Sunday, February 07, 2016

Sunday funday

Today we have had a great family day where we first went to a nice park/playground called JORDBRODALEN and played for a while. They had added new cool stuff to play with so I bet this will be great when summer comes=)

Nemo climbing as usual

And running around is one of their favorite things to do=)

And new big swings had to be tested of course!

Then we went to the forest for some fun! We looked for water, had races where we did frog jumps, ran backwards, jumped on one foot and so on. Played hide and seek and climbed around on big trees. A perfect forest day!

Nemo and Mio both had their new x-mas gifts on - Spiderman sneakers from H&M

Oh and I got a photo of Johan laughing! Finally=)

Playing follow me=)

My "big" boy Nemo=) Imagine he was 1,5 years old when touring with me and NW in the Imaginaerum tour. Time sure flies! He starts school after summer and turns 6! Wow=)

On the hunt for water=) To see a video of it check out my instagram: thechosenone665

Mio found a cool shelter to hide in=)

Then after the forest we went home and baked scones, fixed lovely small sandwiches filled with cheese, ham, beef, patés and stuff. And lovely macarons in three flavors: strawberry, pear and lemon. Oh my! I could eat SO many=)

it was the first afternoon tea party the boys have had and they LOVED it! Nemo said we need to have this EVERY day now, haha!

The scones I made with the taste of cinnamon and so yummie! 

A lovely day and this is the days I get energy from in life. Pure love, happiness and FAMILY=)

Love and light,


Hep-Hep Steff said...

looks like it was a wonderful sunday.... the spiderman sneakers look cool! and you love macarons too? the best ones i've ever eaten was a rose macaron, coming from a local pastry chef, it was just wonderful......

Unknown said...

this looks like it was a lovely day, that's what sundays are for :)
Sarah xx