Monday, April 20, 2015

The last touches

Tonight after we got home we continued fixing at home since the real estate photographer is coming tomorrow and always when selling you want to make it look its best so I cleaned the windows and so on and Johan oiled our wood at the french balcony and the boys were wrestling as boys always do.

Love our little balcony and the colors I chose for the flowers. I love orange and fuchsia together

Yesterday Johan cleaned the wood really good and then today he put on the darker oil and it looks like brand new now. 

Big difference as you can see here.

My handy man=)

Went and bought new fresh tulips to match my tray from LAGERHAUS

Changed the photos of us to these statement cards, also from LAGERHAUS

This cute mobile is hanging over Mio´s nursery.

Got a new pillow some weeks ago also from LAGERHAUS. Love that they have so much dark green at the moment!

And the new lamps we got from IKEA at a closer look

And closing this with the wrestling boys=) 
Sleep well!

White and grey and an add of navy blue

I love simple clothes to put on when I go up early for the hospital and jeans, a white top and a knit with a bit of spicy or blingy shoes, always work for me and if I want to add some spice to it I put on some bracelets and a big necklace and voila - ready!

Top ZARA, jeans COS, navy striped knit FWSS

Glasses from BJÖRN BORG

My lovely golden shoes from REPLAY

Various bracelets and I love my FIGHT CANCER bracelet Johans sister gave me. Candles from LAGERHAUS

 Necklace is really old and I think it´s from H&M

Sunday, April 19, 2015

New in

We went back to IKEA today to get some more stuff, the photographer comes tuesday to take the photos of our place for the real estater so we have painted and made lots of small things. I felt I didn't like the plant and pot on the new sideboard so took my old copper pot and bought another lovely plant at IKEA and some small cute candles and now I am satisfied=)

Blue and yellow means LOVE

I so love my new pants from ZARA and they make me happy with the lovely colors in them. Today I teamed them with a blue tee from MyohMy, a black cardigan from H&M and my new lovely boots from Gestuz (bought at Studio Stilista).

Bracelet is old and one I got from a fan and the lovely necklace is a gift from my dear friend Jenny who owns StudioStilista. Brand is By Malene Birger.

Lovely prints

I just had to buy these silk pants when I visited ZARA yesterday. Such a beautiful print and the flow in them are just amazing! I will take outfit photos later today so you can see them in full.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Better photos

Hi all!

Oh my week has been so busy with working in the hospital and school and now this weekend we are fixing at home, getting new carpets, a new bench of the living room and so on. Tomorrow we need to go to the garbage dump and drop off some things cause our storage is just to full.

We want to sell our place and find a house since we need more space and a garden for the kids so keep fingers crossed we can sell soon and find a great big house to a good price for us=)

I have decided to get better in my photos here in the blog and my vintage store since I myself find nice photos to be really nice when reading through others blogs. I have my great NIKON D80 so now I´ll use that and take better photos but I need to read the manual so I get all the stuff I need to know so be a bit patient with the photos and I am sure you´ll like them more and more the better I get=)

Close up of my new sunflowers I got yesterday

My favourite belt from PRADA and favorite undies I buy at CUBUS

 Got us a new rug from IKEA and chose a lovely yellow one and its called STOCKHOLM

And got this new bench also from IKEA. We have one in red in Seths room and its perfect for toys, games and shoes and such. Its called PS.

Our new rug under our table. Love the color!

And wanted a rug in the hallway and took a white so I can take photos of my clothes on top of it too=)

My web shop will soon look so much better with my Nikon taking the photos=) 

Stay tuned for lots of new clothes and accessories and of course more photos in here in the blog! 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Green green and some froggies

My saturday was spent in the best of ways where I hit FNF4LIFE for my first cross fit WOD in weeks and it was great to be back, even if it felt I was gonna die during the wod, haha! But thats cross fit and why I LOVE doing it=)

Felt I wanted to feel my "animal" so I put on all animal print for the WOD=) 

Coach Johan H had a real hard treat for us all, puh!=)

But no matter the sweat and hardship, cross fit make me strong and powerful and thats ALL that matters=)

then after a nice shower me and Johan and our small ones went to the forest for a nice afternoon with a barbecue. first barbecue so spring is finally here and what a weather we had! 19 degrees and it was amazing!

Found this big next of frog babies…yak! A bit disgusting when I see it now…haha! Guess we can come back and chase these frogs soon=)

My smallest little Mio in his lovely cloud cap=) Like a little mushroom walking around..=)

He had his sword and his little dragon with him so he could be the dragon slayer=)

Felt like matching the lovely brown and green forest with my jumpsuit from LINDEX. I love jumpsuits, so comfy (except from when I need to go to the toilet=)

Shoes from TRAMPOLIN, last season=)