Monday, November 24, 2014

Today I´ve sent my first sell from my vintage store all the way to down under - Australia!

I love my vintage store and that I have people from all over the world buying my clothes in there! Today I´ve sent a package to Australia and its so fun!!

The more I sell, the more it make me feel I wanna expand and even sell new clothes so keep on shopping so that dream can come true for me=)

AND of course I can help you with personal styling if you want that!

Gonna add more clothes to the store this week so stay tuned!!

If I could live forever….

Hi all and happy monday!

Well, for me I don't know if its such a happy one since someone very close to me is ill in cancer and it makes my world feel like nothing really matters until my loved one is well again! There´s just nothing I can say or do these days that make me happy cause I am so worried to loose someone I love so much and therefore neither school, music or anything is important at this moment.

Some years ago when I made my songs for SHINE it was the same dreadful worrying and I am so sick and tired of CANCER!!!! I hate you cancer!!! Go f-ck yourself!!!

Ok, sorry but had to write this cause I feel so sad and if I could make everyone I love live forever I would!!! 

Take care of the ones you love! Choose the ones you have in your life! Take away the bad ones but hold the nice ones CLOSE and show them how much they mean to you EVERY day! Don't let life pass so quickly so you don't have time to be with your family and loved ones while they are here.

Life is to short to put focus on the wrong things!

Love to you all!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sneak peek from our photo session today=)

hi all,

Today me and my musicians had a nice long rehearsal and we also had my dear photographer Annica photography over to take some photos of us=)

Here´s some sneak peek photos and of course more will follow when she´s ready with them!


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Old demo song=)

And hey my dear BFF Niclas Olsson posted an old song we recorded in 2004 or something that I don't even remember and this is a little poppy and schlager (abba sound=) sounding but fun easy demo to fill the saturday=) ENJOY! And thanks Niclas Olsson for posting it sharing an old memory=) 

Todays music is BATTLE BEAST=)

Well, hello there!

Todays music have to be the new song from BATTLE BEAST. I must say this sounds really good and I love the ABBA vibe mixed with some "stealing" from Sabaton=) 

And she sings great too! Good job, looking forward to the album, guys and girl!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Back to reality=)

Hi my dear ones,

So for 1,5 week I´ve been away from school due to duties with my music but today I´m heading over to the university and back to reality=) Next week I have a new exam so time to shapen up and study hard!
But fun to have such different and varied life as I have now, suits me perfectly=)

I also went back to the gym yesterday for the first time in 2 weeks and its because of my sinus infection I´ve eaten antibiotics for. The whole autumn I´ve been ill back and forth and not rested but exercising heavily all the time and my body finally said NO so I listened and took some rest and its been really nice to relax and let my body heal. I believe our bodies are so good in telling us when enough is enough, even when our mind don't understand it. But its important to listen to our bodies and do right choices.

So when it comest to right choices I decided a month ago to stop eating sugar and now also no gluten. This is not to get slimmer but to get a better health and trying to avoid severe illnesses such as cancer. I have cancer in my family and I don't want it so every thing I can try to avoid it, I´ll do. And in school we studied the cells of the body and it says sugar and wheat feeds cancer cells so if that is true its an easy and small thing to do to try to live longer and better.

Every morning I start my day with a green smoothie and I call them pick me up-smoothies cause I always feel so much more energized afterwards. And if you want to see my smoothies and get inspired follow me in my INSTAGRAM where I post them. I also post gluten free, sugar free recipes so if you wanna try this check them out!

But now - time to study before heading to school! So see you soon and don't forget to go and buy some clothes in my vintage store. If you feel something is nice but to expensive send me an email and maybe we can come to an understanding=) I believe in buying second hand myself for our environment and today I´m bidding on two overalls for my boys so fingers crossed!

Love and hugs and enjoy the day!