Friday, August 19, 2016

When the body says no

Hi all and happy friday!

Well for me, it´s not the happiest friday since I am still ill in lyme desease that has gotten out to the nerve system and I have to finally listen to my body and take some days off work and exercising and REST! God, I do hate to REST=) I am a very active so called over-achieving person that has problems taking it easy but since I have severe pain in my right side from this and is extremely tired of all the antibiotics I eat there´s no other thing to do.

Mum said its good to rest and to be bored sometimes but hehe, I am not quite sure!

Yesterday I lied down all day sleeping and doing nothing but having pain and this pain is the most severe in the nights so my night sleeps are horrible.

Dr said this can take a long time to get rid of so I recommend everyone to be careful when being in the forest, wearing clothes and socks to prevent from getting ticks and check yourself carefully afterwards and not go as long as I have with the disease before getting help.

Love and light,


Hep-Hep Steff said...

geez, poor you. lyme disease really suck, and it could be very serious. please take some rest and take care about you. it's better to be bored for some time but back healthy after some time than no listening to your body and have very serious issues for the rest of your life.
i'm sending you hugs, love and prayers. you're in my thoughts and i love you <3

Unknown said...

Hei dear !!
fucking lyme disease !!
I hope that wont grew up to much fast and you could get out this fucking disease form your body !!!
I don't know witch treatment you have right now but did you know the chelation ? It works really great with lyme disease, it's an injection you have do did once a month/3 weeks! My mom follow this treatment since 3 years now for a haevy metals intoxication, and today she is realy better !
Did you know Yolanda Foster ? she has Lyme disease since 20 years now, and does chelation treatment since 2 years now.
I send you much of courage and love !!
I hope you'll get better as soon as possible now !
Take care !

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette,

I hope everything will be OK because lyme disease can be hard!
Carl once had lyme disease and he still suffers from it..
Horrible pains all over his body for weeks or even months!

I hope the medication will work and you can live your life fully again!


Arianna said...

Hi Anette,
sorry for you! I hope you get well very soon.

Take rest and care of you!

joseph white said...

Hey Netty cheer up....just got Imaginaerum...believe it or sound great in Storytime.....

joseph white said...

Cheer up Netty...I want my tears back now..!!!!

joseph white said...

You look sooo cute in that storytime just blows me away....probably one of your favorites... Cheer up !!!

Unknown said...

Haven't been on the blog site in awhile and this is the first post I saw :( I'm really sorry to hear that. Sending best wishes your way and hope you get well soon!:)