Thursday, July 09, 2015

Going to the church

Yesterday taking these outfit photos were not the easiest since I were in the middle of a storm with rain that stood sideways=) 

Photos are taken by Pålsjö church here in Helsingborg, a lovely place to take photos!

Shoes from VALENTINO

Dress from H&M, necklace heritage from my grandmother

Denim jacket from DIESEL with modification by me with the swarowski cross in the back

Bag from LINDEX

Bracelet my own design


Unknown said...

Always beautiful!! I'm Waiting for a new album!!! Kisses!!

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

You look great in this outfit, especially the jacket with the cross you made on it looks amazing, and churches are always nice places. I´ll keep the name of this one in mind for when I visit Sweden again and hopefully Helsingborg then :).

Have a beautiful day and never forget to SHINE :). No matter what others might say from time to time, YOU are a true angel and wonderful person!

Lots of hugs and light!

Frederich2108 said...

You're a beautiful goddess anette all the gloss of your joy dynamics of your charm there is no comparison whatsoever to be so inspired, I liked the dress of the day today does see you're a very fine woman tastes ... I much like fine

Karin said...

That jacket is great! I mean the idea with the cross on the back. I might steal your idea :)
The swarowskis : did you just glue them with some super-glue or...... ?

Hep-Hep Steff said...

wow, i love your denim jacket! it simply look stunning with the swarovskis.... <3

Victoria Donovann said...

Wwwoooo ..........moooother of great legs!!!!!!! Hehehe ...... wait....the jacket????? Cool!!!!! Great!!!! 😉