Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New hair

Hi all,

Here´s two photos of my new dark hair with purple ends=)

For video showing it, go to my INSTAGRAM!


TheFriendzyZone said...

Looks lovely!!! :)

Taaja said...

Like it!

Unknown said...

Dear Anette,

you look so cool and pretty with the new color! It's awesome^o^
I just love it !

Best wishes,

Unknown said...

Love it very much! Purple is my favorite color ;)

THK said...

Perfect "autumn color". :) Beautiful!

I just read "Katja's story" about how she became a big Eurovision-fan and what it means to her, and how it led her to Sweden and to learn Swedish... wanted to share it with you. :)

Unknown said...

Anette ... Your hair turned out great! I thought it was with a younger look and highlighted linodos their eyes, but the picture is doing a feature on who expected another result! Last week I painted my black bluish. Kisses and stay well because it is beautiful!

Rebel said...

AMAZING! U need to make waves. it will look stunning. Greetings from Poland ;) Take care

TheDeadUnicorn said...

It's perfect!You look fabulous!I suggested you purple some time ago,and here it is!Yay!I got my hair dyed like that,too,though I look more reddish than anything.I'm a dark brunette,and I didn't bleach it for fear of ruining it,so in the beginning it looked dark purple/black,but now it's just dark red.I wish my colour looked as radiant and pretty as yours!
I'm fangirling so hard right now:I first started dying it purple because of Tarja,but now you have purple hair,too,so I basically have the same hair colour as my favourite metal singers!*claps hands happily*
You look truly stunninG!
Have a nice day,

Unknown said...

I LOVE it!! You look gorgeous :D

Unknown said...

Purple is your color !!!!!! AMAZING hair. Fits so well in you. You look younger as well.


Unknown said...

Just wanted to say, it's a lovely colour for you. I especially love the fade-effect. It's just gorgeous.