Sunday, August 18, 2013

From our newspaper

Me and Johan were asked if we wanted to participate in an article in our local magazine Helsingborg´s Dagblad before our wedding, talking about why we chose the wedding music we did.

Here´s the article for you and here´s the translation of what we said in the article:

"Sweet music arises when we get married"

Text underneath the photo above: Organ is a wonderful instrument, says Anette Olsson who is getting married to Johan Husgafvel. Both are musicians.

The wedding. The day when you have the chance to decide and design everything. But what kind of music will it be? We have met two wedding couples who has chosen totally different music. 
The whole majestic Maria church in Helsingborg is filled with mighty tones from the big organ when organ player Mats Hultkvist are playing different versions of Beethoven´s Ode to joy. The couple, Anette Olsson and Johan Husgafvel are getting married and are meeting the organist of the church to hear how it will sound.
- Live music is really important since we both are musicians, says Anette Olsson.
She has for several years been the singer of the band Nightwish who plays symphonic metal and are now going for her solo career. Partner Johan Husgafvel is the bass player in the industrial metal band Pain.
They have chosen Ode to Joy from Beethoven´s ninth symphony as exit music. Totally different from what the couple are working with in their normal jobs.
- So I start where people recognize the melody and play that a couple of times. That sounds more "meaty", says Mats Hultkvist.
- Perfect. So we have time to hear some of it. Otherwise we´ll already be outside, says Anette Olsson.
As entry music, they´ve chosen Mendelssohn´s famous wedding march from A midsummers´dream
- Mendelssohn is typical wedding music and really lovely. Everything Beethoven has done is amazing, so it was an obvious choice for our exit music. If you get married in church it´s better to do it according to the church´s ways and respect that. Otherwise it´s better to go to Las Vegas, says Anette Olsson.
- If you´re going to be in this place it should be organ so it feels like a wedding, says Johan Husgafvel.


eskoplja said...

That's so lovely, thank you for sharing it with us :)
You both look lovely, real rockers ;)
The music you choose is truly wonderful. And the Bethoweens Ode To Joy is really a great choice for the exit :)
Wishing you a lovely day


Ena :*

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette !!
That's a really great little interview !
I love the orgue me too ! His sounds are so amazing, and again more on a church !
You have choose two amazing songs for you're wedding ! For that's the most for :)
Have a such wonderfull day dear :*
With Love

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing!
Yes, organ is a wonderful instrument! In our city we have a large organ hall. I visit the concerts of organ music. It is really perfect!

Rebel said...

the choice of the music in that special day is very important. i read somewhere that music is background of our life. so it has to fit to every scene ;)

Taaja said...

Thanks for sharing.

But I wonder, if I may ask of course - if Joahan a religious person? I don't think so but who knows.. :)