Monday, March 02, 2015

Here´s from finnish magazine ILTALEHTI about my performance yesterday=)

Here´s the first video from my gig at Virgin oil

Like a show inside my head=)

Filmed by a standing camera so when I move I sometime fall out of vision=)


If you live outside of Finland and want to support me and vote for me in TÄHDET TÄHDET

Here´s the page where you can pay with VISA for several votes and make me go further in the competition=)

I will post this link and my starting number this sunday so you can go and VOTE=)

This week its time for PUNK theme and I believe you will have a great fun show cause we all go ALL in=) I will give it my all for sure=)

And the coming weeks will bring you Finnish theme, country, opera, duets, musicals and more so if you wanna hear me interpret these themes, you have to vote for me every sunday=)

Hep Hep!

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Here´s my performances in TÄHDET TÄHDET tonight=)

Here´s my Backstreet boys performance: And our opening act - Spice Girls "Wannabee"=):

Almost a week here in Helsinki now=)

Huomenta Suomi and Good morning rest of the world=)

So, almost a week has now gone since me and my boys moved over to stay here in Suomi for some weeks. Its been a bit of a hassle to get Mio to sleep in the nights and last night was the first night he wasn't up for 2 hours so we finally got some sleep…thank God for that!=)

This week I´ve done one day of dance rehearsals and insert shot with the famous singer Sani and then we had a big rehearsal day on thursday for tonights live show with TÄHDET TÄHDET. I was so nervous for the cameras and so on but everyone is so nice and helpful so it all loosened up after a while.

All artists are such nice persons and I take this as a fun thing to learn from. Nothing serious but fun to sing different genres and even do some small steps. I don't dance that much since singing is my main thing but of course I move some to the dancers without hopefully crashing in to them=)

Today is a long day and I´ll leave in some hours and then we start with band rehearsals, then dress rehearsals and then the live show starts finnish time at 19.15 in MTV3.

I hope you´ll have fun watching me do Backstreet boys since I enjoy it myself and rock that song the Anette way=)

Hep Hep everyone and love from Helsinki!

Friday, February 27, 2015

And here it is finally - my new video for SHINE

So happy to share it with you and so proud of me and Raimo Gedda for doing this and all filmed in Helsingborg=)

Single will be out next friday March 6th and here´s the single cover=)

ENJOY the video and SPREAD it everywhere!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

And here´s all the songs we´re gonna perform in the first show of TÄHDET TÄHDET

this sunday=)

I chose BACKSTREET BOYS cause I just love them=)

And the song is great and the video too=)

See it sunday in MTV3 here in Finland or in the web!