Friday, July 18, 2014


One of my favourite artists is Melody Garlot and today I clean the place and listen to this album and enjoy being off work=)

Have a happy Friday everyone!


Pascal said...

Hello Anette!

I´m back from my holidays and it was super, super great :). I will write later on again, because I´m still busy at the moment, but I want to share a few thoughts and so on the holidays then and hope you will enjoy reading. And then of course I checked up what happened here and in instagram during my week away and on that I also have some words then, nice ones of course since I´m always on your side :).

See you and enjoy your day! And by the way, it feels good to read you again and to write here again, I missed that!

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Now I feel it´s time to tell about my vacation and some other things as I said, it will be a longer comment so I´ll send it in two pieces. I hope you don´t mind :). And that you will like reading it.

So, first comment about the vacation. I hope you will like all the infos, but especially the last paragraph should be interesting to you :).

It was a ship cruise and I didn´t know that before, it had been a surprise. But a very welcome one, with the ship we went across the Baltic sea. First station was Tallinn, of what I have heard some times before. It was a beautiful city, quite calm and friendly I think. We had a city tour by bus and then some time to spend in the city, for shopping, having a coffee and so on. The weather was really good and as I said, I liked the place so it was a nice day.

The next day we were in St. Petersburg. There we had a city tour by bus again and I must say, they have really impressive buildings there. Really great for taking photos and so on. In St. Petersburg we didn´t spend any free time, but on some places we could go out from the bus, which was very welcome because inside the bus it was terribly hot that day.

The station after St. Petersburg was Helsinki. We went to a ship by bus and then across the water by the ship, were I took again lots of photos. It was such a great nature there! The water, the forests around and the city far away. Such an impressive and beautiful panorama. In Helsinki we had again time to spend and that was great, because there was the cathedral of Helsinki which is so beautiful, from inside and outside. And right to the left of it, there was a street with lots of shops and so on where shopping was really fine. Afterwards, of course you can´t miss the market of Helsinki, where they sell fresh fruits, vegetables and so on. I liked that city a lot and it was not easy to leave but I guess it wasn´t the last time that I went there.

So, and then, the next day our last station came. And it should be, for me, the most impressive, most beautiful one. Anette, on the last day we were in Stockholm :). And I must say... wow... you have such a great, great capital city in Sweden! You can be really proud of it. So beautiful and lots of nice people, at least all I met were really friendly. Here was again a city tour by bus where we came across important buildings of Stockholm. For example the Abba Museum, the opera house, the NK shopping centre, the Reichstag building, which was called „Sveriges Riksdag“, I found that so cute :). There were many more great places we saw and I was totally impressed by the city. At the end of the bus tour we took part in an attraction called „Skyview“. I´m not sure if you know that, it´s a building a bit round, 72 meters high and there are two round gondolas which bring you up the building, rest on top of it and go down then again. The sight on top of the building was phantastic! You saw the whole city and the nature around it, it was so beautiful and great for taking photos. Afterwards, the bus went back to our ship but there was the option to go back to the city centre by shuttle. I did that and went for shopping through the city and it was so great. The people I met were really friendly, helpful when you asked for a way for example and they spoke a really, really good and very understandable english. That was needed since my swedish is still not so good, but a few sentences I used and the people seemed happy about that. There was only one thing that overshadowed the trip a bit. You know, for me it would be such an honour to meet you in person and being in your country finally but still so far away felt sad. But I keep believing :). That was surely not my last trip to Sweden. I really loved Stockholm, it´s architecture, the people, the nature of Sweden... I must say I went back home but I feel that my heart stood there :).

Pascal said...

Ok, that were the most important things I wanted to share about my vacation. And then, first of all it was great to read your thoughts on the people in the plane that was shot down. It shocked me to hear about that, R.I.P. to them all and lots of strength to those who were left behind.

And then about your long post about the music business and your normal work and so on. That was a really beautiful post, I enjoyed reading your thoughts and agree on every word. I admire that you, despite you are in the music business you go also on a normal job and so on. I can imagine that music business is very tough as you described it, and one thing I can say is: The way you are is absolutely great, you have all my respect for how you are and it´s great that you don´t let others make you giving up yourself. I will always love and support your music, but for me it was never only about music. I always saw a really great personallity in you and I still do and that´s the most important thing for me. That is the main reason why I follow you, because there is someone that I can admire for the way she is as person and this will always be like that :). I´ll always be there and follow you because you have all my respect and admiration.

Ok, that was it from me for the moment, I hope you have a really great day and that you enjoy it!

Lots of hugs and love to you! :).

Gerda said...

Love, love, looooove Melody! <3
Her voice goes best with candle light and a glass white wine ^_^