Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Xmas is coming

Hi sweeties,

Hope your week is going great! For me it´s still hectic with long days in the hospital and then also going to school some days like tomorrow and friday. We´re having seminars again and I actually like to go to school except for the long travel. I take the train and it takes 1,5 hour single trip so its 3 hours of just sitting on a train. But to make time go faster I sleep and read a good book and I got myself a new one for tomorrows journey. A new book by the writer of GONE GIRL. Loved that book so hopefully this also will be as exciting=)

Studio is going great and last sunday me and Niclas recorded lead vocals for 2 songs so a great productive day! This sunday I´m doing another one and then I´ll take some x-mas break and be back at it in 2017. 6 songs are recorded with my lead vocals so we´re good on our way.

Gym is going great and I´ve felt strong and fast this week and started to eat more vitamins, omega oil and minerals since I´ve been a bit tired and gloomy and now after more than a week I feel so much better!

Still no snow here and I love it! Seth is away with his dad´s family in Spain enjoying the sun and also my mum is on a sunny trip so bless them both=) I wish I was lying by a pool too!

Love and light


Hep-Hep Steff said...

wow, looks like you're pretty busy...... do you take some time to rest, too?
hugs & love, and happy hollidays for you and your family <3

Unknown said...

This is my first time posting on your site.

Unknown said...

Hello. I am from Texas. My name is David. And I just wanted to talk from the bottom of my heart. I want to say thank you for so many years of entertainment, for letting us hear your beautiful voice, for giving us the opportunity to see you in action in front of the camera and for being such a perfect inspiration. All the way from Texas I say...Thank You.

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Merry christmas to you and your family :). Hope you had a great and lovely day!

Henk said...

Merry Christmas and Happy 2017 To You and all your family! May this Christmas be bright and cheerful and may the New Year begin on a prosperous note!

citizenbasil said...

Anette, you have a golden voice, the clearest voice i have ever heard and you have total control of it, something rare in our days. It' s a divine gift, i think your voice is the closest to an angel's voice, it' s like it comes from heaven. So, why don' t you make a christmas album? Christmas albums are never enough. Elvis made a christmas album, Dylan made a christmas album, everybody does a christmas album and we still want more of them. Do something classic but not too slow and rock but not too loud. Do it however you want to do it, but do it. I am sure that you are going to enjoy singing it as much as we are going to enjoy listening to it.

Thanks for everything and


AnotherName said...

Hi, i 1st hear of you when tarja retired from nightwish and you replaced her. it was different but in a good way, i was a bit disappointed when you retired from the group yourself but it was for a personal career. i can understand that. thanks for all you have done, and hope things will be great this year for you. happy new year and your family. if you dont mind me asking, is there a way i could get an autograph pic from you? thanks :D