Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday and thanks=)

So, a new week and not any week but:

- Johan is coming home today;=)

- Rehearsals for the show friday

- Show friday!

- Sunday first of advent and finally its time to count down for x-mas!

Can the week get any better? No!

And then I want to thank you who are following me in here=) And for those who want to make headers and stuff, thanks=) but I think I want to do it myself since I love to be creative=)

Enjoy this day now and hope you´ll have a great day!


Unknown said...


I think it looks great!
And I envy everyone who has the chance of seeing you live this Friday.... :(

Have a great day, and greets to Johan. ^_^


Anonymous said...

Good morning again, dear Anette! ;=)

Wow, what a great week ahead of you! So much to look forward to and be excited about!
I wish my week was as exciting as yours, but at least we share the anticipation for first of advent. ;=)
Do you also have the tradition in Sweden where you light one candle on each weekend of first, second, third and fourth advent?
I also left you a comment in yesterday's post, I hope you'll get a chance to read it and maybe even comment on it? But with such a busy week, I understand if it takes some time. ;=)

Have a great day!
Love, Sabine

Henna said...

Tjena Anette!!

I've studied Swedish for 6 years and that's pretty much all I can say in Swedish :DD But I need to ask you about that first picture of those three up there. Your make-up is so cool and I'd like to know how to make one by myself. Would you like to make a tutorial video of doing that make-up or do you have some nice website that I could look for advice?

Ha en bra dag!
Puss och kram,

Meghan H. said...

You're in for a great week ;)

It's a good day, my mum gets home from New Zealand tonight, will be so good having her back home :D

Bring on the 30th though, you get to do your performance and I have to design some stuff

Just a suggestion for doing your header and that, if you can try and make blends with your photos and also make sure your text doesn't clash with the colours in the photos :)

Have a great day Anette!

littlemimo said...

Hi Anette,
So I just have to wish you a really good week, have fun, and moreover, tomorrow it'll be my birthday ;-)
Have a nice day, love

Dark Queen said...

Good morning Anette!
Yeah, your week will be great! I'm waiting for X-mas, becuase my dear friend will return at home. She will be here for one week :)I can't wait!
Enjoy your day :)

Unknown said...

Hello Anette!

How are you? That sounds that this week is for you a perfekt week.
I hope my week gets better as it started. Somehow I feel now totally tired and exhausted. Yesterday, I cried all day. And now I find out that my betrothed at the clinic and had his blood sugar was much too high. I know that you can handle it, but I make myself totally worried. I have a girlfriend and her mother also has diabetes and she has fallen even more often. And I also read something about a sugar coma. Everything sounds not so good, so I'm going to take care total. I do not know somehow I'm thinking that he might be better off without me, because he had not before. I know that others think is safe now but it will be nothing serious, but you first need to learn to deal with it. At the first time it is a shock,but I think we get it together. :-)

Greetings to sweden


Unknown said...

Hi Anette! I'm so happy for you x I wish you every happiness in all your future adventures. I hope Johan comes home soon safe and sound.
This new white colour is something i will just have to get used to!! After 3 years of purple i suppose it will take a little while. However, maybe it would be a good idea to let everyone in the purple blog that you are not posing in there anymore xxx

Unknown said...

Huh what a gret week!
I'm so happy for you, hope you rock on friday and ELIZE 'T HART: I feel you doll! haha i was waiting for some miracle to happen so i could go to sweden and see you but nothing haha
anyway have a nice day and talk to you later =) enjoy johan and the boys my girl, you deserve it!

Mary-Anne said...

Such an exciting time for you! Have a wonderful week ;)
Lots of love and hugs!

Beto said...

Your header can't be more perfect, I like it and keep sharing your creativity with us. Enjoy your week!

Anonymous said...

Happy Monday Anette!
I your week sounds like it's going to be so exciting, good luck and have fun with everything. I feel like this fall has gone by so quickly this year- Christmas is right around the corner!
Love and Hugs,

IsaWolfheart said...

Hi Anette
How are you ?
Thanks for you Anette you'r so kind and sweet with us ♥♥
And thanks for the great new blog;-)
Enjoy your day dear

Unknown said...

Hahahaha yeah, it's horrible!! I wish my parents surprised me and take me to Sweden.. *silent hint to my parents if they'll ever look on this blog* haha


Unknown said...

I'm so happy for you that Johan is coming back! I wish I was your child because you are like a mother for me! I would realy like to go to your show but I live to far away and I have a birthday. So yeah..

Have a good day! xoxo

The Dreamer said...

Hi Anette! I'm sure you will have a great week at least I hope so. I have to admit: it took me some time to remember that you were now posting here but that us solved now.
My week has started great with good news and expectations, I will be waiting to see the videos of your performance, hope you can post some pictures of it.
It's just me or the hour is weird?

Have a nice day and week, kisses ;)

TheDeadUnicorn said...

I'm very happy for you!It's amazing to see how grateful you are about everything.Also,this week is going to be an exciting one,I'm sure!
Hope your day goes well,

XxBriannaxX said...

Aww so glad to hear that all these good things are happening for you! Enjoy this day with your family :-)

eskoplja said...

Hello dear Nettie, how are you?
I am glad you are having a lovely day.
I am going today to the doctor on control...I hope it will be ok :)
Wish you a lovely day too!
Big hugs

Ena :*

Susanna said...

Hej Anette!

Jag gillar din nya blogg och layout, den är så frisk och har ljus på något sätt.

Jag är så glad att du fick en möjlighet att uppträda på fredag! Hoppas att någon kan filma din föreställning och ladda den på nätet. :)

Heh, jag tror att jag har många fel i min text men åtminstone jag försökte. :D

Océane said...

What a great day!
I'm really happy for you and Nemo to have Johan with you again!
I hope he enjoyed the tour! And I hope he'll be with Pain on february!

I cant wait to see your performance on friday!
Love and many hugs!

Karin said...

Yes! to new beginnings, and new pages in life and in blogs :)
Somebody wrote: you are the singer Anette, not Nightwish-Anette. Sounds good .
Have a really exciting week: maybe some butterflies in stomach before your performance on friday... . :)

Lycka till, eller är det en spark i baken man ska ge ..? :)
Ha det bra i vintermörkret!


elinie said...

Hello, Anette!
Wonderful new blog! I like it very much))) Thank you for sharing your ideas with us! :)
Have a nice week!
Helen <3

Serafim said...

Hi, dear Anette! ;=)
What's a fantastic week you will have!

I'm looking forward to vidoes from you friday's performance =) Really lucky people who will be able to visit this concert! I wish I would there tooooo ;=)

Ehjoy you day!

Best wishes,

Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...

Hello Dear Anette! Nice to see you with a new blog... Its cleaner that the other...

A sooo busy week! I Can't really wait to see your peformace!
Wish you all lucky prom Friday show! You will be fantastic!

July said...

Hi Anette!

Surely this week will be great! I'm happy for you because Johan is now in home :)

And yes, I'll be waiting for all those beautiful stuffs for the blog, I bet you are an nice designer because the most important is put a personal essence with much heart. :D

Have a nice day with all your family!

Philippa said...

Hej Anette.
Looks like you've got an exciting week ahead of you! Completely unrelated question, but have you ever heard of Gregorian, the band that makes Gregorian chant versions of popular songs? They've done a beautiful version of Meadows of Heaven, and I was wondering if you'd ever heard it and what you think of it.
Enjoy the rest of your day, and of course all the good that's still to come this week!

Philippa said...

I think I forgot to include the link in my last post, so here it is:

Unknown said...

waw great news that Johan is home :-) I´m looking forward to your show and I hope that we´ll see it on youtube or in your blog :-) have a nice day with your dear one :-)

Nick Rivera said...

Happy Monday Anette! :) Although most people would say Happy Manic Monday (lol!)

That's excellent Johan is coming home! Do I hear a celebration in the works?

Goodluck with your rehearsal and the event on Friday!

You're more than welcome for the support Anette, as i know if the table was turned around I'd be so graced and happy for all of the support i was receiving and would be more than happy to devote more than a minute out of my busy schedule to anyone who needed the support! ;)

let your Monday be full of surprises!:)

Hugs and love.


Irena Horvatt said...

So excited for this new blog! And happy for you, you look so much more relaxed and healthy. <3

Take care,

Irena Horvatt said...

So excited for your new blog and loving the brighter layout. I'm happy for you, you look so much more relaxed/healthy/happy now.

Take care <3

Diego Muniz said...

Hey yooou!

Great to see you are with a new blog, I'll be here, too! About the layout, I think it must be the way that makes you feel better!

Have a nice week, Anette!

Anonymous said...

Hello Anette,
It seems to be a very good week for you. I am glad for you.
The weekend I was not on the internet, so I've seen only now, that you write in your new blog. I like it a lot :=) The window while writing a comment goes on differently. But that does not matter. You have done a great job.
I wish you a wonderful week and a great Friday with much fun.
hugs Kylie

Anonymous said...

hey nettie , good day! i like so much this blog , sometimes you have to change isn't it? but this version is more animated .. and the photos are really really beauties! ohh I never seen the last photo! you look so adorable ! you're right! this week will be fun, I can not wait to see videos of this show, I wonder what beautiful dress are you going to wear n_n I imagine you must be very excited right? but also very nervous! but this is the first time
as a solo singer, so I wish you luck, I hope you have a beautiful week and say hello to johan by me!, is a great man and a great musician! and a very lucky man to have a woman like you. (: haha -martin

Anonymous said...

Good evening Anette! :-)

Sounds as though you are going to be a busy bee this week! :-) It's this big show on Friday which makes me think this :-) I'm sure you'll be able to cope though and also you have Johan back this week too which I'm sure you're pleased about :-)

Nice selection of music you posted on Saturday :-) I've heard that Agnetha Faltskog song Wrap Your Arms Around Me once before :-) I'll tell you what is a very good song that she's done. It's a song called Disillusion ( I'm thinking that you're probably aware of it ). It's on ABBA's debut album. She definately wrote the lyrics and I think she might of composed the music to it as well :-) It's great! My fave from that album and also one of the best ABBA songs ever in my opinion :-)

By the way, I really like the design of this new blog :-) It looks miles better than the previous one :-)

Have a nice evening Anette and best wishes to you, Johan, and Seth & Nemo :-)

Kelsey Hale said...

excited for this week!!! but heres a question WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU GOING TO WEAR FRIDAY??

Unknown said...


I found this on tumblr, and it's really genius! You need to have a good sense of humor, and it's maybe a little disrespectful towards Tuomas, but some of these are really funny!



Unknown said...

Elize: Hi and thanks;=) i actually saw that Facebook and blog a while ago and I think its funny;=) I am sure Tuomas can take it without getting upset about it;=)

Kelsey: Hi! Well, I am going to wear two outfits on friday and one will be a long black dress from the Swedish brand Acne. Shoes I am still deciding on;=) then the other outfit will be black leather pants and a longer black leather/cotton top from Zara;=) I think they both will be perfect!

Tom: Hi and thanks;=) I like this blog more too;=) And yeah, I know all of her songs, she is a great singer!

Martin; Hi and thanks;=) It will be great on friday to meet so many great Swedish artists, some I´ve looked up to even=) And I will tell Johan, thanks;=)

Gitte; Hi! yeah, its a nice week and nice to "work" again;=) Take care!

Kylie; Hi! I actually like it that the comments doesn't show embedded, its nicer to open this pop up window, for those who want to write here;=)

Unknown said...

Diego: Hi and thanks;=) I think its good to refresh and re-do everything sometimes and I´ve had the other blog since 2009 so its a bit boring to not change;=) Take care!

Irena; Hi and thanks;=) its like my home - white and mostly black;=)

Nick: hi and thanks=) yeah, he got some b-day gifts today since he was away on his b-day. Got him an iPad Mini as one gift and he´s already playing games on it;=) a great little thing;=) Take care!

Radoslava; Hi and thanks;=)

Philippa; Hi! Yeah, when I gave birth to Seth Gregorian was played for like 24 hours;=) haha! so i know them and I like Meadows of heaven. Nice cover;=)

Rest Calm said...

Hi, Anette!=)
Here is your Russian\Belorussian\Ukrainian fan-club where we have 2000 members.
Know, that we all love you very very much!

Wish you good luck on Friday!=)

Unknown said...

July; Hi and thanks,=) I have worked with web pages long time ago so I am not so good with it as I was but s long I have time to sit and fix with these things and have fun, thats the most important thing;=)

Lucas; Hi and thanks=) It will be even better when I start to use a better camera for my photos too=)

Margarita; Hi and thanks;=) The best thing is that everyone who performs are really good and big artists so its a pleasure to share the stage with them;=)

Elinie; Hi and thanks;=)

Karin; Hej och ja, precis;=) Jag är ju Anette och inte NW Anette;=) Så skönt fler förstår det! Ha en bra kväll!

Océane; Hi! its just so nice to have him home and finally I could give him his b-day gifts and celebrate him=) We´ll see about february if he can go or not, some months left until then;=) Hugs!

Susanna; Hej och tack så mycket;=) kul du gillar bloggen! Jag tycker den är ren och lättare att läsa på än den lila;=) Och tack, det blir kanon på fredag;=) Ha det bra!

Ena; Hi and thanks, I am just fine;=) And sorry about the doctor, but I am sure it will be just fine! I always try to think positive and I am sure that helps;=)

Brianna; Hi and thanks so much;=)

The dead unicorn; Hi! yeah, I am feeling really blessed and I will just enjoy it;=)

The dreamer; Hi! I´ll check the clock thing,thanks for letting me know;=)

Katy Marie said...

You are welcome. I always check to see what you have posted; you have such a kind and warm way of writing things, which brings me joy.

I wanted to say, I do hope you do not delete your old blog, but continue using this one still. You have written so, so much on there. If you do, at least save all the writings. I once deleted an online journal, and I am kicking myself for doing that because I had so much on there. It was when I was a teen, and I had deleted it because I thought it was no longer relevant, with stuff about my ex boyfriend and such. But now that I'm well and over that breakup, years later, I wish I had kept the writing.

Have a nice day =)

Unknown said...

Sabine; HI and oh, such sweet words=) I don't know if I am the best mother but I do love my kids and try to be there for them as much as I can and one thing my mum has always been good at is listening to me and my issues and I will be here for you too, to listen to your issues;=) Hugs and sleep well!

Elize: haha, I hope they read this blog then;=)

Isa; hi and thanks to you for following me in here in my new little "home"=)

Caitlin, hi and thanks;=) Yeah, time just flies this year;=) But nice so we can get a new year to look forward to=)

Beto: Hi and thanks=) I will fix it a bit more so it will probably change it again;=) But a good start at least!

Mary-Anne: hi and thanks=) yes, it is and nice to do some "work" again=)

Karoline; Hi and thanks=) I will have fun for sure!

Rockprincess; hi and thanks;=) And I am quite tired of the purple color so I am thrilled about a clean start;=) And yeah, I´ll tell them in there too;=)

Sarah; Hi and I understand you worry, but I am sure it will be ok. Diabetes can be handled good with medicines and good food, but of course it takes some time to get into it and it is a serious decease so I understand you concern. Take care!

DarkQueen; Hi! Oh, so nice that your friend is coming for x-mas;=) I understand you are excited!

Littlemimo; Thanks and Happy birthday in advance;=)

Meghan; Hi and thanks, I´ll work more with it;=)

Henna; Hi and thanks=) Thats a make up I did for a festival last summer=) I´ll see if I can do it again and a tutorial;=)

Sabine; Hi! yeah, we light a candle for every sunday;=) I´ll check your comment;=)

Elize:; Hi and thanks so much=) There´s so many great artists that the people coming will have a great evening for sure! 3 hours of pure good music;=)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette!

I have not much things to say but I'd want you to know how much I miss your voice singing live again.

Really anxious for your small presentation on friday!

Bye Nettan, adore you!

IsaWolfheart said...

You'r welcome dear and now I wish you a good night and sweet dreams

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for your kind words :) I hope it will get better soon

lehPhotography said...

It's a nice blog! It'll also be nice to see some color to it when the layout is how you want it. I think it's a good idea to move-on from your previous blog and start fresh.

I was looking at your recent entries and although I know your world doesn't and didn't revolve around Nightwish, I'm sure you can see how your entry on the work place could easily be seen as a vague discussion about your time with NW. I hope that at one point you can just come out and say what's on your mind and explain what happened in some way that works for you. But, I also understand if it's not time for that yet. Despite what may have happened, I still love and support NW and the music, and I give Floor all my support as you also had from me when you joined (I know for now she's just temporary, but now she gets compared to you as well as Tarja ;) ).

I am anxious for your solo material! I can't wait for news on it :).

<3 Lauren

Unknown said...

Hello Anette,

I'm from Portugal and, since I know you don't belong to nightwish anymore, I'm very nostalgic with the songs you've made with them. I've a very strange-bad-good (i dont know) feeling everytime I watch live video-songs with you and the band. I pass hours and hours watching videos with you singing so beautifully. What a voice, and what a presence!!! This kind of obsession isn't normal, so I felt that I must to tell you what I think about you (it seems that I know you for long time ago, and this is the time we meet each other again).

I saw you here in Portugal, and I've loved so much (you were in 2008, if am i right). If I didn't go to that show, I would feel so bad right now. You're so beautiful as your voice. Nightwish has so much to loose without you. The Dark Passion Play album is the best album of them, thanks to you, no doubt (look, I don't know your former projects, so i'm totally impartial).

I just to express my admiration about you, and, even from this loosely country, I will suport you, and wish the best to your solo (or non-solo) career.

I don't have blog, but I hope my comment be associated with my google account, and feel free to answer (if it deserves answer, of course).

Best Regards Anette,

Rodrigo Antunes

P.S.: If you allow me, let me share with you and with your blog's friends this masterful performance of yours