Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Last days in school=)

Hi all,

I hope all is well and summer is here=) I love it but actually sometimes its a bit to hot hehe! But not complaining, of course=)

I am finishing up the last days of work in school before a well deserved summer break starts, But I am of course gonna work at my dear elderly home all summer so no rest for the wicked. Working is actually nice and a good change from school. I must admit I am quite school tired now and long for the studies to finish. Being a student means no rest and always something that needs to be read, written or prepared and its hard at times.

Also failing at exams are a struggle for everyone and I just hope the one I have redone several times will be ok this time! Fingers crossed!

Love and light,


S.E. Berrow said...

Good luck with your exam, Annette, I hope you pass it this time! If not, keep going! I have to say that I don't miss being a student AT ALL. But it is worth all the hard work in the end :) x

Elvenpath said...

Dear Anette, good luck! Love and light :)

Hep-Hep Steff said...

i'm a bit late (i've been in paris, and sick again), but enjoy your summer break. :)
hugs & love from the bottom of my heart <3