Thursday, October 30, 2014

Oh the stress of life...

…isn´t it just horrible?

Well, I am mostly stressed in a way that can be productive and not negative but the last weeks I´ve felt that my stress starts to be precisely that - negative.

And when I stress I am less productive than I should and some days just end up with me having missed several things I really HAD to do..

And with a BIG exam next friday I feel stressed when I haven't been reading as many hours a day as I have planned…and then I also have to practice my singing every day and if I miss that one day I feel stressed over that too… and then I feel guilt about that my kids are long days in pre-school… and the list goes on and on and on…puh!

It´s actually almost the same every single autumn in october-december. Don´t know why its always like this but maybe it´s because everyone´s been taking it so slow during the summer time and then when it gets darker outside and we are closing in on a new year (yeah it´s soon here) everyone realizes on how much they need to have done before this year is closing.

For me, the things that make me stress down is taking a walk in the forest, go to my church and sit in the silence, light a candle at home during the day when the kids are all gone and inhale and just BE in the NOW.

I try to do these things a lot now and I also take extra D-vitamin supplement since its so dark now, some multivitamins and eat a little bit more of good fat. And of course exercise a LOT=)

And well, we all have our things to cope with and stress is one I almost have to struggle with all the time in my life.

Love and hugs and peace to you all=)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

To dare and challenge yourself=)

Hi all!

As you know I love crossfit and my gym Fnf4life so much that its like a second home. Since I started there last year in november (almost a year ago) my life and myself has developed increcibly, not only physically but more so mentally.

When I was a young girl I loved gymastics and always were more or less up side down in a hand stand or a flic flac. I stood on my head, I was totally fearless and loved it!

Then after I got older I stopped exercising gymnastics and only did dance classes and with time I got more and more scared over acrobatics and things like doing hand stand and so on.

When I started at Fnf I was so scared of many things, like doing box jumps, doing hand stand and I didnt dare to challenge myself to try.

Then after some months as I got stronger in my body and with wonderful coaches who pushes me a little bit every time, I now box jump, I do hand stand against the wall and even freely on the floor and I know I will master it perfectly soon.

Cause one thing I have learned about myself this year is that I CAN do it, I AM STRONG enough and I do NOT need to be afraid!!!

Thank God that I challenged myself and dared to enter the door step to Fnf4life one year ago! It has given me SO much and most of all-getting to know wonderful strong, talented and caring people who always lean a hand if you need one. Who asks you where you´ve been if you´ve been away, who cheers on you when you have a tired day, who motivates you to progress and get better!

I love my gym! I love crossfit! I love FNF4LIFE=)

Thanks expecially to my coaches: Carl Axel, Johan K, Johan H, Oscar, Tobbe, Malin, Nogge, Pierre who help me every single wod and make me get better! Love to you all!


And why not another treat??

I mean it is Halloween week, isn´t it??

Here´s a fun and weird demo version of my single FALLING in a version we tried out to see which one we like the most in my album SHINE and I must say this version is FUN!!


Todays treat for you=)

Now I´ve put up my demo version of my song STRONG to my Soundcloud=)

No mix done and so on but still totally ok to listen to=)


Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween music=)

Hi all,

So we´re in the Halloween/all Saints week and I´m preparing for this weeks Friday crossfit team wod where we´re gonna have a halloween wod and dress out=) I havent decided to what yet but soon=) Maybe evil Snowhite again?=)

To start this week of Halloween I listen to this playlist to get in to the mood=)


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Todays music=)

Todays playlist is my all time favourite Within Temptation album! I have loved and listened to WT before I even started to sing in NW and still they are my favourite band in female metal=)


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

All natural me=)

Feeling wonderful today and feeling happy! Been so stressed for some weeks but yesterday I decided to chill down for some days and already I feel so much better! 

Life is to GOOD to waste it on stressing to much=)

Love and respect to you all out there and here´s some photos of me without any makeup. Skirt and hat from H&M, leggings Wolford and top Gina Tricot.