Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New items added in my vintage store!

Go check them out and also the older items that are still not sold=)

What doesn't kill you...

…will only make you STRONGER!

Yeah, you know the old saying, right?

I´ve been thinking about this a lot lately and for me, life isn't so easy and streamlined as I sometimes wished. Ever since I was a very young girl I´ve always searched for the utter HAPPINESS, that life should always ONLY be fun and easy. No negativity, no hardships, no mean people and so on…

An utopia where all is LOVE, JOY and EASINESS.

Well, it didn't take me that long to realize that life is the opposite. Life is not easy all the time, there will be mean and cruel people trying to take you down, there will be times when everything just goes wrong and there will be times when you question WHY you even walk on this earth.

BUT with the years I´ve learned to, instead of dwelling in my own head, worrying, questioning myself and not daring to go out of my comfort zone, I´ve asked for help and advice from others and let them sometimes "guide" me to only think positive and ahead instead of being afraid of what could go wrong.

So what I mean with this is that if you are a person who has too much negative thoughts and worries and can't see that even if there´s struggle now, it will get better, if you just fight for it and work hard.

Believe me, I am a situation where I need to make big decisions about where to go and what to do and its hard but then I talk to my loved ones and go ahead and make plans and DREAM about what I could do to make it all happen. Cause one thing I know is that every dream takes a lot of work to get it as you want! And fears has no place when it comes to going after your dreams=)

AND when you get that DREAM and that JOY and that happy place - God damn, its all worth it!=)

Lots of LOVE and HUGS!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Gonna shoot a new video in the coming weeks!!=)

So excited to tell you all that I´m gonna shoot a new video and this time for SHINE=) This time I´m making it with my old dear friend and we´ll be shooting in the lovely surroundings of Helsingborg and Skåne where I live so extra nice!

Will be released in the spring so soon!!

And behind the shoot scenes will be taken of course!!

From my make up for the Tähdet Tähdet presentation in Helsinki last week=)

And from some days ago being a little crazy school girl=)

Friday, January 23, 2015

Unsold items in my vintage store

There are still some unsold items in my vintagestore so check them out before I put out new items on sale=)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Todays music=)

I normally never listen to hiphop and so on but this song I just love and both for the melody is great but most for the lyrics=)

Its called AVUNDSJUKA which means JEALOUSY

And the lyrics translated to english are:

For all the times you said I wouldn´t be anything
all over now they are jealous cause I am doing my own thing=)

Love it! Feel it and you have to listen=)


And as I walk into the light...

… I feel so happy and rejoiced=)

As I´ve told you all I know this year will be wonderful! I am finally going to sing a lot again and I have MISSED it so much!

So many fun things coming and next week I´ll head over to Suomi again to record a wonderfully fun TV-show!

But today - email, exercising and cosing with my children who´m I missed being away!

Love and hugs and SHINE!!!

Interview about my exercising and keeping myself fit=)