Saturday, July 26, 2014

You are the maker of your own destiny

Hi all=)

I´ve had a wonderful week where I´ve been off work and taking care of my boys and enjoying the hot summer weather we have here right now with temperatures over +30 degrees! Wow=) 

Haven't been this hot here since I was pregnant with Seth back in 2001. I still remember that HOT and heavy summer since I at my highest pregnancy weight weighed in at 90 kilos…puh! A lot of fluids of course but still, it was the heaviest I´ve been ever and I hope never again. 

I am such an energetic person who loves to move fast. At work, I don´t walk slow, I walk fast all the time. And I´ve always been like that. Fast forward, going from one spot to another and at work I have always disliked to sit around doing nothing. So my summer job at the elderly home suits me perfect, since there´s always someone who needs help and time sure flies.

As you all know I love to exercise and now I´ve found the perfect exercise for me that really gives me that kick I need to push myself over and over. Crossfit! I started in november last year and the improvement I´ve done is magical. Not only have I lost lots of weight but also I start to get muscles and a strength that is awesome! Our bodies are made to work and if you like to really SWEAT and work super hard but with lots of team spirit around you - do crossfit=)

Here´s some sweaty pictures from my lovely gym Fnf4life=):

And not only do I get the best exercise but also I´ve met some amazing people at my gym and to get up there, getting a hug from them all before we start exercising is such a nice feeling and make me never wanna quit going there. How many gym´s have THAT team feeling??=)

I worked yesterday afternoon/evening and have some days coming before summer is ended and I hit university. I´ve loved to work at this place and I sure hope I can continue working there during my school and summer breaks. It helps me becoming a good nurse to be a part of this and see how our care of elderly works. So I thank my boss for letting me be a part of it this summer=)

Last weekend me, Johan and the kids (except for Seth who is a teenager and prefer to be with his older friends=) went to Hembygdsparken in Ängelholm. This is a great place for kids and it doesn´t cost any entrance so perfect for everyone. Here they have a huge playground with different areas for different ages to play in and then it´s also an animal park with animals such as hen, ducks, pigs, goats, horses, deer and many more. The kids love it and while me and Mio walked around one of the ducks felt like taking a nice bath in the little bath bowl and I captured it:

Here he/she comes to the bowl

Oh, this is sooo nice

Yay, I can fly=)

Look how clean and cute I am now=)

Such a lovely moment to watch and the pure joy afterwards when he/she felt good and not so hot anymore=)

Of course I took some more photos for you, here you go:

Soooo, some from last weeks stuff=) This weekend will be about family today and then off to work tomorrow. I´m also finishing some lyrics I´m writing for a song to be recorded for something in the coming weeks and I´m actually writing the lyrics in Swedish! And it feels good=) Fun to try out new stuff!

About my headline: You are the maker of your own destiny? 
Well, I mean that if you want something done or changed - don´t sit and wait for things to happen! Go out there and start the change! If you want to change your body - start exercising, change your food, take a personal trainer and so on..

If you want a new career - check how to become it, then make a plan, apply to university, take courses, go for auditions (if music or stage jobs), network to get in contact with others, apply even for a job that you haven´t got any education for (sometimes you can get a job even without proper education if you really show you want to work hard to learn) and so on..

For me: I take new decisions all the time and I also am a very outspoken person so yesterday I put down some stuff to one I work with to get things rolling since nothing ever happens. If people don´t answer you or caring of your work, push and make them HAVE to do their work.

Cause it´s YOU and no one else who make YOUR own destiny in this life and believe me- life is to short to spoil on the wrong people or things.

A long blog post but that´s to make up for the lack of blog posts lately=)

ENJOY this weekend now!!!


Betty Blue said...

You say university... Is becoming a nurse in Sweden like this, like going to university? Here in Germany, we have three years of courses and practical times, we work at each department in our huge hospital including elderly homes and intensive care units. It´s not like going to university here :D I guess you too will have practical parts but I just ask because when you say "university", it sounds like only sitting there, learning theoratical everything about being a nurse :D

Hep-Hep Steff said...

anette, you're incredible!!!!! i would have hard time to walk with you, with my poor back and bad ankle, i'm quite slow when i walk and i couldn't go very far without having to stop a bit..... and with this damn summer, my "good" ankle is swollen and painful, it's really a pleasure to walk! i sometimes take my two crutches at home since a few days, when i usually use only one (both are for outside - or real big pain)... and on top of this the joy to wear my lumbar belt with tis eat.... at least it's only around 25/27, not 30! a little bit less hot than you, lol ;)
at least it seems you have a great time with your little ones, and in a nice place as well. thank you for the lovely pics!
i wish you and your family a nice weekend, kisses & love <3

Unknown said...

Hello Anette

Your Blog is such a pleasure to read. You are such a beautiful person, both inside and out. I really hope to meet you some day. Sending lots of love from Nottingham (That's in the UK in case you were wondering...Robin Hood land lol)

Lance xxx

Unknown said...

Hallo Anette!

Thats totally true. Next month I change also a lot. I go back to school after 6 years ago and start to make my Diploma in health and social. It goes two years. The first year I had a placement with people with dementia. And I have one or two days the week school. I am a little bit exiting,but I hope I get it. Maybe I want go study after the two years. I like it to help people and I know how it is when you need help. Maybe we can talk about our experiences. I have see you work in your summer job also with dementia and I also can see in your face and in your smile that you like it totally. That would be great :-) oh and I also make a other change a month ago. I go to exercise and I love it. I have also change my food. You have give me courage to do that. Thank you for that :-)

Kriszti said...

I'm so glad that you are happy! It's really lovely to read things like this on your blog :) And you are so inspirational, a true role model for us all. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and bits of your life with us. Lots of love and hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

Unknown said...

Anette Olzon, I need to share something with you. Two week ago I had a dream to you, it seemed so real, maybe it had been spiritual character, but it was very good. You were talking to me, we were walking along a beautiful road of green landscape. You spoke to me about your desire to be better every day not only as a singer but mostly as a person. The dream was quick, but worthwhile. I'm sure the dream was before you had posted on your blog about your desire to help the elderly, becoming a nurse. Very beautiful attitude. I was very happy to know that. Success in your musical career and your studies. I love your voice. I posted about it on your facebook page, but I don't know if you ever read. Love, your fan from Brazil.

stevono1 said...

Anette, this comment has nothing to do with your post but I was just listening to Meadows of Heaven. I only wish I get to see you perform that again in my lifetime. Please come to London or let me know when you are performing it next. I would really like to come see it.

Sending much love.

I wish you the very best, you deserve it.

stevono1 said...

Anette, this comment has nothing to do with your post but I was just listening to Meadows of Heaven. I only wish I get to see you perform that again in my lifetime. Please come to London or let me know when you are performing it next. I would really like to come see it.

Sending much love.

I wish you the very best, you deserve it.

The One Who Should Die said...

What do you weigh now, if you don't mind me asking?
Such lovely photos!

Erika said...

Hej Anette!
Alltid kul å läsa din blogg, har följt din blogg sedan du började blogga. hade turen å se din live i göteborg 2007, missade tyvärr 2012 men hoppas på att få chansen å se dig live igen med ditt nya band. Tycker din musik är grymt bra! :D

Men ville också säga att det är roligt att läsa om dina planer för framtiden, jobbar själv inom vården som undersköterska. Ville bara önska dig lycka till :)

// Erika

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

Going off your description of what you're like in the nursing home you sound just like me when I used to work in one. I was the Duracell Bunny of the nursing home :-) I was non-stop, always doing something. I would even have energy during the final hour of a 12 hour shift. These days I'm a bit more mellowed out although I still worked hard on the ward ( when I worked there until recently ).

I agree with you Anette when you say if you want something done or changed then don't sit there and wait for it to happen. Although I don't entirely agree that 'everyone' can be the maker of their own destiny. I don't mean to throw water on your fire Anette but for some people there are certain personal circumstances which can hinder a persons chances to fulfil an ambition or dream. For example, I would really of liked to be a nurse. Though unfortunatly due to my speed of information processing problem ( I was tested by an educational psychologist years ago ) that affects my reading and writing, having tried it I can't be as I can't read or write fast enough. ( as you'll find out there will be mountains of paperwork. It's just like working in an office ).

Although I do know there are other dreams or ambitions in my life that I know that I can fulfil :-) In fact, I've been working on one of them during the last four years and also during my time off. I'm not going to say at this stage what it is. What I will say though is that it looks like it's going to become a reality very soon :-)

Though I do agree with you Anette when you say life is too short to spoil on the wrong people or things. Up until recently I've had a friend whom I've known for nearly 20 years and I'm not going to go into specific detail here but it's slowly occurred to me over a long period of time that the guy in question, even though I do believe that he did like me when we were friends, has been describing me in an unflattering way to other people he knows thus harming my dignity. I strongly suspect this might be because he doesn't like himself. So even though he likes me at the same time he puts me down to try and make himself look good. Sad isn't it? This person is also a poser. He habitualy pretends to be things he's not. Something happened on a night-out a few months ago that made me realise this person is not who I thought he was. Basically he's left me totally high & dry. So I've washed my hands of him.

My apologies if my post might be a bit long-winded.

Goodnight Anette! :-)

BellaTwilight said...

Hy Anette I am probably want to lose weight too , and i like eating healthy sometimes when i am not enjoy to eat so much food , i haven't go to eat at mcdonalds food , however they are bad taste. . yes but then again i like cooking a healthy recipe, in my country side we learn to cook for a family, and it is looking like in Spain , because of my language Is it a latin!.Yes i think is it good to cook a healthy meal.;)

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Oh yes, a long blog post indeed, but never mind, because I love reading them :). And it´s a really positive one that I like a lot. Thanks for the beautiful words and pictures you share with us in it.

And when it comes to the „main topic“ of it which is said in the headline, I must say you are absolutely right. We have to make the best of our lives and our fates and we must do something for it and not wait until all will go fine from itself. I know that. In theory. But I think the main problem a lot of people have, and I want to include myself, is the fear of failure. I know that what you said is right and I wishto live after that principle and build my life like that. But at the moment I think I´m still not ready. I always think like when I try to reach my aims and I fail on it, I can totally blame myself for it. When I not try, then I still can think like „some day all you wish for will happen“ and that´s actually a good feeling, even if in fact it won´t happen when I don´t work for it. And I know that. But the fear is just that when I really start reaching my aims, striving actively to achieve them and then I don´t manage it, I could loose my hope and I´m often very afraid of this. Don´t get me wrong please, I know it´s not a good way to think like that and I also try to get over that. What I need is more courage :). And more belief in myself and in what I can reach when I aim to it. That´s what I still lack of, more self-confidence and so on. But I hope and believe that I´ll cope with that and that I will be more brave in the future. I feel you want to encourage us to take our lifes in our hands, so I promise you that I try to work on it, because I also know it will be better for me and the future. And I must say your blog post here gave me courage and hope with its positiveness. Thank you a lot :).

I wish you a very nice day and a great start into a new week! Thank you for always being there! :).

Lots of love and hugs!

linnea-maria said...

Heja Anette!
Vad bra skrivet.
Mitt stora problem, eller ja det får mig att hamna i trubbel, är att jag är alldeles för ärlig. Om det är något jag tycker är fel eller orättvist säger jag det och det är förvånansvärt få som inte kan ta det, trots att jag aldrig går till personangrepp.

Danilo Oliveira said...

Oh, strongest Anette!!! haha :-)
Anette, have you seen your music was used in a soundtracks game?? Very nice!! Enjoy, greetings from brazil.

Pascal said...


I just wanted to say for Nemo:

Grattis på födelsedagen!! :).

I hope he is spoiled with nice things, wish him all the best for the new year of life and hope you all have an enjoyable party day together!

stevono1 said...

Love you Anette.

Karin said...

Hejsan Anette,
I haven't been here for awhile. Took a break from everything , I suppose, and been on my summer-house.
Quite alone I might say. Well, I' ve been thinking a lot about my life, and my situation right now. Maybe too much :) My thoughts are slowly driving me crazy :)
My children are with their dad, who have found a ladyfriend, and this thing also gave me somehow new feelings. Not good, not bad, but different...
Your blog post here was so good :) Yes, my life is mine, and I have to do the best of it .
I work with children, I am a school-assistant , and will now work with the same children as last year when they were first-graders. It is the best work in the world ! I can be truly happy to have a job I love, that helps a lot when you struggle with everything else.

But when you work in the school-world the new year begins in august :)
Inspired by you, I am going to take up exercising again. And I know I will , because when I decide something , I also do it ! To do physically something, it also helps the mental part. This is going to be a great year!
Tack Anette igen för inspiration och hjälp, och tänkvärda tankar :) Kram !