Friday, April 18, 2014

And here´s my new talented band to back me up this summer;=)

Some talented musicians who will follow me to play my gigs in Finland are now ready to present to you all:

On drums - Patrik Borgkvist -

On bass - My husband Johan Husgafvel -

And keys are soon decided on so stay tuned!

We´ll play at Kivenlahti Festival, Espoo in Finland at 6th of June and in Toranda Open Festival in Torneå, Finland at 5th of July;=)

FUN TIMES AHEAD and I´m so happy to have these talented musicians with me (and from Helsingborg all of them=)


To all you bunnies and eggs out there,=)

May you have a wonderful time and lots of EGGS to eat!

Monday, April 14, 2014

So what am I up to?

I have busy days and at the moment I am:

- fixing great talented musicians who will play with in my 2 festivals and I can already share with you that my hot and lovely husband will play the bass on stage;=) 

- Rehearsing with Johan and Kalle for two upcoming acoustic gigs here in south of Sweden. More info soon!

- Doing interviews and now I do some for the US, Sweden and more…

- Fixing those technical stuff for the shows such as backing tracks (yes, we all need them due to not having money for a BIG full symphonic orchestra) and choosing songs to play.

- Making some playlists for others. Fun!

- Studying like HELL for my upcoming test in may for Nature science which I need to get into university and nurse school. If music fails I need a great education and I want to help people and maybe even be a midwife in the future=)

- and of course I still take care of my little ones so if I´m not here so much writing its cause I really do not have so much more time during my days. 

But follow my INSTAGRAM and official Facebook too for updates!

Enjoy your Easter week;=) 

And hey, Pain will be playing in Brussels, Belgium this friday, so go check them out!!

Monday, April 07, 2014

Some accosutic snippets from yesterdays relaxed rehearsal;=)

Hi all,

Yesterday me and my mum´s husband Kalle rehearsed some of my songs from SHINE for an upcoming accustic gig and even if it was the first rehearsal I´ll give you some video snippets;=)



Friday, March 28, 2014

Shine is finally HERE!!!!


And the SUN has been shining ALL day after some bad days! So it truly SHINES today=)

A BIG interview with me in Helsingborgs Dagblad today;=)

Check it out if you live in Helsingborg;=)

I´ll take scans for you later but here´s the link:

Wednesday, March 26, 2014