Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Night terror

Hey all and happy Tuesday!

Since I was a small child I´ve suffered from night terrors, which means I dream so intense horror dreams that I wake up totally scared and can´t understand that it was all a dream. I am so scared that I need to cuddle up to Johan and make him tell me that I am here and now and not in the dream. Many times I can´t go back to sleep cause every time I close my eyes the same dream comes back and it´s just horrible. 

When I was a small child I screamed and mum couldn´t comfort me when these things happened so it´s been there ever since. Most people only have night terrors in their childhood but for me, they are still there.

So today I am exhausted and tired after the horrible night and the dream is still vivid in my mind.

Does any of you know these night terror attacks and have u had them in adult age?

Love and light,


Unknown said...

Yo, first time responder, long time fan of your blog. Don't let those faceless wimps who don't have the gaul to tell you things and hide behind a fucking computer and an anonymous alias. They're just useless pricks anyway, and I would like to see them do a days real work.

So, I've had recurring nightmares and screaming in my sleep for a good few years. It has gotten me kicked out of many a share house, and has even cost me chef jobs and friendships/girlfriends. I dream im on a bus crash in the snowy parts of Scandinavia. I often wake u[p with a sore throat from screaming, and if i've done a 50 plus hour week in the kitchen and am overtired i'm almost guaranteed tio scream in my sleep the thoughts i don't say cat work or again, the bus accident in Scandinavia.

Mirna_333 said...

Hi Anette, yes but not frequently.
I had a similar dream that happened twice and it was sooo frightening. It was of these evil spirits that would call me on the phone. The dream was so real that I felt really in it.
I wear now a protective medal which is Blessed and I pray regularly. It made a BIG difference.
Tell me your postal address, I am more than happy to send you one, you wear it like a necklace around your neck, it will Bring you a lot of comfort. I will keep you in my prayers xxxx Mirna

Email me at pch333pch@gmail.com