Monday, November 26, 2012

Todays outfit

I used these eye shadows today. Silver eyeshadow in the inner eye, then pink on the middle of the eye and dark purple in the outer eye

 Foundation and concealer from Make up forever, loose powder from YSL, rouge from Mac and Diva, lip plumper and purple lip gloss from Make up store. Dry schampoo for the hair from Batiste

 Eyeliner and mascara Hypnose Dolls eyes from Lancome


Laetitianne said...

Hello! How are you?

I had watched a TV movie this afternoon and it was so beautiful and sad also. "Taken back : Finding Haley". Actresses are beautiful and very talented. We can watch how a mother can be dangerous when we kidnap her child!

Have a nice evening/day!


eskoplja said...

Hello and good evening dear Nettie, I hope you are ok :)
You look lovely as always. I love the skull bag and the leather skirt. Thea yre awesome!
Wish you a nice evening


Ena :*

XxBriannaxX said...

You always have the cutest outfits! Hehe and you look sooooooo beautiful today and you're makeup looks very nice. I need to go out and get me some better makeup soon! Haha have a great rest of your day! Xoxo

Anonymous said...

Angel, you are beautiful!

Paulina - Lamia said...

Hello Anette!
You look very sweet on the third photo :) So cute!

Today I found great sentence:
"Never fight for the friendship - for the real one you don't need, the fake one is not worth it."

I hope my translation is good. ;)

Have a nice evening.
Kisses from Warsaw

Serafim said...

You look so gorgeous, dear! ;=)
Beautiful make-up! They are my favourites colours: pink and purple. I often do such make-up, too) But today I made black and white make up. It's also nice! =)
Anette, I don't understand time in this blog. It's written that you posted this post at 10:38. What's the time? a.m, p.m?? Doesn't it Sweden time? i don't think so..

With love,

Unknown said...

As always - it's wonderful! I love this makeup :) And on 7th photo I see Nemo ;-) It's so funny ;-) Nemo likes to be photographed!

Unknown said...

Hello, Anette. <3

you look so gorgeous...
is the make-up expensive, or is it affordable?? haha

xxx have a great evening with Johan!

Unknown said...

Hi I loved her makeup, I like your kind of clothes you wear, I wear things more sporting, but should I change my clothes for more social, and that means difficult and, rsrsrsrsrs

The earrings I loved it, shame that I can not use because I'm allergic ^ ^.

Good sleep and beautiful dreams

Raffaella - Brazil

The Dreamer said...

Loved your make up, all of my make ups are more on the pinup side or very very simple so that I can make it fast and wear on school or daily things, but maybe I should try something new.
Great outfit, and I spotted Nemo, he seems to be so full of energy must let you really tired ;D

Kisses :*

Anonymous said...

Really love your make-up an handbag! Really love skulls ^-^

Enjoy your night!!

Unknown said...

You look very pretty today. Hope u r having a good day and good weather. And I really wish I could c u on Friday but I live very far away:(

Unknown said...

I love love love love your new blog :D

Nick Rivera said...

Such a wonderful outfit. That hand bag looks like one me and a friend designed for his girlfriend one time!

Nemo is such an energetic child, I imagined he'd be in nearly all of the photos!

Love the make-up and outfit, hope you and Johan have a great night! <|;-)

Hugs and much love.


Saga said...

Jag använder oxå Batiste torrschampo. Fungerar skitbra :-)

Du är jättesnygg förövrigt!

Serafim said...

Oh...normal type of time :-) thanks so much! :-)
Sleep well and have sweet dreams, dear!

Océane said...

I love when you post photos of your make up! I guess I'm a real girl, love make up so much =)
Don't forget to get "They're real" from Benefit!
Do you have "Kiko" in sweden? Its an italian brand and just SO good! Really good product and very cheap!
Here a link :

Love and Hugs

Nika. said...

how are you? I see you have a great week ahead of you. well, I'm really looking forward to this week too, because on wednesday I'm going to Germany to World Championship in dance!!! :) so hold your fingers crossed and wish me and my dance group luck! :)
Anyways, I like the new blog :) it's easy to read (even though I liked the purple theme too).
Have a nice evening and sweet dreams! :)
ps: I have the same purple eyeshadow from Isadora, it's great!

Océane said...

And did you get my comment about Johan'gift? As I feel so bad about it, really!:(

You said he stilldon't know about february, its depends on his other job? He is a chef, right ?

Love and Hugs to you all

Unknown said...

Oh my god you are so pretty <3 I love the bag :)!

Sorry for my poor english

Dark Queen said...

Good evening Anette!
I want say that I just love your make up :)
Haha, Nemo want to show us his outfit again. Sweet boy :)
You're beautiful as always!
Good night & sleep really well

Rosana said...

Congratulations new blog is wonderful, after you work so hard ;) I Loved skull bag and black clothes .Enjoy your night.

Unknown said...

Hello dear, absolutely love the make up, i love silver so much and with pink makes it beautiful, i did something like that to go to work today too and 8 hours later they still look nice haha
You look adorable and i love the skull purse! hpe you enjoy your evening with all of your boys, take care and see ya tomorrow! =)

Myrkytys said...

Hej Anette! Och hälsningar från Finland!

I've been reading your blog since you started blogging and I'm so glad you still continue blogging even you're not in Nightwish anymore. I think you're really doing nice work with this new blog - the simple black and white is easier to read and I like purple too :)

What I really wanted to tell you is that I appreciate it a lot that you're keeping up the discussion about bullying. It's such a big problem and I think it's not discussed enough. I have own experiences about the subject because I was beeing bullied for years, actually almost all the time I was in the elementary school, in the high school it finally stopped. In the end I think I survived rather well trough it - luckily I also had good friends to support me during elementary school. Anyway I know what kind of a hell it can be and what kind of "traumas" it can leave to a person. It's always in your head in new situations that "what if they only see bad things in me?", "maybe they don't like me" or "do they think bad things of me?". Nowadays I'm really living a good life, graduating soon from university, having a wonderful boyfriend, many friends etc., but this kind of insecurity will probably always be a little part in me and it is there only because of beeing bullied so hardly for many years. In my case teachers didn't really get involved with the situation to help me - maybe it was something too difficult to handle and it was easier for them to just close their eyes. But for sure they knew I was beeing bullied badly.

Anyway, due to my own history I really feel it's so important to keep up the discussion about bullying, go to schools to talk about it and just try to make a difference. You've been great here in your blog and I hope you're able to continue your work in the future too! Because you're a celebrity, your voice may have a very loud sound ;)

I'm really looking forward to hear how you sound solo and want to wish you best luck for friday! You'll be just perfect, I know it :) I also want to thank you for the beautiful music you made with Nightwish - your ways may have aparted but the music remains.

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

Beautiful pictures =)
This blog is a little tricky. I can not comment with ease hahahaha
My dear, I created a blog for you. He called Anette Olzon Gallery.
I started posting today. Hope you enjoy.
Here is the link:
I love you

Rosana said...

Nemo again appears in photo number 7 ??? so cute :)

July said...

Hey Anette!

I like the way that you wrote on the pictures, it's really nice =). I loved your clothes especially your skirt and the skull bag ;D

The cases of your makeup are very nice!

Have good evening!

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,
I hope you has a great evening with Johan and your children. (For all Johan;))

And Nemo has a new game for sure. Run in mum´s pic´s.^^

Have a drest night.


Unknown said...

You know Anette...i admire the way you are as a singer and for being kind and caring with all of us..i' m not the kind of fan always ready to praise my idol for any kind of move he makes..or the look or about the dress he/she dress...i know fans are often exagerated doing this..and that's a normal thing when you are a teenager..and also for one reason:people tries to give you back what you gave us in terms of emotions and feelings in your singing...and the only way to do this is to idolatrate a little bit their heroes...that comes from the i think is good because sounds to me "genuine"..:-)I told you that i don't like to praise people..but this time you've made me break the're a perfect shape in your just a look STUNNING...!:-)
Good night my friend..

Sofie DJ said...

ej Anette!
Jag tycker att det är jätte kul att du fortsätter att blogga:-)!!!
När jag läste att du inte skulle fortsätta med bloggen så blev jag förvånad och lite ledsen!
Jag har följt din blogg nästan från början och det skulle kännas så konstigt att inte få uppdateringar från dig! Så jag är så glad för att du bestämde dig för att fortsätta blogga!

Hoppas att jag inte låter för rörig nu!
Sköt om dig Anette och tack för en trevlig blogg :-D!
// Sofie DJ (mitt första bloggnamn var "Sofies blog")

Madmelo101 said...

I love how you take time from your day to post on your blog to let us all know how you are , going that extra mile really helps us respect you more . Anyways, here in Connecticut it's going to snow a lot tomorrow so I'll be reading all your old posts to pass the time , wonder what I'll find :)

litaford said...

I'm subscribed to your new and fresh blog now my dear :D

Anonymous said...

you look beautiful!! ^^ i like the the make-up and the skirt hehe nemo so cute he wanna be in the pictures with his mom :)

Carol Misokane said...

Hello Nettie, how are you doing? I think so great, all the good things happening, couldn't be better =D.
I'm happy that Johan is in home now, the life on the road is not easy I think, but it must be harder for those who stay waiting, don't you think?
About the outfit of today, what can I say? Just wonderful, briliant, magical, gorgeous, I loved it! Last night I was watching "Dark Shadows" the new movie of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton and when I saw Michelle Pfeiffer, I just reminded you, how you look similar *-*..but of course, you're more beautiful than her =D.
And so, are you anxious for the show? Because I am so much and cannot wait for the November 30th, I think I've never waited the last day of a month like this time haha.

Hope you have a great week with so much love and peace and just shine on the stage on Friday.

Love, Carol

Mikaya said...

Hi Anette ! Long life to your new blog !
I'll come very often to have your news and hope for your Solo album.

Like many of us, i like your voice and all your song from Nightwish Album :)

And of course, very nice outfit for today !!! :)

Unknown said...

Linda! <3

Anonymous said...

Good morning dear Anette!

You look beautiful as always! And I just love your leather mini, I want one too!! :=)
Since you have to wear heavier make-up on stage which you have to remove again in the evening (ideally ;=)), I was wondering if you could recommend a good make-up remover that is gentle on the eyes and doesn't leave them red and burning? Because that's what happens to my eyes if I have to remove a kind of heavier eye make-up. ;=)
Thanks a lot in advance and I hope you have a great day!

Love, Sabine

linnea-maria said...

Vad snyggt. Jag borde använda mer rosa ögonskugga. :-) . Jag vill tacka för tipset om Vivistyle, där hittade jag drömskorna. Ett par ankelboots med platå o massor med nitar. Bra pris på en Jeffrey Campell knock off :-)

IsaWolfheart said...

hi Anette
I love your make up and your outfit ;-)
enjoy your day ;-)

Unknown said...

How do I subscribe to this blog? I'm so bad with technology!! :-(

Kaoru said...

Hi, Anette! Can you add the follower gadget to the blog, so we can follow you and always be aware of your updates from our Blogger desktop? It would be way easier for us!
Thank you!

Arianna said...

Here i am, i'm following here too!

You look is so beautiful.

Have a nice day! :)

valentinailscafe said...

Hello dear Anette! It is my first comment on your new Blog! :-) I love it, and since the background is white and the font is in black it is easier to read! Simple and cool! It's going to be a such nice week for you! I'm always here to wait your news... and... I love the way you make up! ;-)

Diego Muniz said...

Hi there!

I really fancied that purse, it looks different, though nice at the same time.

Did you manage to buy anything cool from Brazil when you were here? Always wondered that, cuz that tour was so crazy and all...

Well, best regards!

Anonymous said...

Hello Anette, I hope you're doing well.

I haven't got a very deep or meaningful comment to make, I just want to say that I love the combination of silver, pink and purple eyeshadow. I love make up so it's always nice to see different looks for inspiration and to learn about different brands.

I'm anxious to hear your solo music, but I wish you all the best with your performance. Good luck Anette, I'm sure you can do an amazing job.

Konstantinos said...

Hello Anette and i want to say that I love your new blog :) You really look stunning and I really love your make up(even though you dont need make up to look stunning)

~MidnightFairy~ said...

I will continue to follow you here!


Unknown said...

Hey Anette,

you lok so beautiful on these pictures.
And i really like your bag with skull :)


Susanna said...

Hejsan igen Anette!

Hehe, jag är så glad att du svarade mig. Det låter litet konstigt men jag nästan skrikade när jag läste din svar. :'D

Du är rätt att den här bloggen är mycket lättare att läsa på eftersom den har mer motsatser (till exempel vit och svart).

Och jag måste fråga någon om dina ögonskuggor. Hur mycket kostar de? Jag har tänkt på att köpa svart och silver eftersom jag inte är säker på att vilka färger passar med brun hud. Om du vet några websidor som ger goda råd jag vore så tacksam! :)

Sov gott och hälsningar från Finland!

Isabella Ahnert said...

Hi dear Anette ^ ^
You're very good, and beautiful as always :)
I loved their clothes and their makeup ♥_♥
Kisses my love = *

^^ Claudia ^^ said...

i love your bag with skull!
cool outfit !