Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Shape and what I eat =)

So here´s my current shape and total drop in kilos is 7 until now and measurements are also down. Lost a lot in the bust area and back area which I am happy for since thats´s where I get my extra weight.

I eat as before but adding some sweet potatoes and some pasta too. I take same supplements and I excercise hard several times a week, mostly crossfit sessions and functional training. 

I am so happy that many tell me they get inspired by my instagram account and that´s also why I post my own results cause I follow lots of fitness pages and they give me all the motivation I need. I love exercising and I believe finding YOUR favorite exercise is the key to keep it up!

Love and light,


Anonymous said...

You look great dear!

Hep-Hep Steff said...

wow, you look stunningly gorgeous! <3

Unknown said...

Hello Anette! You look great. You are also my inspiration. I do everyday tabata and kettlebell and it is so great. I feel great. And I have left 6kilos now. I am so happy and so thankfull for this insperation. Hugs too you 💜

nightowl said...

Would love to see a bikini haul where you try on and show all your bikinis. I think that would be fitting for summer. I think even a video would be really cool on your YouTube channel or something. Just an idea :P You look great by the way, those fitness gains are really showing! Take care!

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Today I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you :). I hope that you have a very nice day with your loved ones. Enjoy it and hip hip hooray :).

Lots of hugs and light!

matotu said...

Happy birthday, Anette!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 :-)

Antti Uski said...

Hi Anette! I was just wondering.. in "Song of Myself", who did you choose to speak a few lines in the "Love" part?

Greetings from Finland!

Henk said...

Happy Birthday to you dear Anette! Best wishes to you nd all your family!:) I'm sorry I could not congratulate you yesterday!

Karin said...

Oh, I wrote you a lot of text a while ago and sent ( or I thought I did) it by phone here, but no... Ok I try this with iPad :

Du ser såååå bra ut, och är ett nöje att följa dig :)
Måste berätta hur det gått för mig! Efter en konstig höst då ingenting hände med min kropp, hur jag än försökte träna och äta hälsosamt...

After Christmas I signed up to another gym, did a contract for two years, and swore to myself I will do this.
I started my sugarfree life, went to the gym three times a week, and controlled my eating. No diet, but I ate with "thought".
Okey, now 6 months later : I lost 7kg:s, my old clothes fit me again, my sugarfree life continues... And I feel soooo good!
I like what I see in the mirror :) And most of all: this is fun. I know I shouldn't stare at the scales but I do it for some kind of " proof" that something is happening:)
Well, I don't maybe need that anymore, because I can see, and feel the changes in my body.
My chest, back and shoulders are different, and my big butt is smaller :)
And, my journey continues. Not getting younger you know :) so this is so good for the body, the mind and the soul.

Thank you dearest Anette, for the inspiration :) And of course, the music I listen to when my sweat is dripping :)

-Dethär är en kul resa. Inte bara en weightloss-journey, utan en hel resa till välmående, och en kropp man kan tycka om och vara stolt över. Jag har en lång väg ännu framför mig, men har inte bråttom. Det blir nog bra !
Jag är så imponerad över dig som hållit på i flera år, och byggt upp en kropp, en hälsosam kropp, och ett välmående, och en "hobby" :)
Fortsätt med det och ha det bra på sommarjobbet. Men snart lite semester ... :)


Elvenpath said...

Oh, happy birthday! (late, why I'm always late??!!) Hahaha, congratulations! Bye :)

supershredgod said...

It's been awhile since a blog update!! :(

Anyways, you should have done a photos from the back as well! No, I'm not wanting to look at your butt LOL, I'm genuinely curious how shaped you are from the back!! Your abs are really looking defined now. Hard work is showing off big time! Like the looks of that pink (or orange?? hard for me to tell) bikini.

Also want to say that I have been a big fan of yours for years. Always amazing how positive you stay because I know you have been through some difficult times. You are definitely an inspiration to me and many other people. Have a good one Anette.

Kristina (ArwinsDarkness) said...

You look naturally divine :) Also Happy belated birthday !

Unknown said...

You should really consider applying as a vocalist for Sirenia since they're looking for a new singer ._.

Taaja said...

Anette, you look amazing! I am so happy for you :) keep on doing great!
ps. You inspire me also

kerosene said...

Wow, you look gorgeous!! :)
And yes, you are inspiring us all.
Don't be absent too much time ;)