Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Time to tell some news=)

I am so happy to tell you one secret I´ve kept and what has been what I´ve been doing in the studio a while ago=) I am gonna be in a brand new rock opera called RICHARD ROCKS as the female lead role of QUEEN ELIZABETH and this has premiere in London in October the 3rd this autumn so go and follow the site, check the news and stay tuned for more info!

Peter and Maria have made a wonderful rock opera and the music is so great and happy to be a part of this exciting new musical journey=)


Pascal said...

Hi again!

Wow, this are really breathtaking news, incredible! First of all, CONGRATULATIONS that you got this role :). You can be very proud of that and they prove a good sense of making choices :D.

And october the 3rd... well, this is a free day here in Germany, so I would love to go to the premiere then of course. I will be studying by this time so I can´t say for sure now whether I can go or not, but it would be fantastic :).

Thanks for sharing the news and I´m looking forward to new information about it.

Lots of hugs to you and enjoy your evening!

Serena said...

Congrata Nettie!!

Hep-Hep Steff said...

i saw it on fb, it looks like an exciting project! i'm really happy for you, congrats!
hugs & love <3

Anix said...

Oh! Damn! And now?! I love Richard III in every form!!! I nearly know the original play by heart and I went to London two times last year to watch the show in Trafalgar three times (I thought I was supposed to watch it thrice since it's in the name itself :P). And I cannot miss you playing Elizabeth (even if my favourite Shakesperian character ever is Margaret)!!! I can't!!! I know your show will be great!! But I'll be in London in September for Hamlet. No idea where I will find the money to go back there for you. :S I'm so conflicted now. I'd sell my own organs to come and see you!! :S Sorry for all this nonsense, I just learned the news and I'm fangirling hard in every direction with a mix of frustration... X_X Congrats anyway, you'll be amazing!!

Karin said...

Yay, grattis än en gång !
Det är fantastiskt roligt att du ger dej in i musikalens värld ;
Will be so exciting following you on this journey and adventure :)

And I will try to come and see it in London. It is not that far away :)

Henk said...

Congrats Nettie!!!! I really want to hear it