Tuesday, May 03, 2016

An old skirt from the past

Hi all,

Been to my storage today since I had to send lots of packages to my vintage customer and I always find something fun among my boxes=) Today this old skirt from when we did the METAL HAMMER shoot that I think is really cool=)

Teamed it up with a blouse from H&M today. Skirt is from KOOLA ANNA.

Monday, May 02, 2016

Preppy little girl

Hello all and hello MAY!!! Finally its here and with it came the sun and some warmer temperatures and it will even get really warm and comfy this week they say=) Sooo nice!

Here´s my little outfit from yesterday morning running some errands.

Beige top and black knit jacket COS, skirt DAY BIRGER ET MIKKELSEN, sneakers NIKE, bag LOUIS VUITTON, glasses H&M, leggings LINDEX

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

New bag

So I long for a new lovely bag to my collection and since its gonna be my 45th birthday this summer -  here´s my favorites to celebrate that with=)

New summer collection from LOUIS VUITTON and here´s my new favorite NEVERFULL

Or a GUCCI Dionysos in one of these colors

Or a CHLOÈ Faye bag=)

Leo love:=)

My favorite diet supplements

Hi all and happy wednesday!

Cant believe that we have had SNOW here again and even if its been mixed with rain its kinda sad since I really loved to wear lighter clothes. But they say its gonna stop raining and be sunny and warmer this weekend so I hope so!

Thought I´d share my best diet meals and products with you today for inspiration.

Here´s my favorite protein powders and I use powders without lactose since I am lactose intolerant but if you´re not you can of course use the regular whey protein powders.

This is a favorite and my favorite tastes are cookies & cream and Lemon cheesecake=) I buy this from GYMGROSSISTEN.

A new really good egg white proven from Fitnessguru is also my favorite. Gives my smoothies a really fluffy texture!

In my morning smoothies I also add some creatine and this is good to achieve more when exercising.

I get this from GYMGROSSISTEN


I rarely eat protein bars since most of them hide a lot of sugar in them and I do not eat sugar anymore. BUT if I eat one its from QUESTBAR and the taste called chocolate cookie dough without sugar.

When going to the gym I drink BCAA which is essential amino acids and I love this one from FITNESSGURU with the taste of pear=)

If I need an extra energy booster before a gym session I drink this super drink called THE BUTCHER. Gives u incredible pump and energy!
I buy this too at GYMGROSSISTEN

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday music

Well why not some great music on this rainy Tuesday??=)


Little red shoes

Hi all,

Sorry for so late update with sundays photo session in the forest but been so busy!

But here they are! The forest is amazingly beautiful at the moment with all white flowers and the green and my red ballerinas from PRADA mixed right in=)

Shoes PRADA, dress H&M, pants and bag ZARA, jacket NOLITA,  ear rings LILY AND ROSE


Sunday, April 24, 2016


Some photos from our trip to the forest this friday=)

My man in all black=) Well except the sneakers hehe=)