Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday breakfast

Sundays are the best days and I love to eat something yummie for breakfast so today I made these protein pancakes and its perfect to have cause they are ready - just add water=)

Served them with whipped cream, fresh banana, peanut butter, walnuts and cashew nuts and sooo yummie!!

Turn cosy outfit into a party outfit

I love to wear comfy but still stylish clothes and this dress from ODD MOLLY is perfect to team up with a pair of leggings, leather pants or stockings and head out. 

If I want to turn it into a party outfit I just exchange my UGGS, add some killer heels like my VALENTINO´S and whoop whoop- ready to party!

Leggings HELMUT LANG, vest ANGELIQUE, dress ODD MOLLY, boots UGGS, bag PRADA, heels VALENTINO

New items added in my vintage store

Why not get yourself a lovely dress for all the X-mas parties?=)

Happy shopping!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Todays outfit - finally!

I am so sorry for so bad outfit posting lately but it´s been raining and raining all week and then its not that fun to go outside and take photos and since I depend on good lighting I need good daylight=) Today also was rain all day BUT for 1 hour the rain stopped and I ran down to our yard and took these photos. Need to be fast cause then after one hour it gets DARK and I mean DARK=(

I just so dislike winter time and long for some sun again…

Today a cosy outfit with a lovely knit from my dear friend Efty´s brand SIXTY DAYS. Love the back of this and the color make me so happy!

Jeans PLEASE, silk blouse SECOND FEMALE, boots UGGS, ear rings H&M, nail polish ESSIE

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Throwback thursday

Hi all and sorry for bad updating but I´ve been really busy in school 3 days now but will do more posts from now on=)

So today Niclas in Alyson avenue, my bandmate sent me lots of old band photos and this one I just love=) We had so much fun and said: let´s pretend to be metal and cool now….hahah! Well, as you can see we try hard but we are just a pair of rockers as u can see=)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

When things light up

Hi all and happy Wednesday=)

Going to school soon and today I am going with my dear friends in a car so we have a great ride ahead with lots of girlie talk, as it should be=)

Just wanna say that after some time with lots of stress I am finally seeing that life will be easier and lighter again so now I really long for X-mas and the joy of family and love=) Life is like that - up sometimes and down sometimes and I of course prefer UP=)

This weekend it´s time for 1st of advent so I need to check all our lights for that and maybe get some new ones (the black ones I posted about are high up on my wish list)

I´ll post more later today but for now.

Love and light,

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I just love this look

Ok, so can I show what I would LOVE to have on me right now? Well, check below! The whole look make me go AAAAHHHHHH!!!=)

Everything from & OTHER STORIES