Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Perfect diet meals

Hi all,

Here´s some perfect meals for when you´re trying to diet and loose some weight as I am.

For breakfast:

I always do a protein smoothie and it varies which taste I have but always with one scoop of protein, one table spoon of creatine, natural fat free yoghurt, unsweetened almond milk and some sort of fruit or berries.

Then a regular lunch is rice with canned tuna in oil and either corn, tomatoes or asparagus for instance. I also add eggs if I am extra hungry like today=)

Then a great and yummie dinner is egg wrap which is eggwhites and one egg yolk that are made as a thin pancake and this I fill with chicken bacon, chicken filet, baby spinach or similar greens, red pepper, avocado mash with onions and lots of garlic! 


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