Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lets see...

...if I get the comments to work  but at the moment I have tried everything, so I´ve put the previous post also in the "normal blog" for now;=)



Betty Blue said...

Whoa, it works!
As I told you before, I miss the purple one, but this one is quite nice. It really seems to fit better at the moment ;-) And of course I will follow you here.
Have a nice evening!
Love, Betty

eskoplja said...

Hi again :)
Great to see that "the comment" problem is solved :)
Once again, you look lovely as always! What a cute smile you have!
Big hugs

Ena :*

Harrawrson said...

Oh look! There we go! I just posted on the old blog how I couldn't post a comment. Now I can. hehe :)

Mads Bjerre Henriksen said...

It looks good :D

Unknown said...

YES! hahah it's working!
You only get another screen to place the comment, but that's all. :D

Good job! haha


Unknown said...

Congratulate you with new blog! ;-)
I think you will continue to write such wonderful posts!
I am glad we can comment your posts here!

Unknown said...

Yes, its working!! I just need to fix some more stuff but lets keep both blogs for now and see if i can get it all to look perfect;=) Thanks for your patience!

IsaWolfheart said...

Hi dear really nice this blog thanks Anette ♡

Mágika said...

Success! :) I like this blog as well, especially the new design and these fresh colours. :)

Sleep well, dear!


Christina said...

Hey Anette!
Might I suggest a little change?! You could change the blog's url to something like 'anetteolzonofficial.blogspot' so that it looks more proffesional..! :) And if you need any help with the blog design feel free to contact me, I work as a web designer! :D

littlemimo said...

A good surprise ! I miss the purple one, this one is quite empty, maybe with some picts or colour it'll be nicer ;-)
I also want to react about your outfits of the day : I love your gucci top !!! If one day you want to sell it, I'll buy it with pleasure !
Good evening

XxBriannaxX said...

Yay it works!

Rosana said...

Be calm the problem will solved soon haha :)

Rosana said...
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Océane said...

Yeah good job Anette!=)

Just my opinion, it wouldbe better if you put the "main page" (where you write everything) in black caus it looks strange to see that big black rectangle in the white page!

Take care!
Love and Hugs

Paulo said...

All the best with the new blog! =)

Soon you'll get used to it, no stress. Have a great weekend!

fstorm said...

Looking great so far. I'd be more than happy to help you make graphics for your site if you ever want the assistance.

Paulo said...

All the best with the new blog.

Soon you'll know how to fix everything, no stress. =)
And awesome that you are buying a studio! I would love to have one too. Or maybe a home studio to record my own stuff when I finally manage to learn the cello. But first things first! Studying full time for a job where I won't have to worry about money anymore and then I can focus on the cello on my non working time.

Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Hello Anette!

nice blog. It's very great to see that you like it to write with us ;-)

saskia said...

I really like the new look of your blog.:)

Serena said...

So it works!!
I like the white font It's more readable!!

Carol Misokane said...

Hey Nettie, how are you doing? Hope fine as always =).
Great to know that the problem with the comments is solved right now, I tried to put one in the last post, but I think it didn't work, so let's write again =D.
I loved the idea of a new blog, for you are walking into a new path now is very importat to change things, including a page in the Internet and the black/white layout combined with you and the "new" you, as a professional, of course. I love the purple one but it's been a long time with that and now is time to change everything, free some thoughts in the mind of the fans, and it's very clear the new layout, as you are with us, so I loved it so much!!
Now, just need to thank you very much for the beautiful words about the bullying I'm suffering in my work place, you have no idea how I felt special when I read every word of you, is so great to know that a person who don't know me cares about me more than the other whose live with me everyday. Thank you again, that's why I love and admire you so much.
Hope you have a wonderful night, sleep with angels and may your Sunday be amazing. I won't be here tomorrow cause it's another day of test to the University, so let me just send my best wishes for you now.

Thank you again. May the angels always put their light on you and may the God always bless you and your family.

Love, Carol

Anna said...

Working! I like this blog and purple or white its doest matter for me, i am glad that you made it! Sleep well:)

Beatrix said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Océane said...

And before I go to bed cause I have to wake up once more at 3:45 :(, some nice photos =)

Hereone of you both which is so cute (and the first time I see Johan smile ahah

And one more :

Sleep well!
Love and Hugs

Unknown said...

New blog is cool:) Hope u r having a good day

rainy said...

I've posted a comment on your old blog and now I can do this here... Nice xD
But as I said there the layout is really good and a header not officialy looking (but as you said, you'll add a new one) and if you want some help or anything, as a non-professional graphic maker and so on I can do something for you :)
Have done that: a few days ago, not a header but something a bit similar. I can do something just for fun and if you'll like it and post it one day I'll be of course REALLY happy but no pressure :D
have a nice evening!

Andi said...

Hi Anette,

this blog is really nice and easier to read because of the colours :)

Your outfit is very nice, especially the Nemo in the pics today? :D

Sleep well

Unknown said...

About the previous post: I like your outfit today and good that u r happy a lot. R u going to be using both blogs 4 now? Or r u getting rid of the other one?

Andi said...

Great! I can post here :D (I can't on the purple one, don't know why)

Serena said...

You have to adjust the hour in the blog!

July said...

Hi Anette!

It's a little weird write in other blog of you, but you have reason this one is much fresh and clean and the colors are pure and looks professional!

But then, we are going to post comments or only we are going to put "reactions" cool, interesting...?

Anyway, congratulations for this new blog! :D

Océane said...

Well no im not sleeping I was reading your answers for the last 2 weeks and I realised you answered me twice that i havent seen before. Including when you told me Johan love red wine. DAMN!! I thought you havent reply! Thats why I didnt get him anything :(
Well well I hope he'll be with Pain in feb so I can do something for him! I hate when I say I'm gonna do something and I dont!
And Im also preparing something for you so I can give it too him and then Ill be sure you got it! Not like that package ahah!
Well tell him Im sorry, I feel so stupid now! :(
Love and many hugs to you and Nemo

Unknown said...

Yay!! So happy you are feeling better and going in a positive direction! Love your outfit. You always look so cute. :^) You always have such a beautiful smile. Wow! Looking to buy a studio? That sounds great! Would that be to record your own stuff without so much help from the outside sources? Are you still pretty good friends with the all the guys from Alyson Avenue? Hope you had a nice relaxing evening. Sure looks like you did. Books are always a great way to relax. :^)

Elmas said...

Hey Anette! The new blog looks good as well, though I must say I prefer the layout on the old one, this one looks just a bit "empty" when it comes to colors and patterns and such :-) But I'm still looking forward to everything I'll read in it!
Have a great Sunday!

Unknown said...

Oh, and by the way I do like this blog style better. Able to read it better for us older people...haha!

Anonymous said...

A cute layout! Nice and simple with cute, funny pictures.

Amy said...

Hi, Anette!
I really like this layout, it's more like singer Anette than Nightwish Anette :)
That Bolognese looks great with all those vegetables. I've never eateb it with fresh tomatoes and salad but I think it's time for me to try it, looks yummy :)

Have a nice evening and keep on your new blog!


Babsy_NW said...

Hi Anette!

Your new blog is very nice :). I liked the previous one too ... but this one seems like a new fresh start ... so good luck! :D

Much love from Portugal <3

Babsy_NW said...

Hi Anette!

Your new blog is very nice :). I liked the previous one too, but this seeems like a new fresh start ... so Good Luck! :D

Much love from Portugal <3

Beto said...

Hi Anette, from now on I will follow your new blog, have a wonderful sunday ;)

Beto said...

Hi Anette, from now on I will follow your new blog, have a wonderful sunday ;)

Unknown said...

Ciao Anette!I think everyone needs to refresh things sometimes..just like to "turning the pages" during our make ups changes...clothes..and even the blogs look ..i see!I'm happy you enjoy eating spaghetti alla bolognese..cause i'm italian and as u know that's a tipical italian food!You these days i've heard the news and they were talking about some fake wines and fake italian food producted in Sweden and sold as italian but they were it's a illegal i hope your spaghetti were real!:-)If not, came to Italy and we'll go to a fine restaurant i know well!(Johan,Seth and Nemo too..of course!:-)You know..i hope to visit Sweden someday..because i'm attracted by your country..i don't know much about Sweden...but the little i know i like it!Salmon..Abba..Bjorn Borg was my hero(i'm a tennis player and coach).. :-)..the beautiful lakes and countries..Ikea too!(hey..Ikea should give you some money cause you say that you often go ther for you it' a good advertising for all of us!:-)Oh..i forgot..there something else i like from Sweden...Anette Olzon!Sleep well and thank you for existing..:-)

Unknown said...

yeyyyy It's working now =D
Lets rock this blog haha

MusicOfTheNight said...

Dear Anette, I love your second blog as well. Looks really nice and fresh. Greetings to you and a beautiful song to celebrate the opening ;=) I'm sure you know the song sung by Celine Dion, but I like this version much more. Hope you'd like it too ;=)

P.S: Sorry, I might have sent this message twice

The Dreamer said...

I like the purple one, but for some reason this one feels more personal you know? Anyway, it's time to change things.
Are you going to post different things here?
Good luck on the new blog :D

Unknown said...

Love it! Love the color :) Less darker, more happier :)

Sorry for my poor english!

Gary said...

Hi Anette,
Congrats on the new blog,looks great,
and seems to be working just fine, far as I can tell. Things here were a mess from Sandy for a while. Not so bad now.

take care, keep smilin',
lots of love,

Simona said...

Hei Anette :)
me again...
Anyway, I really like the idea of a new blog, since the look and feel of your old one felt a bit outdated, and this looks really nice and much more like you.
I've spent a long night listening to your old demos, and I just wanted to say that your voice is so beautiful, and I can't get enough of it. I sometimes wonder if I'm the only one anxiously waiting for releases from you.

Angela said...

woohoo! it's actually a bit easier for me to read the blog comments when it opens in a separate window. great!

MaidenMty said...

It's a little strange haha, after all the time we have read and written on the purple one, but we will get use to it :)

Have a good Sunday! :D

Unknown said...

HI, Anette. I've been followin you since forever, but still now I been able to comment. My name is Lua, I'm an 18 year old girl and I wanted firstly and foremost to congratulate you for all you hard work, your kindness and sweetness. You are really a role model for all of us, please never go, you bring sunshine to my life :D with your voice and your attitude. Thank you for existing an making my life easier!!

Now, that said, I have a very personaly question to ask of you, maybe you won't answr it, and I shouldn't probably even be asking it, but I'm a lonely girl, I don't have friends because I am bullyied at school, I'm totally a socially akward girl, and thus, I have no one to ask this to and I thought that maybe you being so open, you could answer me. This is very private and kind of stupid but I serioulsy don't have anyone else, so I would be thankful if you understood and answered me.

You see, some days ago I tried to shave my pubic area, all of it, and itched like crazy, but I've read in magazines it looks better like this...should I keep on doing it? Have you done it? Speaking of which, another thing which I feel very ashamed of and girls at my school swimming team make fun of is of mu unually large inner labia. They really stick out and I'm very ashamed of them. I'm afraid that if I ever have a boyfriend he will run away because of this. I'm really ashamed of them, since even girls on the sochool locker room have made fun of them. I don't know what to do about it..please, any comment on this would make me feel better. Hope I did not trouble you or bothered you with my questions. Thanks you so much Anette, and I hope to hear your wonderful voice in something new very soon!!

Unknown said...

I like the other blog more but this one is also OK

I hope you have a nice day!


Océane said...

Much better now it's all white =)

Love and Hugs

Anonymous said...

This new blog is wonderful. How we say in my country: it's "SUPIMPA". It is interesting how little changes make big difference sotimes, don't You think, dear Anette. Well more latter I am going to tell You a very good news that happened Friday. Good Sunday, friend!

lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Hi Nettie,
love your new blog and will be following it like I did with the "old" one. But I have a question: Will you go on blogging only on this blog and the other one is meant to die?

About the colour: Actually I liked the purple a lot but I understand that you got tired of it. The black and white is nice, although I would prefer something more colourful. Maybe you could change the colours from time to time so it looks more interesting for us all and you won't get tired of it. What do you think of this idea? There are many websites which do it that way. Anyway I will continue loving your blog no matter of the colours. :-)

Have a nice day, my dear. Love,
Steffi <3

Unknown said...

I just wanted to tell you I am looking forward to listening to your solo work. And you're absolutely amazing. I wish I could of only seen you live. Many hugs. Keep smiling for me!

Sachia said...

Hei, Nettan. :) ( I don't know... Are you nicknamed Nettan?)
Are you going to close the old blog and just leading the new one?
If you are, no matter, you will alwayas be yourself, even you use a different blog. :)
Have a nice evening,

Dark Queen said...

Hi Anette!
I think that the new blog is a little too white, but if you like it is ok :D
Good luck!
Have a nice evening

Mary said...

Hi Anette!
Here I'm too :D
I like your new blog, but would you still use the old one or not? I'm wondering :/

Lucinda said...

Hi again Anette,

I made a header for you if you want :)
I don't know what you wanted exactly but I thought that the combination of these two pictures (a recent live pic and the latest shoot you had) looked quite nice. Hope you'll like it !


Unknown said...


No, you are not the only one who is waiting for a Nettie album :)

I fell in love with " Invincible " <3 <3

Sorry for my poor english

A few of my favorite things said...

Anette, good luck with Your a brand new blog.
Kisses, Magda

Anonymous said...

it works :) I like your new blog and the color because is more easy to read I also like the layout I think you look very happy and beautiful as always.

Hughs from colombia

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
^^ Claudia ^^ said...

Hi Anette !
I think the new blog works well! i like the graphic!
we wait for your album!
love from Italy !