Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Salmon and chocolate

Good evening all,

Hope you had a wonderful day!

Today I have cooked a new recipe I found at Pernilla´s blog - a really yummie salmon in the oven.

Here´s the translated recipe for you:

This is what you need for 4 portions:
4 pieces of salmon
3 dl grated crusted cheese
4 dl cream
1 shallot

2 table spoons concentrated lobster bouillon
salt and pepper

Do like this:
Put the oven at 200 degrees.
Place the salmon filets in a buttered oven pan, heat up a sauce pan and glaze the chopped shallot. Then stir together cream, shallot and bouillon and add salt and pepper and taste.
Pour it over the fish and pour the grated cheese over it all.
Cook in the oven for 25-35 minutes or until the salmon is ready.
Ready to serve. Rice is good to this dish or a nice salad. 
I ate boiled carrots to mine and the kids rice. My carrots are made like this: Take lots of water, add salt and sugar and some butter and the carrots. Boil for appr. 10 minutes or until they are soft. 
For dessert we did one of my favourite things - Chocolate pudding with wipped cream on top. So good;=)

My outfit today have been very easy and black again:


AlessandraWilderness said...

The salmon prepared like this seems to taste so good...I will try it!! Have a nice evening :)

Andi said...

Hi Anette,

nice recipe and looks yummi. I love salmon. Like you recipes :)

Nice outfit! I like that you write on the pics where you have the clothes.

Have a nice evening and sleep well :)

Unknown said...

I think I like's been a while since I ate it. I really like cheese:) And noodles...but not leftover ones. I only eat them the day they were made...I'm very picky:)
You look very nice today. U look very good in black. Is it your favorite color? I really don't care for favorite colors...bc I am color blind:( That makes it hard to find good outfits...but I manage...somehow:)
Enjoy your evening

Océane said...

It looks delicious! I don't really like fish but I love salmon! =)

Love your outfit as always! =)

I went to my hair dresser yesterday as my roots really needed to be done! Good te feel "fresh" ^^ and next month I'm going to do few pink hightlight, like Avril Lavigne :

I really love it, we'll see it its cool on me too or if I look stupid! ahaha! Never try any unsual colors on my hair so we'll see! But I think it could be fun for few weeks!

Love, many hugs and sweet dreams!

Anonymous said...

The salmon looks really delicious! I'm now making a sort of Indian dish with chicken :-)) My own recipe! njam njam!

And love your clothes :D

IsaWolfheart said...

Hi dear Anette
How are you ?
me fine ;-)
I love salmon and chocolat so yummie :-)
good evening dear and sleep well ;-)

Unknown said...

Wonderful recipe! I think it is very delicious ;-)
Recently I have cooked chocolate pudding, it was really tasty! My family liked it ;-)

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hello my dear. It looks delicious.
These photos are very beautiful.
I'm so happy. I am on vacation =) Now I can spend more time in Anette Olzon Brasil and Anette Olzon Gallery. Have you seen?
I'm so anxious. I want to see you singing on Friday.
See you soon.
Jag älskar dig =)

Unknown said...

Het Anette,
this meal looks really good. I would like to eat this ;) I can try to cook it XD

And your outfit is very nice. As i said in a comment before, black is never wrong, lol

God evening/night

Katy Marie said...

Oh wow that looks really tasty! I wish in the United States we didn't use teaspoons instead of liters, an fahrenheit instead of celsius. Sure makes recipes from abroad hard.

So far I have...heat oven to 392F (which would have to be 395 as my oven only goes in increments of 5). Then, 20 tablespoons of cheese and 27 tablespoons of cream. Of course that's a weird measurement, so would probably need to use cups...I would have to figure out how to convert that, hah.

Unknown said...

Looks great!

I'd made brownies today! Yeah I love to make it!

Today I could resist the sissors! Yay!

Gotta sleep now! Xoxo

Betty Blue said...

Good evening, Anette!
A wonderful day indeed. Christmas market started today, I was so happy! I mean, it´s mostly things to eat, but also some very wonderful stalls with christmas candles, beanies, gloves, everything. One nice gothic-like stall as well, I always hope to find me another Heartagram-necklace since I gave away one of mine to a friend, but I never find one ^^ But at least there is some christmas-feeling in the air. Much more than at home *sigh*
You look lovely, as always ;-) Black is just the best thing to wear.
This pudding makes me want to go to Denmark again, just to go to my favourite café in Hvide Sande and have a Melagne and maybe, well, a pudding... xD
Have a nice evening1
Love, Betty

James Oakes said...

Heyy Anette! How are you this evening? I love salmon, and that meal you cooked does look really delicious.

I have a question for you: One of my father's Swedish friends apparantly said there was delicacy in Sweden which involves taking a dead fish with all its organs and burying it underground for a month. And then when it is "ripe" you eat it.

I have no idea if he was serious or joking lool! So I thought I would ask you since you are also Swedish :D

Have a lovely evening. James x

Anonymous said...

good day dear nettie !You're an excellent cook! my mother should cook like you xD
you look so splendid! the colour black combine perfectly with your hair (: sleep well! is very close the day when we will fly again with your voice!

Unknown said...

My dad might like this recipe. Looking lovely as always :)

Nalon said...

hi Anette,
you make me very very hungry ;)

I should cooking for my family again too. My family like my paprika pot
It´s really easy.
You need:
4 Paprika
1 big onion
500 g minced meat
500 g of crushed tomatoes
a ittle Bit oil
Tabasco sauce
Salt, pepper, paprika and curry spices.

1.Cut the onion into cubes and roast them. Thereafter, the Chopped is added and slowly roasted on.
2.In the meantime, the geschaschen peppers, seeded and cut into strips depending on the style or cubes.
3. Is the slightly browned minced paprika to come and be stirred. Let cook for 10-15 minutes.
4.Finally, the passata come into the pot. Each season to taste and another spice let simmer for 5-10 minutes.

Hint:Point is to adjust seasoning with spices on the table.

Sound not really great, but The 5 liter are spooned away quickly. hehehehe.

And now i eat the last fruits.

Have a nice evening.


migi said...

hi anette,
Thank you for the recipe. i will try it for sure:). and chocolate! oooh what would i do without chocolate?! yummy ;) have a nice evening and sleep well. and i send you a big hug

migi said...

hi anette,
Thank you for the recipe. i will try it for sure:). and chocolate! oooh what would i do without chocolate?! yummy ;) have a nice evening and sleep well. and i send you a big hug

Dark Queen said...

Hej, good evening Anette!
You dinner looks soooooo yummie, but I don't like carrots. I still prefer the rice. I'm like your kids :D And of course the dessert is so good.
I had pasta with tomato for dinner and then I ate an orange. Nothing special, but so good. I just love pasta and luckily I live in Italy where we can eat pasta and pizza almost everywhere!
I like your black top :) I can see that Nemo today did not want to show us his outfit. hehe
Good night, dear!
Sleep really well ♥

Unknown said...

I will do this recipe someday, I did the muffins and they were awesome so i'm gonna give a shot and try to do the meal now haha the only problem is that i live in a very small city and there's NO salmon around, and i live on a island, we have like 1646543 kinda of fishes EXCEPT salmon, hows that possible? but anyway it looks nice and i love the way you do your carrots =) black outific but you're pretty as always! absolutely love teh last picture, you look so freakin adorable! have a nice evening with your boys my dear, have fun!

Blondie said...

Hi Anette!
It seems to be delicious, I love both salmon and cheese! I'll probably try to do it, even though I'm quite dangerous while doing meals (few days ago I accidentaly made the frying pan burn, haha ;)).


BTW, have you heard that Tarja Turunen got a baby?

Anonymous said...

hi anette that looks delicious
hmm i'm hungry hehe I wish I could cook like you :)
nice outfit you look great in black
have a nice evening

Carol Misokane said...

Hello Nettie, how are you? Hope fine =).
Wow, you just ate the two things I love the most in this world: salmon and chocolate. I feel very sad that here in Brazil is very hard to find a great salmon and when I do it's so expensive, but I buy because for me there is no other fish like that, and of course is great for the health too, so, why don't eat? =D.
And chocolate is my favorite sweet of all times!! I love it in anyway and thanks God in Brazil we have great chocolates, not better than the swiss but it's great too.
About the outfit of today, I just can't say nothing! Any word I'd say here is not enough to describe how beautiful you were and are =D. Thank you.
By the way, I was looking to some promo pictures of Imaginaerum that I haven't seen before and how you looked amazing, I loved *-*.

I hope you have a magical night and may the light of the angels always guide you.

Love, Carol

Robermifernes said...

wow! i love the first photo! amazing!
I have to try your recipe :) i will soon.
The day was very long. But I had a wonderful evening with my friend :)We were at the river watching the city falling asleep.
Did you know that Tarja had born her first baby this August? What do you think about it? On her Facebook page she added a photo with the baby in her arms :)

Now I am going yo bed :D

marcela said...

Hi Anette!

Thanks for another recipe, I missed those! :) The salmon looks superdelicious! I love fish and especially salmon, so it's lovely to add another recipes into my cookbook. Mostly I just grill it with lots of veggies and spring potatoes or wrap it in puff pastry and serve with spinach. My family loves when I make slamon-spinach quiche! :)

Your looked cute today and I hope your rehearsals for Friday went well too.

Hope you and your boys are alright and happy!
Lots of hugs and positive energy,
Marcela :)

Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...

Hello dear Anette! Hmmm Your salmon seems so taste! *-*

I think that is so nice you try to write some stuffs in your photos.. i'm a designer, and had a book called 'Non-Designer's Design and Type Books' from Robin Williams (not the actor haha), and is write from who never studied design, and is verry easy to read and undertand some stuffs from design... maybe you can learn some things from use in your blog :)

I can't wait to see vidoes from friday !!!! God bless you and your illuminated family!
Hugs and lot of love from Brazil!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you're a great cook ;)

I like this new blog! ;) different and fresh :) and it seems you like writing on it, and it makes it nice to read.


Adam Seymour said...

It's 12am where I am and now I am hungry again lol. It looks amazing if only the smell could be sent through the internet. The outfit looks good too. Keep on keepin' on Anette. Can't wait for the solo album. :)

Anonymous said...

Good morning dear Anette!

I love chocolate pudding too, but you should try and make it yourself, it tastes sooo much better than the ready-made one, trust me! ;=)
And here is the recipe for how I do it (this is for 4 portions):

- 300 ml water
- 200 ml cream
- 3 table spoons of raw cane sugar
- 30 grams starch flour
- 10 grams cocoa powder
- 100 grams chocolate (dark or
milk or whatever you like ;=))
- 1 dash of salt

Do like this:

Combine cream and water and pour 400 ml of it into a pot which you carefully heat up on the oven.
Meanwhile, mix together the remaining 100 ml of cream and water with the sugar, starch flour, cocoa powder and salt until you get a smooth texture.
Pour this into the pot with the 400 ml of cream and water and boil it up while continuously stirring it, until the mixture thickens.
Now chop up the chocolate, add it to the pudding to melt and stir again. Serve either warm or cold.

And voilà, that's it! ;=) Really simple and tastes soo good!

Enjoy this day and good luck for your rehearsal!

Hugs, Sabine

Océane said...

Hi dear, I wish you a good reaharsal day! Don't be nevous, you'll be fantastic. You always are!

Love and many hugs

Unknown said...

It looks yummy. Mh chocolate. I love chocolate. I love it to mack kladkacka. (I hope I have write it right ;-))

Serafim said...

Hello, dear Anette! =)
What a hectical and crazy day I had yesterday! And today's morning was the same( I'm having a terrible headache now and trying to take simply it easy. Sorry for telling this.
I was so busy this morning that couldn't wish you a good luck on the rehearsal..What's a pity! But i'm sure everything was excellent, as you're the best! And the tomorrow's concert of course will be awesome! ;=)
How yummie salmon you had yesterday! Yummie yummie! I like fish in the oven very much! ;=) Tonight my husband and me will have fish dinner, too, as I'm going to cook mussels! They are really tasty, too :-)

Now i'm listening an epic song of Metallica - Unforgiven.

Enjoy your evening, dear Anette!=)

MusicOfTheNight said...

Hi, Anette!
I was wondering... what do you think about organic foods and do you pay attention to all this stuff when you grocery shop? And the same thing about make up and bath products. Are you careful in choosing anti-toxic and parabenfree stuff?
Love your clothes and the salmon looks great ;=)
Good luck with your show this week and I'm really sorry that I can't see it live.
Take care!