Monday, July 14, 2014

Doing good=)

Hi all!

At the moment I feel so blessed cause I have gotten a really nice summer job at an elderly home where I really enjoy working. My collegues and the sweet care takers are just wonderful=)

And I also got in to the university and 3 years of studying to be a NURSE! Yay!!! So damn happy! It´s a dream coming true and through my life I´ve had so many different jobs but I have always longed to help people and feel that I do something GOOD for others and a job that is more about heart and head than surface. 

Being in the entertainment business has good sides, for sure, but for me personally, there are also many bad sides. I´m a bit tired of people trying to just take your money, who doesn't care about friendship and only think of what they can win in every situation. It´s a man´s world and it´s necessary to be tough and have really strong elbows and I do, but I also really care for others and to feel a companionship and trust in others I put my career in to there hands. 

I have also had a hard time with the demands to look a certain way, dress a certain way and BE a certain way cause I am and will always be ME. What you see is what you get=)

I will always LOVE to do music, that´s not what I mean, BUT I have gotten so many negative bruises and scars the last years in the business that my love for this has slowly taken away the JOY from it and in the darkest and most lonely moments on tour, all I wanted was a job where I won´t always be judged and criticized whatever I do. Cause believe me, if you have a job where you always have people looking at you, trying to find something wrong with your achievement, even how strong you are and how good confidence you have, it will be a hard ride. Some will survive and think it´s worth it and ok with it but there are so many who just don´t want to continue.

Here in Sweden there´s so many artists who get a fast break through and things spin so fast, the record labels push hard to get them out to play and feel albums and they do a year, maybe 2 and then they are just gone. Burnt out, stressed, lack of motivation and so on and in some cases they come back but in a way where they themselves are more in charge and in a smaller way with a smaller label, or they just fall in to a "normal" job.

I have read so many times when a musician or an artist "complain" about how hard it can be to be a musician. - No money earned, no record sales cause so many download illegal, no promoters paying enough to get a band or an artist to play offering so bad payment that it´s almost as if the band or musician themselves need to pay to play that venue.

Every time someone says anything that its hard or so on - the first thing non-musicians say is: 
- But your work is what you LOVE - it´s not like a "normal" job, you are SO lucky cause the rest of us have to do boring jobs…and so on..

I have always worked in '"normal" jobs to make my living since music has always been so hard to be able to live on. Then I had the privilege to do it as my job for some years so I think I am right to say that NO, being a musician is NOT always easy, fun and just like working with your hobby. And in these days when record sales are going down and there are just to much music to choose from, it´s even harder.

Now this is not meant to be a "bu-hu" poor me statement, no=) I am blessed and I still love to make music and will continue doing that, but I will focus on my studies to get a good education and a profession I can have the rest of my working life and if I can do some gigs in weekends, some festivals I´ll do that and a new album when Ear music feel they want to put it out=)

Now time to sleep=) Thanks for reading and all my love for you who are there for me whatever I do and whoever I choose to be. 



Unknown said...

Dear Anette,
I just want to let you know that I am getting married next month, and the music that will escort me and my boyfriend in the beginning of the ceremony will be "Invincible" from you. This song really fits my past and the way I feel nowadays and you are singing absolutely beautifully in it. I have been enjoying your voice in Nightwish and after that as well. So thank you!
I am sad to find out that probably you will not sing for us very often in the future. I was really hoping to also listen to the studio version of Strong and Hidinng in the past. However I like the way you would like to help people and I respect your decision.
Greeting from Hungary: Erik

MJ said...

This is not the first time I have read the words of one of my favorite musicians that say things just like this. The first ones I remember hearing this from were the members of Europe, actually. Joey has said in the past that they have enjoyed this second era of the band, where they are in control of how they work and of their music, much more than the first time around even though without that they would not be where they are today. And a few other musicians from here in the US that I follow had the chance to be on top and were, but are now content to have a good working life as a musician and live quietly away from all the crazy parts of it.

So I guess this is my long-winded way of saying that I am happy that you are finding what works for you. Even if you don't always tour, you can always release new music, continue to create and express yourself that way even if it's one song here or there that fans can purchase from your website or something like that. There's no right or wrong way to be who you are, and if you can do two things that fulfill you and make you happy, that's a pretty amazing achievement. :) Good luck with everything and much love to you. <3

Karin said...

This was , on spite of the serious issue , quite enjoyable to read .
I can understand you , though I am not in the music-business!
The most important in life , is to make it worth living, and yes, enjoy it as much as you can .
And you have now found a way! You will make your dream come true! You will be a nurse and a new world will be open for you. A hard work, but a work you surely will enjoy. And then you have your music, your singing, that you can do in your own way, in your own time, and make the fullest of it. To really enjoy it !
I admire you Anette.
You are a strong woman, but also sensitive. You have a wonderful family, your training, your music and your new career! Things couldn't be better!
I am happy for you!

Grattis Anette till allting :) Livet och framtiden ser bra ut ! Många nya utmaningar i det nya yrket och studierna. Svåra stunder, men också bra. Det är de som gör livet.
Varm kram ,

lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Hi Anette,
I think you are absolutely right about the troubles musicians can suffer from and I totally agree that doing music for fun is a really nice thing but having this "normal" job is also important. And I understand you totally because I'm writing songs too and practicing with my dear violine but I'm also trying hard to get the education at university that I need to be able to help people afterwards.
And I think you are not a star because you are a musician, you are a star because you SHINE ;-) , because you are warm-hearted and because you really care about people and that was always what I liked most about you. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you so your studies will hopefully go great.

Kisses and hugs,
Steffi <3

rainy said...

Hi Anette!
Yeah, I totally agree with You. I always think that "normal" job is way easier than any kind of artistic one. Maybe it's because normally there are just some hours at work (more or less) but being a musician is... I don't know, I guess it's something you live 24/7, tour, interviews or recording new album- that's a lot more than "normal" job :) I'm not a musician (sometimes I want to, cause I love singing :D) but I think I kinda understand what you feel. And I'm really proud of You and happy that You have so wonderful time right now, you can do whatever you want and that is really important. I don't think people have to do only one thing in their lives, I personally like lots of things and cannot imagine working only in one place etc.
I hope you'll have wonderful time being a student and working with people but of course don't totally forget about music :D
Lots of love from Poland :) ;*

Cesar E. said...

You'll always have my support for which ever path you choose. Just remember that your time in the music business and especially your years with Nightwish have brought joy to so many people, including myself. Your presence during those years has even introduced many people to the metal genre and expand their musical interests.

Negativity is always the most vocal when it comes to comments, opinions, and reviews and that holds true to not just the music industry but in life..but your perseverance and positive attitude has always been truly inspiring.

I look forward to seeing what further successes your careers will bring you!

Mary's said...

Wow, what a great news! I greatly admire your approach to life , you are for me very inspiring person and thank you that you share your feelings with us! So good luck, dear!

Lina said...

Anette, thank you for your honesty. You deserve to be happy and this was a very informative and from-the-heart statement. I love your album and look forward to music from you in the future, but life is life, and we all have to earn a living! Thank you again for writing this and I will always support you no matter what!

Unknown said...

Best wishes, please see my recent post on your facebook page, B. Ragland..

Unknown said...

You know as I read this...I totally agree!!! I was in a band for years, we could never measure up, metal is for guys (3 girls and a guy drummer) I love to create and will continue to create for it is in my blood, but can definitely go without all the critics who know better, God first for me, family, and then music or career....You are very brave to pursue your life long dream and I am sure will be very blessed because of it....I also work at an assisted living, nursing home facility...and absolutely love it!! You go Annette!!!

Unknown said...

I agree with everthing you said in this blog, It seems the music buisness is a hard way to make ends meet, and becomes a sacrifice to be away from loved ones for an industry thats changed so much in recent times. It seems the only way to make money is to constantly tour. And like you said everyones got a hand in your pocket. And with all the music thats out there its hard to discern the good artists. I learned about Nightwish when I watched the tv series "Metal Evolution" power metal eppisode. I watched some youtube videos, then bought every album, videos, and became a major fan. This brought me to also become a big fan of yours. I was shocked when you left the band, and was kinda mad when I read what the other members of Nightwish said about you in the media. I am so lucky to be able to enjoy the music you created. It was totally by chance. I hope the music industry in the future nurtures truly talented artist, instead of using the till burnout. It should be about the art. Anyway, best wishes, a fan for life B. Ragland.

Wild Wolf said...

Good luck, Anette, Brazil loves you! ♥

Unknown said...

la mejor de las suertes para ti Anette los alunes que sacaste con nightwish fueron dos de los mejores para mi y me encanto tu alvun en solitario espero un nuevo albun tuyo éxitos y buena suerte saluidos desde Peru :D

Unknown said...

la mejor de las suertes para ti Anette tus albunes con nightwish fueron dos de los mejores para mi y me encanto tu trabajo en solitario (shine) espero un nuevo albun tuyo exitos para ti y exitos un abrazo desde Peru y ojala podamos verte cantando por aqui pronto si dios lo quiere :D

Carol Misokane said...

Hi Nettie and congratulations for entering the university.
You know, I always wanted to live through music but it's so hard and I discovered a doctor in me so right now I'm doing all that is necessary to study medicine and finally become a doctor. Of course music is the love of my life and I will do it as a hobby, I'll sing and play to my patients and I hope one day we can work caring for people together =D..a doctor is nothing without a nurse.
I feel a little bit sad because I know that you suffered a lot when you were in a famous band and I admire you so much for not giving up, sometimes I try to put myself in your place and I just can't think to carry on if I'd pass something like you did, so congratulations for being this strong and wonderful woman. I hope you never stop making music because you have many fans around the world and I hope to see a show of you in Sweden or anywhere else, because you have great musicians and amazing songs and I know more albums will come. Still I know you will never leave us and we can be with you through this blog.
So I hope you enjoy this new step and see you soon in the hospital!!

Love, Carol

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on making it into university my favourite lady Viking! :-) You'll make a fabulous nurse! :-) Once upon a time I myself was studying to be a nurse too. I was doing very well but I can't keep up with the office side of things on these very busy wards. When you start working on the wards Anette you'll find all the nurses spend most of their time completing mountains of paperwork and making telephone calls etc. It's hard to tell but I actually can't read or write properly. I suffer from a bit of a speed of information processing glitch. Fucks a lot of things up for me...

I don't know if life is more relaxed in Scandinavia but when I think back to the five years I worked in a nursing home it was actually a paradise compared to the hospital wards which can get totally crazy at times.

Regarding the ignorant people who say that normal work is boring and that been a musician must be so exciting I'll tell you a type of person who really gets on my tits are these people who make it very far into these tv 'talent' shows who say they can never go back to their ordinary jobs now they've got so far on the show. There is something about the way they speak of their ordinary jobs that implies ordinary work as being unworthy or dis-honourable. And as you and I know that is a load of bollocks!

Although I don't know you personally Anette I think you might be a person who is actually better suited to a normal job / career. Don't get me wrong, you were great in Nightwish and music generally, but when you talk about having negative bruising and scars this is why I'm wondering if you'd be better off in a normal job/career. Please don't take that as a criticism Anette as it's not one :-) I only say that as you sound affected.

Well, I've not yet found a clinic job ( hard to come by ) and my sick pay runs out at the end of August. It looks as though I'll be getting the same job as you Anette :-) Not in a nursing home but a more quiet residential home where the elderly people are mostly mobile. Just a matter of careful selection really. It's also easy to get a job in these places. I know as I did it for 5 years before I went to the hospitals. Not really ideal for my 2 inguinal hernias but it's the next best thing for me.

Good night! :-)

Unknown said...

Good for you Anette! Good luck in all you do! Blessings to you and yours!

Unknown said...

I'm so happy that you're feeling happy & blessed for the job & starting your studies!

I'm not and will not speak for all your ''fans'', but you CAN COUNT ON ME TO SUPPORT YOU!!...

And support you in any path you take, youre such an inspiration,
and a humble person.

lots of hugs & kisses for you!

linnea-maria said...

Åh, jag hoppas verkligen att du fortsätter med musiken. Du har den i blodet både sången och låtskrivandet. Men de närmaste tre åren kommer det nog att bli svårt att kombinera med studier. Kram

Unknown said...

Gratulerer så mye med studieplass!! ☺ Og lykke til med sommerjobb.

sajko.suzie said...

Hello Anette. Whatever you choose to do in life I will support you. I'm lucky to have found you through your music. You will stay my inspiration because you're just such a positive person. Wish you and your family lots of love <3

Hep-Hep Steff said...

you speak the truth! i've read the same thoughts by some friends who are doing artistic jobs for a living. they're all independants, and if they love what they do, there is hard time as well.... people tend to forget than when you're an artist and doing this for a living, you still have to pay the bills and have something to eat. it's easy to think that because someone have a big name, this person is regarded as being rich, which is not really the truth... and doing something you love doesn't mean it's not a hard job as well. so what, because you do what you love, you shouldn't complain, or get a real job if you couldn't do a decent living? and a world without music, cinema, or any other artistic thing, how would it be? i don't want to know it, and i don't want to have only a handful of selected "artists" with no talent but a lot of money behind...
oh, and congrats for going to study to be a nurse, i'm proud of you!
kisses & love for you and your family <3

BellaTwilight said...

Dear Anette i feel happy for you and your music , you should write books and things , i adore your music and yes you are my inspiration. i never met nightwish before , but i know that the problem of it . and i support you as a fan because i like your taste of music.i feel inspiring by your melodies . and i feel happy just to listen to your cd and a post in your blog. please someday i wish i had a chance to met you!?thanks in advice Raluca. all my best for you.

Betty Blue said...

Dearest Anette!
Being a nurse is the best job there is! I´ll be one in three years, too - I will start my studying in September, if all goes well. I´ve been working in a hospital as a trainee-nurse for one year now, ENT department, and I know that you see terrible, really terrible things, but there´s so many good parts of this job that they overweigh the bad sides. Being a nurse is all I want and I will become one, and I wish you pleasant three years in studying and then a great department to work at =) I for myself hope to get a job at the ENT one day again because I really came to love it. Sure, all the tracheotomies are very hard to see, but... Well. I think you know what I mean and why I love this job =)
All the best!

Unknown said...

Hi, Anette!
It makes me feel very happy knowing that you're chasing your dreams, whatever they are. It's really important for us all to do what we like to do.

But please, don't stop composing and singing. Your album was the very best thing that came out this year. "Floating" touches my heart and makes me wander in my dreams, it's such a beautiful song!

You're so blessed with this gift. You don't need to feel pressured to be in the big industry of music just because you were there before with Nightwish. You can be a nurse, take care of people and still make your music at weekends, as you said. The important thing is: never give up of whatever makes you happy. I'm sure you've been making the difference in so many people's lives with your voice. :^)

There are people criticizing us everywhere in every kind of job. I'm a public servant in my city and I have to deal with people who only want to harm me everyday. Well, that's life and I refuse to let them accomplish this kind of goal. ;^)

Good luck with your new journey! God bless you!

litaford said...

Hej Anette! 1st of all, congratulations for chasing your real dreams and also for not doing stuff just to please other people, I also love music and singing as you do, but unfortunately, in the past I didn't have my parents' support to have the singing lessons I wished with all of my heart, but now that I'm 24 I only sing now and then, and of course I love singing your songs from the new album,you're such an inspiration to me, 'cause you're such a great and strong woman.
I only want to say, to end this, my boyfriend wanted to see you here in Mexico City and me too, of course, since I saw you in there in 2008. So send you lots of love and hugs from Mexico city :D


Juhlly said...

I'll always support you and your decisions. You're a very special person. You're precious and your music always helps me very much. Best wishes for you making the difference in the world. <3 <3

Fiona said...

Annette, I am very proud of you that you are going to be a nurse and I just want to tell you that reading your inspirational posts on your blog has helped me through some very hard times in my life. I think you are a very special person and you are a true blessing to this world.

Marisol said...

Congrats on getting into the University! I hope next year I could get into it to study to be an English Translator, but I will see, 'cause I have a bit of agoraphobia, and it's hard to me to go out alone most of the time =/. I'm working on it ;-).
I understand you a lot with all this shit that happens in the music business. You're not alone. I used to want to be a write until early this year, but for women everything is sooo hard to do in that kind of business... I don't know why, but it's the same in every "artistic job" you choose. Unless you're a man, of course ¬¬. But the worst part is that when you're inside, or you're almost in, people make out a hell of your life, and you feel so much discouraged that you want to leave, to go far far away and never come back to this world you love. But then you remember you really love it, that you're meant to be there, to do it, and you come back to it and you get hurt again. And, do you know which was the saddest part of it all? That the writers that already are in the business try to discourage you, and in some occasions, they show off their machismo and punish you for being a woman trying to get published her book. In other words, if a man do it, it's ok, but if a woman do it, is wrong and she have too much to improve before get published. That happened to me, and this last time, I had to say "enough" and move on, 'cause it was taking me to a place I don't want to be: depression. Believe me, I won't try again. I'm not as strong as you =(. Sadly, this kind of jobs are not for everyone.
I'm glad that you're not leaving apart music, because you're so much talented. I love "Shine"! I hope we could hear more music from you soon, Anette. You're a talented singer and composer, and you deserve to keep doing what you love ;-)

Sx =] said...

Ola Anette.

Sorte e prosperidade em sua vida. Sua mensagem tem um forte sentimento de despedida, mas fico feliz que tenha encontrado um caminho que seja seu e que te faça feliz. Você merece sucesso em tudo que por as mãos.

Fico um pouco triste também, pois acreditava que um dia a veria um dia ao vivo aqui no Brasil. Amei sua voz no CD Shine, comentei com meus amigos que sua voz esta sendo mal aproveitada no NightWish...

Que bons ventos te conduzam a felicidade e paz, a terras agradáveis de prosperidade.


stevono1 said...

Anette, please never forget that Dark Passion Play sold more copies than any other N/W album. Amaranth alone has 69,803,115 views on YouTube. You were the best as far as I am concerned. I took a chance and gave your solo album a try. I am impressed. Sending love from the UK.


Unknown said...

Anette ... before anything, Anette woman ... you need, like any other woman in the world, feel fulfilled inside out, be big and full with herself, capable of remarkable feats with a simple gesture .. . believe that all these things are part of the feminine soul, when in alge its beauty, overflowing sensitivity. After taking a look through my window last glad and contemplate the present, trying to build the best possible future. I think: "What we went through things so dumb, and other so intense other increditáveis ​​To be almost necessary in today's day and the likely need for the morrow, for ourselves and those around us ... an evolution? of our ancestors, the evolção the future that are our children. "Become what your heart desires, feel what it is able to endure, give your best in each different moment and pleases many think are important. Be happy being famous or common, rich or poor, singer or not, and what we feel needs to be. Kisses and stay with God.

Unknown said...

Dear Anette, this is a big fan of you from Romania, I'm honoured that I had the chance to see you in my country. I totally agree with your feelings, I have a big talent too(drawing,giving life with a pencil),but it is not a part of my life anymore,I gave up on it since I know I can't do anything useful with it and this life is so short that you don't have enough time to test,try,fail and resume too many things to realize where you actually fit. So,follow your way and be happy to have your own way. Wish u all the best,
Oana-Maria N.

Unknown said...

Dear Anette. I feel the need to write to you - so here goes! About a month ago i came across a facebook page - NICU Helping Hands Angel Gown Program - Australia. I was so moved i decided to start doing it myself. What i didn't realise was that a lady in America started it -
Angel Gowns by Michelle at She started at the beginning of this year making burial gowns for babies who grow their wings too soon out of donated wedding dresses. I came across the Australian site a month ago and have started doing this in the U.K. However - i am doing this on my own. I don't really know what the next step is to take - i am looking for helpers/gowns/materials etc etc. I would love this to get country/world wide! I know that if you become a midwife you may have to deal with deaths - and there is nothing that anyone can do, it's one of the great mysteries of life, but no one should be looking for an outfit for baby to wear at such a upsetting time. I'm very very lucky. I have never experienced a loss and have 3 beautiful children, but sometimes it doesn't work out for otheer people. I am on my second gown now - i would love to be able to make more but with family life i have to fit it in wherever i can. Please support my page - Angel Gownz UK on Facebook. It would be amazing!!! Thank you for your love and friendship to all your fans. Love Caroline. x

Amanda Lopes said...

Dear Anette,
Congratulations on getting into University and good luck with the studies and the summer job!
You've been such an inspiration for me as a strong woman. Reading your blog and listening to your beautiful interpretations and songs has helped me cope with this very frustrating and painful year I'm going through, so thank you! With love, Amanda.

matotu said...

Hi Anette!
You have my respect and symphaties. As far as I know you from this blog and interviews and so on you are a wonderful person. Thank you for giving us love, music and wisdom. I just wanted to tell you.
Also have a nice weekend :-).

Unknown said...

Hi Anette, you know, when I read what you posted, I felt very sad and hurt.
When I saw your presentation at the festival, Waken 2008, I really was impressed by your strength without the need to be aggressive, the way you interact with the public, was something truly wonderful to see. That really impressed me. It was like watching a female version of Bruce Dickinson. I saw a great singer, but above all a great leader. I'm in college, but I wanted to be someone like you, someone who can change the world, someone who can change the rules.
I really admire your strength, but right now, those women in Palestine, deserve my admiration. Anette, all of us suffer. But right now my pain is nothing compared to those women who live in Palestine. Think about doing a band or making music, it may sound frivolous but it is not. Music can move a generation to think differently. Bob Dylan once said, that the work of an artist, is to inspire people.
I'll always love you Anette, if you're happy. I can only wish you to be extremely happy. Thanks for giving us your wonderful voice, thanks for that glimmer of hope.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette,
I'm glad you got into Nurse school and are doing what you love. I understand your decision about your music. After your lengthy tours with your previous band, you deserve a break.
I, myself, am hoping to find work in the film industry. After all these years, I think I've found what I want to go into as a career. I'm actually guaranteed a volunteer opportunity on a film set in August and I'm really looking forward to it.

You gotta start somewhere, right? =) All the best for the future and I'm already curious to hear your second album since I loved Shine so much. X

Unknown said...

Hi Anette,

if you give as much love to your patients as you did to your fans and audience onstage, you'll be the best of nurses.
I wish you all the best and hope to see you perform someday in France :)
Thank you for everything so far, you have been a real inspiration for me and thanks to you I am more confident when I sing. As you said, it is foolish to think you can force someone to dress/be/act differently from what they are. So you inspired me with your talent as a singer, but also with all your good advice :) You truly are a beautiful person.
I saw you twice onstage and the energy you had then was really positive and communicative so I'm trying to give as much love and passion when I'm onstage.
So once again, THANK YOU, you are the best :)

Lots of love,