Sunday, November 25, 2012

My day...

...has been full since early morning with visiting the studio we are interested of buying, me and Niclas, then coffee and breakfast at mum´s place, visiting Mio furniture store to check out a new lamp and then Väla, the big mall to get some stuff for the show on friday and other nice things like candles and so on.

 A rainy, windy and very grey day outside so better stay indoors

A cool lamp I saw in Mio store

Loved this combined painting and would love to have in in my home (also from Mio)

 Loved these 70s inspired furnitures, crazy but cool (Mio)

Then in another furniture/decoration store, Chili, I found these nice lamps with horses

 And a really nice painting that would fit in well in my home

In the big mall Väla, they had this cool black fountain with smoking water. Nemo loved it;=)

I have searched a nice silver platter to have lots of candle holders on but no luck so today I searched the internet and finally found a nice internet store, Hemlängtan, where I found it and ordered it. So hope it will be here in some days.

Also got these x-mas tree balls. Like the black and white

 And this nice advent candle that I think will fit our hallway on the bench there


eskoplja said...

Really lovely stuff :)
Glad to hear you had a lovely day.
I like the black/white Christmas balls and the painting about children and parents.
I hope you are ok :)
Wish you a lovely evening

Lots of love

Ena :*

Unknown said...

First of all, I'd like to say I like the new layout. It's a lot friendlier on my oldish phone than the purple one, and I think it suits you best!

Speaking of black and white, I love the ornaments you got. It gives me ideas for our tree ;-)

Unknown said...

Cool stuff! Especially those x-mas tree balls and lamps with horses ;-)
We have a rain also :(
Have a nice evening!

Unknown said...

Even tho u have shitty weather the pictures of it still look nice. Sounds like u had a fun busy day. I'm doing homework today and no fun until I get it done haha! At least I didn't leave it to the VERY last moment. Hope u r enjoying your weekend:)

Océane said...

Hey!Good to hear from you sweetie!

Here its been a grey day too! No rain at least!
But I don't have the right to complain as it still around 20 degrees outside! And I still sleep without duvet, just a sheet and open windows!
Can't believe we are soon in december!
You should come one day here, its lovely! I could be your guide ahah! I would take you to "La Croisette", I bet you know that place by the name as it really famous with allthe shops like Gucci, Chanel, Jimmy Choo etc etc...
And as you loved forest I would take you there :
as you can see a fantastic 360degrees view!
That's in my town ;)

Anyway!Tomorrow will be home, and I'm sure you can't wait to be in his arms =)

Have a good evening,
Love and many hugs

Océane said...

And I forgot to say, I love what you ordered online!
And the xmas balls reminds me when Nemo wanted to play with the Disneys ones! =) Hope he'll leave thoses ones alone héhé!

Love and Hugs

Unknown said...

Hi Anette, I've been a reader and listener of yours for years, glad to know you'll continue to sing! Hope you'll perform in the US soon as a solo artist or a frontwoman in a different band maybe? :) Love all your outfits, nice to see some different style on metal scene! And I also wanna say that YOU and Tarja are my favorite female metal singers ever! Best wishes to you and your family! :)

Beatrix said...
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Katy Marie said...

Will you be working again with Alyson Avenue?

Rosana said...

Oh blog is ok today :) I dont like rainy days ,here is like that today....Good on your choice. Have a good Sunday

Betty Blue said...

Aww, this JUL-thing! I like it, it reminds me a bit of our light arch, don´t know why.
Surprisingly I had a nice day, too. I stayed at home most time, trying to design a new tattoo and thinking of ways to make my mother have christmas this year ^^ Did not work very well, but I still have time.
Have a nice evening!
Love, Betty

Dark Queen said...

Good evening Anette :)
I just love X-mas. This year I'll do the tree with purple and white balls and lights.
Even we had a grey day. When we had these days I'm so bored and sad, but luckily today we had no rain.
For dineer I had a very good home made pizza and this improved my day :D

Just me said...

Just noticed you started to blog in this new one. Great job! I really like this layout better, much easier to read. Seems you have had a busy day. Really nice pictures too! I am so happy to hear that you feel much more positive and confident about the future. Couple of suggestions for your blogs look and feel if you don't mind(I am not a pro on these or English speaking person so sorry for the mistakes). I think you should use some stage pictures in the banner. Also, in my opinion, it would make so much better impression to write the "about me" in first person i.e. I. E.g. "I am Swedish vocalist and mother of 2 children, living in Helsingborg (Sweden). I was singer of Nightwish for 5 years and I have also collaborated with many other bands like Pain, The Rasmus and Sweden United. I am working on my solo album. In addition, I am passionate of working against bullying in the schools and working places. I have also experienced bullying in my own life and been lecturing about it for others. This blog is about music, clothes, make-up, anti-bullying and all other things I find interesting in my daily life. If you have only bad things to say, this blog is not for you. I wish to keep this blog positive and friendly and I will personally decide if the post will be published or not. Thanks. =) Management and booking: Petri Lunden," But you decide! =) Have a nice Sunday evening!

XxBriannaxX said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear Anette, I want this colored bicicle!!
My friend, Friday I had a good news. I make a social work whith poor children and teenagers, and in last Friday I knew that one guy that I help was chosen to study in a big University, and he is going to work in a good job because the social work that I and others voluntaries do with these children and teens. Thdre are much children to help still, but one of them was helped.
Kisses, Anette.

Anonymous said...

Hej angel! Jep, a grey day... I was all day in forest with my little scouts. Im leader of 12-14 year olds. Teens... Hope ya got better day than me. Btw, are ya going to close your old blog? Sleep well angel! (ps. I just get my own blog, its in finnish, but if you like, you can go watch it, ill gonna link some music etc.)

Aleksandra said...

Hello Anette!
Congratulations on your new blog! I just need to say that your design is a little bit poor, and I wanted to ask you if you would like me to design you one completely for free! Believe me, I AM NOT a spammer or whatsoever, I just want to make your blog pretty! I have made a few blog designs already, mine included, which you can see here:

You can contact me, and I would REALLY love to make you a new pretty design that suits you perfectly.

Much love and kisses from VIENNA!!!

Xo, Aleksandra.

my e-mail adress:

Elmas said...

Woohoo, I gotta start getting used to checking out both blogs now!

I'm glad your day was good! Please let us know about how you're getting ready for the show! Have a great week! ;-)

July said...

Hi Anette!

I'm still a little confused because I visited the other blog but then I remembered that this is the new one ;D

But anyway I love the x-mas balls, the style is cute and pure and the painting for the wall says totally the true.

Sleep well!

Lucinda said...

Hi Anette !

Great idea to start a brand new blog, although I don't know exactly why you needed to have a new one, since you're still writing on the other one, I think ? But anyway, I'm never tired of reading more about you and your career, so that's nice :)

I hope you'll have the time to update your official website as well, it's nice but I think it hsn't been updated since 2009, haha !

Have a good night ;)

Anonymous said...

That smoking fountain is awesome! I wonder how they get the water to smoke like that? I also love the painting about children. It's so true.

Unknown said...

Very nice Anette :)

Carol Misokane said...

Hello Nettie.
So, great to know that your Sunday was great =), so mine haha.
Here in Brazil we just saw a very grey wheater too, with some rain during the day and the sun tried to appear but soon has gone and finally that hot time was covered by a very fresh wind, which I really aprecciate, like the song says "I'm only happy when it rains".

May you sleep well and dream with the angels.

Have a wonderful week, full of smiles and good things =).

Love, Carol

Nick Rivera said...

What a day packed with adventure.

Both of those stores you mentioned seem like antique shops. Those are always the best to visit because it is as if your exploring another world full of treasure (every persons trash is another persons treasure!).

Those pictures look exactly like some scenic locations here in Oregon, USA. It is always rainy here, minus a few months during the summer time:)

Mind is blown from seeing the water fountain, that's definitely not something you see very often unless you go to the big malls!

I am sure you get recognized at public locations when people are paying attention? :P

Also no pictures of the studio you went and looked at ?

Hugs & love.


(also my first comment on the new blog, which I must say looks very fab! ;).

James Oakes said...

Heyy Anette! Just found your new blog and I'm a little confused about the change. Is it just a way of moving forward after NW or were you bored with the old layout? Either way, new beginings are always exciting :)

The UK is going through what can only be described as Monsoon Season. Seriously, my poor town is practically an island now, and trying to leave or get in is nearly impossible since the roads are all flooded lol! Anyway, hopefully the sun will great us again soon and dry up a few of these puddles. Have a lovely day. James x

Unknown said...

live. When I found out in July that would come to Argentina in December, I was so excited and I gave my husband the entrance to see them in concert that will give here, but I could not buy a ticket for my financial reasons, the September 30 my husband gave me the ticket for my birthday and she is very happy to know that you listen more me joy was short-lived because I heard what happened and I was very sad for me, but for you mistreated you, not considered . In reading your blog and read interviews yours one gets to know a person very sweet and very good values​​. The world would be better with more people like you. I wish you well and hope someday to hear you sing. has a very special voice that touches the hearts of those who hear you! Good Life!

Unknown said...

Great stuff!
I bet you had a nice day. To us there was a lot of rain and wind!

Have a nice day!

Unknown said...

Nice stuff!

I bet you had a nice day! I also had a nice day! I had some fun with my granddad(who allmost died last year. He got realy sick while he was is sweden) so that is ok.

Have a nice day!

Aries said...

I like the new layout but kinda prefer the purple color. :)

I'm with Nemo, that fountain looks fun!

Anonymous said...

Good morning dear Anette!

First of all congrats on your new blog, I think it's great that you want to start fresh and I will be just as enthusiastic a reader of yours on your new blog as I have been for the past 3 years! ;=)
I really like the cleaner look of the blog and as your blog entries, the pictures you share with us and you as a person are happy, bright and colourful themselves, the white and grey background is just fine! ;=)
However, there seems to be something wrong with the time set for the blog entries, or at least in my version...

And concerning you rethinking your stage name: I totally understand that you would think about changing it, since Anette Olzon will always be connected with NW, especially since the "Olzon"-part was created for that purpose.
For me personally, just "Anette" would be perfect, since from now on, it will be "just you" and how you really are as a singer, with your beautiful voice, your own songs and ideas, your own style, your own musical path. Your beautiful voice and personality don't need any embellishment, they are strong and stand for themselves. And "Anette" reflects that rather well, I think.
And also for an album cover, I really like the idea of "Anette" and I took the liberty of trying something. Here you can have a look at it if you like:

I think "Anette" really leaves an impact and a lasting impression... just like the person behind it. ;=)

I hope you have a great start into this new week (well you must have, with Johan coming back soon ;=))!
And sorry for this very long post! ;=)

Hugs from Vienna!

Serafim said...

Like your new blog very much! =)