Saturday, July 18, 2015


Hi all and sorry for the bad blogging but I am in my intense summer work period which will last the remaining summer and the days I am not working we do things with the family since the boys now all have vacation=) 

But I will of course blog now and then and otherwise follow me in instagram=)

So, for those of you who want to follow my diet and Body for life challenge I´ve instagrammed about I promised to write down about this and here´s some of what I´ve been eating and exercising this first week.

If you´ve never heard of Body for Life, go check their web page:
to read more and maybe do a challenge yourselves? I promise it works since I´ve done this before, like before Nightwish where I was really in great shape!

So why do I do this diet? Well, its for many reasons but the most important one is that I´ve been eating to little for some time due to stress and that has made me tired, without energy, sad, feeling low and also not being able to be my normal happy person. 

So now I do this to get back in a happier mode, a stronger body and a healthier person again.

So I eat 6 meals a day, small ones during the day and the food list u can find at and I don't eat gluten. I have one day that is my eating day, or a free day so to say where I can eat whatever I want and how much I want. Candy, cookies, good food or wine you decide yourself.

I also exercise 6 days a week and every second day its 20 minutes of interval cardio exercise and the other 3 weight exercise. To read more about how to perform this go to the website:

the key to success in this program that lasts for 3 months (or longer) is to plan everything ahead. Prepare meals, do lunch boxes for work and so on and plan every exercise ahead and for this I use a book from Fitnessguru where I write down and plan everything ahead and also write down all weights I use so I can make progress and see how I am moving forward.

Here´s some of my meals this week for inspiration:

Salmon, brown rice, spinach and sweet and sour sauce 

Baked potato, cottage cheese, chunky salsa, beef and veggies

One of my favourite evening meals before bedtime is casein pudding with berries. I use chocolate the most and get mine from MMsports.

Glutenfree tortilla bread, cottages cheese, beef and veggies

Another great snack at work or at home is cottage cheese and berries

Almost the same but minced meat instead

For work brown rice, minced meat and veggies and salsa

Casein pudding again but not pina colada taste=)

Also a great snack in between is gluten free hard dark bread with cottage cheese and some spices on top

Favourite breakfast is either overnight oats if I work early shift or this: oats, protein powder vanilla taste from MATTERS with berries, milk and stevia

Or like here with strawberries

I workout mostly at FNF4LIFE where I do cardio in form of spinning and then weights in the gym as well as some crossfit exercises. I also work out at home and then I use tabata and my jump rope and other jumps.

I´ll tell more about the progress but now u know some more and read more in Bodyforlife of course=) And I am not endorsed by them, but I know it works!


linnea-maria said...

Det låter verkligen toppen. Jag har hamnat totalt ur balans och gått upp mycket i vikt. Jag ska försöka klämma in träning i höst nu när mitt schema kommer blir betydligt lättare :-). Tack för tipset!

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

It´s ok, we understand it when you don´t have so much time for blogging and I´m happy for you that you can spend much time now with your family :).

This Bodyforlife diet sounds very interesting and when it works and you feel good with it, then it´surely the right thing for you. I also make some kind of diet at the moment, but still I don´t have a defined plan. It´s mostly that I try to eat less, not so that I feel like I´m starving, but I think I ate sometimes too much the last months. And I feel I should work out a clear eating strategy, so I´ll see about this.

The meals look really tasty and healthy, I´m sure they are good :). Have a beautiful afternoon now with hopefully some great weather!

Lots of hugs to you!

eliete said...

Hello Anette!
I really like the Bodyforlife idea, gonna check it since I've got to lose weight. I've got hypothyroidism, so I must have extra care with my food and do many exercises. Thank You u for the tip.

Luv ya,

Hep-Hep Steff said...

hi sweet anette, i hope you get my emails... still no bracelets in my box, and it usually don't take that long to come from sweden to france.... two other things i've ordered this month were lost by the french postal service, and i worry it's the same for your parcel.... :(
hugs & love <3

Unknown said...

Anette, thank you for sharing this with us. I haven't worked out in about a month, mostly because I am busy with school, work and my internship. This inspires me to get back on track. Thank you!