Sunday, May 29, 2016

Our cosy saturday

Hi all and happy Mothers day to all mothers, cause today its MOTHER´s DAY here in Sweden=)

We went to my mum´s place already yesterday and celebrated both mothers day but also her birthday since she was in the hospital on her birthday and I promised her a yummie smörgåstårta when she came home=)

 So we ate lots of yummie stuff, chit-chatted sitting in their garden while the kids played and we also took a ride with the kids kicking bikes=) 

A wonderful summer day with the best people and family in the world.


Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Happy Mother's day to you and your family :). And it's so good to know that your mum is doing better and home again.

Enjoy this day together with those you love most and have a great start into the new week tomorrow :).

Hugs and light!

Elvenpath said...

Oh, dear, sorry for being late, I've had problems with Internet...
Happy Mother's day! (a bit late, haha) For you and your mother!
Bye! :)