Thursday, August 08, 2013

Movies for rainy days;=)

Since it´s raining today why not some movie suggestions that I have seen recently and liked?

3 movies that I really liked was:

1. Man of steel:
Superman - the best one so far! Loved it! Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner in it too;=)

2. Oblivion:
Really good Sci-fi with Tom Cruise! Loved it!

3. Despicable me 2:
What more to say? Minions!!!;=)


Océane said...

I couldnt agree more about Despicable me 2! I went to the cinema twice to see it! Ahah! And I CANT wait fr the movie "the minions"! Im sure its gonna be awesome but we have to wait till december 2014! Pouahhh! :(

Anyway! Enjoy your day!
Love and Hugs

Anonymous said...

Oblivion is a really great movie. I saw it a few months ago with my boyfriend. The last one I saw was Pacific Rim of Guillermo Del Toro. I really like his graphics and monsters.

A really good series to recommend is The White Queen. It's now on BBC One every Sunday evening at 10 pm (GMT+1). I read the books and the series is also good :-) If you like history series it's really great! You first have to see The White Queen before you watch The Tudors :-)

I have to look for movies to watch while we're on the plane. It's a 10 hour flight to Las Vegas so I have to watch a lot of movies! Haha!

Unknown said...

Anette ... I have not had a chance to see these films ... I love cartoons, I'm watching the animated series Adventure Time. Hugs! I love rain!

Vinga said...

Hi Nettie,
I saw Despicable Me 1 and 2 and both are really good movies for all familly ;) My daughter very like this one, another really good movie is Merida-Brave! Beautiful and smart story with beautiful music (in polish version sang John's Porter wife (yee she come from Poland) ;) )

Have a great time !

Hugs and kisses :*

Dalma said...

Well, I’ve seen none of these films but thinking of what I’ve seen recently, I would honestly recommend The Brave One and Awake to you. The former does sure show that a movie with a few gunshots can be more harrowing than one in which tons of people and things get tons of bullets all over the place. I think I just prefer serious movies which are about strong emotions like fear, trust or love and show what people feel inside and how they change.

A few days ago I saw a film called Adam and for personal reasons that’s got into my favorites. =)

Yeah, Brave is one of my favorites, too. I’ve seen it in three different languages, including Swedish. ♥

And today I’m planning to watch Ginger and Rosa for some personal reasons again. =)

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Yes, I´ve seen the new Superman and it was really good, I liked it. Full with great effects and action, the fighting scenes were great, especially when Superman hit his enemies and they flew through the air. And the end, where

He kills the villain by breaking his neck


was unexpected and because of that a bit shocking I think, becaue you just don´t expect a hero to do something like that. But I also think the action was too much. I really like action in movies, but half an hour with explosions and collapsing houses non-stop was too much and exaggerated I think. But despite of that a really good and serious action-superhero movie. 4/5 points from me :).

I recommend you also "Pacific Rim". Sci-Fi action with great monsters and epic battles, very good but also sometimes calm and not so "overloaded" like "Man of Steel". You should watch it, one of the best movies I´ve seen this year :).

Have a nice day now and take good care of yourself please :).


Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette !
I don't if you have see before but I recommended you the "Underworld" movies and for the kids "John Carter" of Disney ! There are a very excelent movies :)
Enjoy this day ! I hope you're weater was more good soon !! And happy Autumn :)
Me I wait him with impatience ! I'm bored to this so hot temperatures !!
Have a nice evening !
With love

cinefilterman said...

watch heavy metal from 1981 for a rainy day is great!!