Anette this is the first time that I write you, "sorry I don't speak english and I'm very bad" You look so pretty. The Hair's colours purple and pink are amazing together. I can't wait to hear the new song.

Love and Hugs.:)

TheDeadUnicorn said...

I am so,so,happy!And proud.You're rocking it!

Unknown said...

I am loving the hair color so much! I would love to do that to my hair but I can never keep a color in my hair long.

JRphoto said...

Hi Anette!
I used exactly the same color (it's really beautiful, your Ombre looks really great) and after 3 washing it didn't look good. My hairdresser than tell me about "Movie" color from italian mark "Bess". The color last for more than 6 washing and is washed sequentially. So it isn't needed to repeart dying about one month.

Brenna said...

I wish my hair was as light as yours so I could dye it a bright purple, but looks like I'll have to settle with my dark hair which blinds everyone when I walk out in the sun XD. Some people still can't believe my hair is actually purple. They are pretty surprised when I walk into the sunlight

Brenna said...

I wish I had light hair like yours so I could color it bright purple without damaging it too much. But I guess I'll have to settle with my dark hair that blinds everyone when I walk into the sun. People find it hard to believe my hair is purple they are very surprised when i walk into the sunlight it shines like crazy XD

Melrose Triviani said...

Wow you looks so pretty, I love your hair colour :D *sorry for that english, OMG this is so bad -.-*

Unknown said...

When i just saw your hair in this photo liked it a lot. Dark tones look a lot good in you. Believe me! The blonde colours doesn't fits as good as dark tones in you.. Just saying.. Greets! :)

Unknown said...

Let me tell you that i like so much how dark tones fits in you. It fits a lot better than the blonde (Even if it's your natural hair colour) That purple hair looks so good in you. As the one you used to have in 2008-2009 with a pink highlight! Greeeetss! ~

Unknown said...

Awesome!!! :D